Saturday, 1 January 1994

December 1993/January 1994

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First, a little bit of background...  Grandma gave me a diary for Christmas 1993 as a bit of a joke.  Obviously, I couldn't write in it (I was just two and a half at the time!), so Mum decided to write in it for me and keep a record of funny little things that happened.  It then became tradition for her to do so, and it continued right up until a couple of years ago, despite me keeping my own diaries and blogs long before that!  Anyways, having just re-discovered these old diaries, I thought it would be quite cute to transcribe these and add in a few photos where I can find them as a bit of history to my daily blogging here in the present day.
At times it will be embarrassing (for me at least, if not for you, dear readers!), but hopefully it'll give you a much-deserved giggle after all of your suffering through the woes of my recent blogs!
Desirée Skylark's early life ~ as written by Jacqui, Desirée's Mum.
December 27th 1993
Whenever I write a letter, Desirée fetches the 'Womble gropes' (envelopes) for me, and licks the stamps.  Unfortunately this means they lose their gum and have to be stuck on with glue.
December 28th 1993
Pretty Christmas tinsel is a source of great amusement.  Desirée wears it with glee and says "I'm a pretty fish" as she runs and dances all around the lounge.
I can't quite recall where my "I'm a Pretty fish" saying came from, but I think it was a favourite book at the time...  I know a couple of years later a coin-operated fish ride appeared outside a local grocery store, and I also proclaimed this to be the "Pretty fish" in reference to this same book!
December 29th 1993
Desirée will only eat if I sit on the floor opposite her little table, wearing "Murph the lion", a glove puppet, and making him share her meal with her.
I'm sorry to say Murph is no longer with us.  Um, let's just say "eating" endless human food is not very good for a glove puppet's complexion. o_0
December 30th 1993
Desirée loves to make "cups of tea" with her new tea set.  She keeps asking if I want milk and sugar and spends ages "baking cakes" to go with the tea.
Oh, how delightfully English! :p
December 31st 1993
Grandma gave Desirée this Peter Rabbit diary for Christmas and it couldn't be more appropriate, because Peter Rabbit is her very favourite video at the moment and we have to watch it at least 3 times a day.
No exaggerations there!  I did indeed used to watch my Peter Rabbit video with every meal!
January 1st 1994
When Desirée saw me making gravy from a jar of Oxo gravy granules, she asked me why I was putting PG Tips in the gravy jug  (Obviously she's seen PG Tips advertised on TV and the jar looks very similar.)
No, obviously I just thought the English had gone totally tea-crazy and even wanted tea-flavoured gravy! ;)
January 2nd 1994
As the Skylark balanced precariously on her potty - I told her to "Get down, you dirty rascal." Only to be corrected firmly "I'm not a dirty rascal, I'm a clean rascal."
Well, what can I say really?
January 3rd 1994
As Desirée scratched Nimrod she said "Up a bit, down a bit".  She had some toothache and enjoyed the Christmas lights in Regent Street and inspecting Hamleys toy shop, although we couldn't afford to buy her anything.
Nimrod was Mum's dog, by the way.  And the hypochondriac-isms begin!  Believe me, there will be a LOT more of those over the coming diaries.
January 4th 1994
She plays at "baking" constantly and would dearly love to have a toy oven, but I can't afford one, so she improvises with a cardboard box.  Another love is "magic painting".
January 5th 1994
A few tears when the much loved Christmas decorations came down.  A great fondness for tinned seedless grapes and a preference for the food on my plate to that of her own.
January 6th 1994
She gets halfway through her dinner and then wants mine.  She stands in front of me like Oliver Twist and says "I do like yours".
I was a typically annoying child then, really!
January 7th 1994
She keeps telling me she loves me and offering to scratch my back.  Instead of Crash Bang Wallop she says "Crash Bang Robert".
I had a real thing about scratching backs at the time, it seems!  I do remember the Crash Bang Robert thing.  I believe Crash Bang Wallop was a song on my favourite TV show at the time, Playdays, and I could have sworn they were singing Crash Bang Robert.  I always wondered who Robert was though!
January 8th 1994
Desirée's favourite song is "My bicycle has a bell" and she sings it frequently while she dances.  I do worry when she keeps spinning around until she gets giddy and falls over.
Stop worrying!  I just wanted to be a performer, don't you see?  Even if I was only a clown who kept falling over all the time!
January 9th 2009
I can't decide if she has toothache or just touches her bad tooth through habit.  I've avoided the need for laxatives since before Christmas by giving her a high fibre diet but it sometimes gives her tummy ache.
Eek, didn't I tell you the hypochondriac had begun!  I guess I ought to explin the teeth thing, as they will be frequently mentioned throughout this diary, I think.  Basically, I had a very funny stomach when I was a baby, and constantly needed laxative medicines which rotted my front teeth away to stumps, and made them painful if I ate anything too sweet.  The dentists wanted me to have them removed, but Mum didn't want me to go under general anaesthetic (which would have been necessary at that age) so decided to keep me away from any sweet things like chocolate and biscuits until I lost my baby teeth instead.
January 10th 1994
I do wish she wouldn't keep hitting Nimrod.  I don't know why she does it as she loves him really.  She seems to like hitting people for the pleasure of making up with them afterwards.
I have no recollection of this, but it makes me feel sick to read.  Nimrod was such a sweet dog (well, he must have been not to turn round and kill me!), so the thought of me doing that kind of thing is awful.
January 11th 1994
Poor Desirée.  We tried to get her a toy oven but the shop had sold out - she cried real tears - not a tantrum, but genuine grief.
January 12th 1994
Desirée has begun to love real stories.  She listens intently and understands every word.
January 13th 1994
Desirée finally got her toy oven.  She was so thrilled and said "Thank yoooooou".  She played with it until after midnight.
January 14th 1994
I was telling Desirée a story about the day she couldn't get her toy oven because the shop had sold out and her face screwed up and she cried real tears at the memory.  Then when I said how she got one in the end she laughed and went to play with it - til 1.45AM.
Well, if you didn't like it, why let your 2-year-old stay up until that time?  Then they wonder why I never go to bed these days!
January 15th 1994
Desirée is such a happy person who never stops laughing and giggling.  Unfortunately she's discovered how to pick her nose.
*Hums loudly*  I told you there would be some embarrassing moments, didn't I?  Oh, mother!  Why did you have to write about the bad habits of my childhood?!  Why not let them see only my happy, giggly, sweet, cake-baking, tea-drinking side?!
January 16th 1994
Desirée doesn't like having jumpers pulled over her head.  She says it hurts, although I'm sure it doesn't.  She scares me to death by rolling on the floor pretending to have had a heart attack.
Um, I was having a heary attack because she pulled a jumper over my head?!
January 17th 1994
When will Desirée agree to be potty trained?  She won't give up jars of baby food - olvarit apple and banana custard, either.  She loves her toy oven.  We went to the toy shop and bought her some saucepans.  On the way home David asked "What have you got?" and she replied "Juice" as she was drinking at the time.
I always had a bit of an anxiety thing about growing up, even at that age.  Hence, I would stubbornly refuse to give things up for months or even years after I could quite easily have done so.  I love the juice vs. saucepan story.  I still remember being so embarrassed when I realise I'd given the "wrong answer" that day.  I even remember the stretch of road we were driving down at the time.  Funny thing is, I don't remember where we had been to buy the saucepans, only the embarrassment of that one incident on the way back!
January 18th 1994
The favourite song at the moment is "Daddy's taking us to the zoo omtorrow".  Loves to help me with the cleaning but does dirty things with the toilet brush.
No, that's not a typing error.  I really did used to sing "Omtorrow"! :P  Oh, and there goes Mum with her embarrassing notations again.  Just for your information, I was not doing dirty things on purpose.  How was I supposed to know which brush was used to clean which part of the bathroom!
January 19th 1994
Keeps hiding in the loo after first ordering me to go in the lounge, where she proceeds to put all the paper down the pan.
Gosh, she's really on a roll now, isn't she?  I don't even remember half of this stuff to be perfectly honest!
January 20th 1994
Told Emma off for making me cry and then fetched me a tissue.  Displays a tenderness way beyond her years.
January 21st 1994
Loves the see saw in the park, also the slide and rocket.  Best of all she likes the swingsn and she calls the chains the paperchains.
Goodness knows what park that was; I rarely saw a park since there were none nearby.  I don't think David was out of work at that point to have driven us anywhere either.  Perhaps he came home early that day.
January 22nd 1994
Toothache bad but very brave.  She says "I do like this fruit but it makes my tooth hurt".
Rather ironic, eh?  In order to take me off the tooth-rotting laxatives she gave me extra fruit...which gave me toothache. >.<  It was just a no win situation, I guess.
January 23rd 1994
Insisted on carrying the wire shopping basket around Sainsburys and then got embarrassed when she dropped it.
I still remember that too.  Oh dear...all those people staring at me.
January 24th 1994
Looked in a bird book and from the hundreds of illustrations, pointed out pictures of mallard ducks and Canada geese and said they were like the birds we saw on the canal.
I had identified them correctly, in case anyone was left wondering by Mum's diary entry. ;)
January 25th 1994
Likes to feed her stray cat on Nimrod's food and Daddy's milk.  Hides behind the curtain for hours waiting for it to come.
Aww, I loved that cat!  I gave him a name too, but I can't remember what it was...
January 26th 1994
Loves to play in the garden and helps with garden jobs now instead of hindering.  Wants her own broom.
January 27th 1994
Loves to jump in puddles and if she can splash me - all to the good.  Likes to clean the bathroom while I'm having a wash - with Daddy's toothbrush.
That's me cleaning the bathroom with the toothbrush, not her washing with it!  Either way, pretty disgusting.  David never knew that his toothbrush had a day job though!
January 28th 1994
Refuses to clean her teeth but very keen to look in the mirror at her dirty teeth.  I find her toothbrush hidden all over the place, usually in the toilet roll.
Ah, so that's why I used to clean the bathroom with David's toothbrush.  It wasn't an angry gesture against him, it was just a symbol of my war on toothbrush-kind.
January 29th 1994
Toothache but very brave.  Loves to feed the ducks and shouts "Hello ducks, I'm coming.  I've done a poooo today, ducks!"
Shoot, whose clever idea was this anyways?  I'm starting to think I was the most embarrassing and annoying child in the world.  Although I could hardly be worse than the recent UK advertisement for Glade air freshener...and no, if you've never seen it, count yourselves lucky.  You really don't want to know about it!
January 30th 1994
I love the way she thanks me when she likes the look of her dinner.  "Oh thank - yooooooo"
January 31st 1994
Loves to play tents which entails everyone putting an orange blanket over our heads.  It's so dark and so hot inside it drives me potty.
Ah, but that was half the fun, Mum!