Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Waaaaaaaahhhhhh! Someone help meeeeeee!!!

Current mood:  rushed

Yesterdays footstep count: A measly 3240 (*help*)

I have no time to do anything, and yet nothing's being done...confusing, eh?  Well, not really.  You know like the old saying "Time flies when you're having fun", well, I guess that means it drags when you're not...but then, that means that you have too little of what you really need, and too much of what you don't, meaning that when you don't have enough time to do anything, you kind of hang around wondering which chore to do, and then realise that you have no time to do any of them because you wasted all your time deciding which to do.  Well, there you go!  NOW YOU'RE CONFUSED, AREN'T YOU? HA!!!
Well, basically, I've been so busy (doing nothing) that I haven't updated this in ages...then again, there's nothing much to say.  Thank you for all the comments since I've been away. 
Ele - Hi there!  *Waves*
Laura - Oh gosh!  Are we still on the visiting in Vancouver discussion...I don't know that I want to leave cosy little England quite yet... *Is a bit of a chicken really...*
On pony talk, MLPLaura is having a Pony Meet on Sunday the 18th of February, which I'm hoping to attend, and hoping to see all of my pony pals at!  You can find out more about it at  Hope you can make it!!!
My Mum has also agreed that we can hold a pony meet at the Rescue Home when we move house, but we don't know when that's going to be - stay tuned for more details!  Oh come on, everyone!  You know you want to meet my 2300+ ponies.
I just won Fireball on e-Bay yesterday, meaning that I've completed my Mountain Boy collection.  I now have seven different MB's (including Thailand Tornado) - I'm so excited!  However, I lost an auction for a 1993 MLP satchel tonight,which was rather sad, as I want to gather together all of the ponies and merchandise from post-1991 (when I was born).
Tonight we went to the brilliant Asda, to buy some milk, bread and lettuce.  Oh, how fascinating life is!  I can't wait for the architects and builders to sort out our new house so that we can go and live in that lovely area...but at the moment, I seem to be coming up with better ideas than them, and so Mum's going to ask if the plan I've drawn up for her is feasable!  LOL!  Wouldn't it be odd if I came up with a better plan than the architect?
Anyways, it's 3am now!  No time to stop!  Got to get to bed before it's time to get up!
Yours in sleepiness,
Desiree xxx

Tired, but determined to keep this up...

Current mood: sleepy
Yesterday's footstep count: 3056 (the pedometer has got to be broken - I'd have to walk solidly for 24 hours a day to do 10,000, let alone the extra 5,000 that you're meant to walk to actually lose weight!!!)
Well, it's gone 2am, and I'm exhausted, but I'm going to write a blog entry every day from now on even if it kills me...and kills you, dear reader, for looking over my boring life story!
Well, today I overslept, and worried when I saw that the Argentinean Heart Throb that I'd bought from Baby Kitten Candy was not in the porch with the mail...  But then I was eating my breakfast and the doorbell rang - the parcel post!  With not just Argie Heart Throb, but three other parcels, containing Baby Sweet Stuff, Sweet Dreams Crib accessories, Christmas Minty, Dainty Daisy, Spring Breeze and Fireball (who is not only my set-completing Mountain Boy, but now officially my 1100th different pony!) - yes, I have gone mad spending lately!
My Dad's monthly paycheck came through the mail, so he came home from work to collect it, and offered to drop my Mum and I at the house that we're moving to so that we could clear it up a bit.  We stayed there for about three hours, and it already feels so homely.  In fact, we didn't want to come back to the Rescue Home's current location (this horrid house that I've always lived in and always hated!!!)
We walked through two of the lovely nearby parks to Ealing Broadway before we caught the bus back to this house.  Checked out a couple of the charity shops in Ealing, but there was nothing even slightly pony-ish there.  Beales was shut by the time we reached the centre, so I didn't get to look in the Tolmaster department. 
My Mum is so happy because, although Uncle Ron (who left the new house to us) had most of his and Auntie Eva's stuff stolen from his house after he passed away, we found a few pieces of jewellery that used to belong to Eva that the "friends" must have missed.  And a broken music box they left because it was monitarily worthless turned out to work after all - I found there was a loose srew clogging up the wiring, and quickly fixed it!  And we think we have a plan laid out for the house now, so here's hoping everything will go smoothly from when we next speak to the architect onwards. 
Hope everyone's had a good day - I just have to go to bed now!
Oh, and unfortunately I'm not watching "A Very Pony Place"...I simply wanted to ask if anyone knew if it was to be sold in the UK?

Friday, 5 January 2007

My little dream that nobody understands...

Yesterday's footstep count: 9852 (Almost There!  Come on, Desiree!  You can make it!)

Dear Reader,
Nothing much at all to say today, I'm afraid.  Another boring walk sown to the bottom of the road for my new exercise routine, and tried desperately to teach myself how to sing in tune and also tried to learn a couple of new's impossible to do it yourself though - why can't my parents be more helpful when it comes to my voice artiste dreams?  Very few people understand me actually.  Oh well, can't be helped...
As I said before, nothing much to say today at all!
Yours in depression,

Thursday, 4 January 2007

Working hard on the forum, but getting nowhere...

Yesterday's footstep count: 8759 (Best all week, but still 1000+ behind target...)
Good morning/afternoon/evening/night, depending where you are, friends!
I've been working hard on Desiree Skylar's My Little Pony Rescue Home Forum today ( but not getting very far with it.  For readers of the forum though, I can reveal that the the new pony smilies are now almost all ready, and will be revealed in a day or two, and the new pony of the month is a very sad-condition rare pony found at a car boot sale almost five years ago.  An monthly e-mail newsletter is starting up (due to arrive in your inbox at the start of each month) with updates and new rules announced inside the first issue.  Look out for your copy tomorrow if you are already a member, or feel free to sign up if you're not (*Hint, Hint*)
Does anyone know how to changethe privacy setting on your Myspace blog?  I just can't figure it out!
Mykidsfault at the Arena went out and found Blushie and LILY LIGHTLY today, which has absolutely delighted me, as I've wanted that light-up unicorn for so long, and I will soon have one on the way to me!  And Caitlynseapony has offered to record "Intelligence" (the Canadian TV show that my friend worked on and wanted me to see) on a DVD for me free of charge - I'm over the moon and can't get over her kindness.
Anyway, I'm off to bed now - it's 2.35am and I can hardly keep my eyes open...
Goodnight...I mean morning...or maybe afternoon or evening where you are...

Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Feeling really happy!

Yesterday's footstep count: 4831 (Oh dear!  The number has gone down again...)

Hello, pony people!
I'm feeling really happy right now, after a really bad day.  I woke up with a really bad pain shooting all through my body - no idea why, but it ckept up for a long time, and I could hardly move because of it .
Mum and I decided that we can't wait to move into my Great Great Uncle's house next year before we begin an exercise regime, so we walked down the end of the very long horrible road that we live in to (very interestingly, I'm sure!) post a letter to my Mum's friend who we haven't heard from all over the holidays and are quite worried about...
Tonight, I went to the fabulous Tesco to buy some milk and bananas.  I returned to another pony-related present off of the Christmas Tree - a pair of Gypsywildflower's flutter wings, which Lily is very proudly wearing now, having waited almost a decade at the Rescue Home to be able to flutter again!
I found an official fanmail address for one of the original MLP voice artistes a while ago, and wrote to her a few days ago, to show my appreciation for the joy she's brought me through the pony TV shows through the years.  I didn't expect a reply imagine my delight when I looked in my e-mail inbox tonight and found a lovely letter from the actress, telling me how pleased she was to receive my e-mail, and neing really encouraging over my own dreams of becoming an actress/voice artiste.  I love it when famous people actually take the time to speak to their fans, rather than being snooty towards them and not even bothering to read people's letters, but it's so rare to find celebrities like that nowadays.  So now I'm feeling really happy in my mad, mad way!
Thanks so much for taking the time to read my 2nd of January tale!
Best wishes,

Tuesday, 2 January 2007

A Trip To The Palace!

Yesterday's footstep count: 6645 (An improvement, but still no good...)

Today we went to Hampton Court Palace for their special Tudor cookery event.  Of course, being a vergetarian, it wasn't very appealing for me to see all of the meat being prepared, although overall it was very interesting.  We watched everybody on the ice rink too, but I didn't even attempt to take part - I have never ice skated in my life!
In our mad, mad way, tradition has it that we each have a treasure hunt on New Years Day, with lots of paper clues leading you all around the house, and the rest of the family pay a little to put some treasure in for the hunter at the final location - my treasure was hidden under the bed, and turned out to be five ponies...Velvet Bow, Winter Wishes, Argentinean Baby Cuddles (Drink and Wet version), and Baby Sunnybunch, plus a duplicate Mail Order Sky Rocket who was bought alongside the MO Napper that I got for Christmas apparently.  This brings the total of different ponies up to 1061, I believe.  I must have 2251 ponies now including my many, many duplicates!
Nothing else really happened - the MLP Arena re-opened and I was able to pay the lady for the two plush ponies I was supposed to pay for yesterday. 
Sparkle and Splodge, the guinea pigs, had a bag of ready-prepared salad for supper as their New Year treat.  I'm sure that you, dear reader, were really interested to know that!
Best wishes,

Monday, 1 January 2007

A trip to Richmond-upon-Thames

Yesterday's footstep count: 3356 (Oh dear!  I'll never get fit like this!)

Hello everyone!
Well, today we went to Richmond-upon-Thames, because we couldn't think of anywhere better to go.  I desperately want to search for Lily Lightly, the new Unicorn My Little Pony, but there were no toy shops there...just really posh clothes shops.  Dad got himself a Country music CD in a charity shop, but that's all.
I'm in a spot of trouble now.  I promised somebody payment for some plush ponies, but her paypal address never reached me via PM (My PM's on the Arena are going mad lately!) so yesterday she had to re-send it.  Tonight I was going tosend the payment, but the Arena is closed for maintenance and I hadn't written down her address earlier...  I hope she'll understand...
Nothing much happened for New Year - I watched the London fireworks on the TV, but since our television's playing up anyway, they didn't look very good.  Everyone looked really cold and miserable too.  Maybe I'm just a spoilsport.  I only ever went up there once - back in 1999/2000 and I almost passed out on the train in the crowds then!
Happy New Year to one and all (including those of you I know who 2007 won't reach for another few hours!) - I hope 2007 is good for you !
Best wishes,