Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Feeling really happy!

Yesterday's footstep count: 4831 (Oh dear!  The number has gone down again...)

Hello, pony people!
I'm feeling really happy right now, after a really bad day.  I woke up with a really bad pain shooting all through my body - no idea why, but it ckept up for a long time, and I could hardly move because of it .
Mum and I decided that we can't wait to move into my Great Great Uncle's house next year before we begin an exercise regime, so we walked down the end of the very long horrible road that we live in to (very interestingly, I'm sure!) post a letter to my Mum's friend who we haven't heard from all over the holidays and are quite worried about...
Tonight, I went to the fabulous Tesco to buy some milk and bananas.  I returned to another pony-related present off of the Christmas Tree - a pair of Gypsywildflower's flutter wings, which Lily is very proudly wearing now, having waited almost a decade at the Rescue Home to be able to flutter again!
I found an official fanmail address for one of the original MLP voice artistes a while ago, and wrote to her a few days ago, to show my appreciation for the joy she's brought me through the pony TV shows through the years.  I didn't expect a reply imagine my delight when I looked in my e-mail inbox tonight and found a lovely letter from the actress, telling me how pleased she was to receive my e-mail, and neing really encouraging over my own dreams of becoming an actress/voice artiste.  I love it when famous people actually take the time to speak to their fans, rather than being snooty towards them and not even bothering to read people's letters, but it's so rare to find celebrities like that nowadays.  So now I'm feeling really happy in my mad, mad way!
Thanks so much for taking the time to read my 2nd of January tale!
Best wishes,

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