Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Tired, but determined to keep this up...

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Yesterday's footstep count: 3056 (the pedometer has got to be broken - I'd have to walk solidly for 24 hours a day to do 10,000, let alone the extra 5,000 that you're meant to walk to actually lose weight!!!)
Well, it's gone 2am, and I'm exhausted, but I'm going to write a blog entry every day from now on even if it kills me...and kills you, dear reader, for looking over my boring life story!
Well, today I overslept, and worried when I saw that the Argentinean Heart Throb that I'd bought from Baby Kitten Candy was not in the porch with the mail...  But then I was eating my breakfast and the doorbell rang - the parcel post!  With not just Argie Heart Throb, but three other parcels, containing Baby Sweet Stuff, Sweet Dreams Crib accessories, Christmas Minty, Dainty Daisy, Spring Breeze and Fireball (who is not only my set-completing Mountain Boy, but now officially my 1100th different pony!) - yes, I have gone mad spending lately!
My Dad's monthly paycheck came through the mail, so he came home from work to collect it, and offered to drop my Mum and I at the house that we're moving to so that we could clear it up a bit.  We stayed there for about three hours, and it already feels so homely.  In fact, we didn't want to come back to the Rescue Home's current location (this horrid house that I've always lived in and always hated!!!)
We walked through two of the lovely nearby parks to Ealing Broadway before we caught the bus back to this house.  Checked out a couple of the charity shops in Ealing, but there was nothing even slightly pony-ish there.  Beales was shut by the time we reached the centre, so I didn't get to look in the Tolmaster department. 
My Mum is so happy because, although Uncle Ron (who left the new house to us) had most of his and Auntie Eva's stuff stolen from his house after he passed away, we found a few pieces of jewellery that used to belong to Eva that the "friends" must have missed.  And a broken music box they left because it was monitarily worthless turned out to work after all - I found there was a loose srew clogging up the wiring, and quickly fixed it!  And we think we have a plan laid out for the house now, so here's hoping everything will go smoothly from when we next speak to the architect onwards. 
Hope everyone's had a good day - I just have to go to bed now!
Oh, and unfortunately I'm not watching "A Very Pony Place"...I simply wanted to ask if anyone knew if it was to be sold in the UK?

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