Tuesday, 2 January 2007

A Trip To The Palace!

Yesterday's footstep count: 6645 (An improvement, but still no good...)

Today we went to Hampton Court Palace for their special Tudor cookery event.  Of course, being a vergetarian, it wasn't very appealing for me to see all of the meat being prepared, although overall it was very interesting.  We watched everybody on the ice rink too, but I didn't even attempt to take part - I have never ice skated in my life!
In our mad, mad way, tradition has it that we each have a treasure hunt on New Years Day, with lots of paper clues leading you all around the house, and the rest of the family pay a little to put some treasure in for the hunter at the final location - my treasure was hidden under the bed, and turned out to be five ponies...Velvet Bow, Winter Wishes, Argentinean Baby Cuddles (Drink and Wet version), and Baby Sunnybunch, plus a duplicate Mail Order Sky Rocket who was bought alongside the MO Napper that I got for Christmas apparently.  This brings the total of different ponies up to 1061, I believe.  I must have 2251 ponies now including my many, many duplicates!
Nothing else really happened - the MLP Arena re-opened and I was able to pay the lady for the two plush ponies I was supposed to pay for yesterday. 
Sparkle and Splodge, the guinea pigs, had a bag of ready-prepared salad for supper as their New Year treat.  I'm sure that you, dear reader, were really interested to know that!
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