Monday, 1 January 2007

A trip to Richmond-upon-Thames

Yesterday's footstep count: 3356 (Oh dear!  I'll never get fit like this!)

Hello everyone!
Well, today we went to Richmond-upon-Thames, because we couldn't think of anywhere better to go.  I desperately want to search for Lily Lightly, the new Unicorn My Little Pony, but there were no toy shops there...just really posh clothes shops.  Dad got himself a Country music CD in a charity shop, but that's all.
I'm in a spot of trouble now.  I promised somebody payment for some plush ponies, but her paypal address never reached me via PM (My PM's on the Arena are going mad lately!) so yesterday she had to re-send it.  Tonight I was going tosend the payment, but the Arena is closed for maintenance and I hadn't written down her address earlier...  I hope she'll understand...
Nothing much happened for New Year - I watched the London fireworks on the TV, but since our television's playing up anyway, they didn't look very good.  Everyone looked really cold and miserable too.  Maybe I'm just a spoilsport.  I only ever went up there once - back in 1999/2000 and I almost passed out on the train in the crowds then!
Happy New Year to one and all (including those of you I know who 2007 won't reach for another few hours!) - I hope 2007 is good for you !
Best wishes,

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