Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Waaaaaaaahhhhhh! Someone help meeeeeee!!!

Current mood:  rushed

Yesterdays footstep count: A measly 3240 (*help*)

I have no time to do anything, and yet nothing's being done...confusing, eh?  Well, not really.  You know like the old saying "Time flies when you're having fun", well, I guess that means it drags when you're not...but then, that means that you have too little of what you really need, and too much of what you don't, meaning that when you don't have enough time to do anything, you kind of hang around wondering which chore to do, and then realise that you have no time to do any of them because you wasted all your time deciding which to do.  Well, there you go!  NOW YOU'RE CONFUSED, AREN'T YOU? HA!!!
Well, basically, I've been so busy (doing nothing) that I haven't updated this in ages...then again, there's nothing much to say.  Thank you for all the comments since I've been away. 
Ele - Hi there!  *Waves*
Laura - Oh gosh!  Are we still on the visiting in Vancouver discussion...I don't know that I want to leave cosy little England quite yet... *Is a bit of a chicken really...*
On pony talk, MLPLaura is having a Pony Meet on Sunday the 18th of February, which I'm hoping to attend, and hoping to see all of my pony pals at!  You can find out more about it at  Hope you can make it!!!
My Mum has also agreed that we can hold a pony meet at the Rescue Home when we move house, but we don't know when that's going to be - stay tuned for more details!  Oh come on, everyone!  You know you want to meet my 2300+ ponies.
I just won Fireball on e-Bay yesterday, meaning that I've completed my Mountain Boy collection.  I now have seven different MB's (including Thailand Tornado) - I'm so excited!  However, I lost an auction for a 1993 MLP satchel tonight,which was rather sad, as I want to gather together all of the ponies and merchandise from post-1991 (when I was born).
Tonight we went to the brilliant Asda, to buy some milk, bread and lettuce.  Oh, how fascinating life is!  I can't wait for the architects and builders to sort out our new house so that we can go and live in that lovely area...but at the moment, I seem to be coming up with better ideas than them, and so Mum's going to ask if the plan I've drawn up for her is feasable!  LOL!  Wouldn't it be odd if I came up with a better plan than the architect?
Anyways, it's 3am now!  No time to stop!  Got to get to bed before it's time to get up!
Yours in sleepiness,
Desiree xxx

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