Thursday, 4 January 2007

Working hard on the forum, but getting nowhere...

Yesterday's footstep count: 8759 (Best all week, but still 1000+ behind target...)
Good morning/afternoon/evening/night, depending where you are, friends!
I've been working hard on Desiree Skylar's My Little Pony Rescue Home Forum today ( but not getting very far with it.  For readers of the forum though, I can reveal that the the new pony smilies are now almost all ready, and will be revealed in a day or two, and the new pony of the month is a very sad-condition rare pony found at a car boot sale almost five years ago.  An monthly e-mail newsletter is starting up (due to arrive in your inbox at the start of each month) with updates and new rules announced inside the first issue.  Look out for your copy tomorrow if you are already a member, or feel free to sign up if you're not (*Hint, Hint*)
Does anyone know how to changethe privacy setting on your Myspace blog?  I just can't figure it out!
Mykidsfault at the Arena went out and found Blushie and LILY LIGHTLY today, which has absolutely delighted me, as I've wanted that light-up unicorn for so long, and I will soon have one on the way to me!  And Caitlynseapony has offered to record "Intelligence" (the Canadian TV show that my friend worked on and wanted me to see) on a DVD for me free of charge - I'm over the moon and can't get over her kindness.
Anyway, I'm off to bed now - it's 2.35am and I can hardly keep my eyes open...
Goodnight...I mean morning...or maybe afternoon or evening where you are...

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