Thursday, 8 February 2007


I have to go for a check-up at the dentist tomorrow at 2pm and I'm feeling nervous already.  My dentist is really horrid, and moans about just about everything you do.  And I just know that I'll need about a hundred fillings - Huh!  And I'm not even your average chocoholic with a rotten, sweet tooth.  Howcome some people can eat sugary snacks all the time and have no dental troubles, while others eat hardly anything sweet and suffer terribly?
As for what happened today, I received yarn-hair plushies Sparkleworks and Sky Wishes from Lady Archer, and then I went for a wonderful walk down the road (of course, without the pedometer I can't say how many steps I did...) and tonight to Asda.  Apart from that nothing really happened.
Mum's doing so much family history that I hardly ever get my hands on this computer anymore, meaning that I'm getting behind with my correspondence, and everyone's getting upset and falling out with me.   Sorry, everyone!
Must go to bed now,
Best wishes to all,
Desiree xxx

Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Spam-A-Lot - But I Thought I'd Stopped Spamming Internet Forums!

Current mood:  silly

Yesterday's footstep Count:  Oh dear, the pedometer *gasps* has packed up completely, so I've had to stop wearing it!  *Sighs*  I'll have to invest in a better one!

Hello all!
Well, I didn't write on here over the weekend, so I guess I should update this with my exciting news now!
Saturday - We didn't leave the house.
Sunday - Ditto.  I was supposed to be going to the first boot sale of the year at a local school, but Dad didn't come in from work until 5am, and even though I set my alarm for six o'clock and was ready to go, Dad found an excuse not to take me.  First he said in a disgusted voice to my Mum, "You're coming?!", knowing that she'd retaliate by saying she wouldn't go anywhere with him while he spoke to her like that.  He then thought (as usual) I'd stand loyally by my Mum's side and say I wouldn't go without her when I knew she had originally wanted to go, but I surprised him by putting my coat on anyway.  He stood at the top of the stairs, phased, before saying "I'm not taking you!" and sulking in the bathroom for hours.  God knows what's going through his weird mind.  I hope he doesn't do that on the 18th when I'm supposed to go to the pony meet!!!
Monday - we went to the wonderful Tesco.  I saw Rainbow Treat and Royal Beauty, but having spent the last of my money on the Chibis, I had to leave both of them on the shelf.  They're such gorgeous ponies - I do hope they'll hang around long enough for me to buy!
And then, today - Dad finally got a day off work and we went up London on the tube to the Family Records Centre to have two of my Mum's ancestors death/marriage certificates read by the experts (the photocopies she had were too blurry to read!)  Then on to the Palace Theatre for Monty Python's Spam-A-Lot which we'd bought cheap tickets to go and see. Unfortunately, since they were cheap tickets, we were right at the front and couldn't see it very well.  I enjoyed it, but Mum couldn't get the jokes - she's never been one for comedy - and got chlostrophobia (not sure hoiw you spell that) and kept looking for the door, before downright refusing to get on a train in the rush-hour to get home, meaning we had to sit on the platform for ages!
In pony news, I saw a poster for Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood and Cherries Jubilee is featured on it at one of the stations.  I'll have to try and take a picture of it with my digital camera sometime and post it on the internet (although my photobucket STILL isn't working so I don't know how I'll post them on here!)  I also found a book version of the Runaway Rainbow in Foyles book shop.  I wonder if there were also books of both A Very Minty Christmas and The Princess Promenade?  Thanks for the info about the Runaway Rainbow game, Laura!  I love any of this stuff that's connected to the My Little Pony DVD's in any way at all!
Oh, and remember how I told you I bought a video of the 1994 film "Andre" on Friday, for Shane Meier's role in it?  *Still feels like an absolute idiot!*    It's actually a rather good true story for those of you who don't mind a kids film now and again LOL!  And speaking of Shane Meier, can you believe I am also mad enough to read all of the film listings in the Radio Times to check for the films he stars in? Yes, I am crazy  !  And, even worse, I ended up recording another 1994 film, "Man Of The House" off of channel 5 (a channel on which we don't get very good reception at all) on Sunday just because Shane's in one scene?  Now you must admit I'm mad!
Well, that's it for now!  I've got to escape before you all laugh yourselves silly over my stupid madness!  By the way, did you see the new quiz that I posted in my profile on here - the questions are really rather stupid, aren't they?  And I believe that stupid questions deserve stupid answers actually!
Must get off to bed - I'm exhausted after today, and my heads thumping hard!
Bye for now,
Desiree xxx

Saturday, 3 February 2007

Well, I said I'd post every day...

Current mood:  hopeful

Yesterday's footstep count: 8985 (And if that's doubled as I started to think yesterday, that means I'm doing over the "losing weight" amount tonight!!!)

Hello all!
Well, there isn't much to say, but I said that I'd keep this internet diary updated every day for as long as I I may as well bore you once more!
Today Mum and I went shopping in West Ealing while Dad was at the dentist having two holes in his teeth filled.  Finally had success in finding some suitable pyjamas for myself - at the moment I'm wearing some in age 12-13 size, just because I couldn't find a style I liked!!!  So to finally find some lovely size 10 ones in Peacocks was brilliant!
Wilkinsons has stopped selling toys, so there were no new ponies there - not good, considering I was going to hold a pony meet when we move out and include a shopping trip to West Ealing.  Now that's one less pony-searching place.  And there was just one "A Charming Birthday" video in one of the eight charity shops, so they don't look too hopeful  either.
Still, although I found nothing on the pony front, I did find the film "Andre" on video for just 99p.  That was exciting for me, since I left it at a car boot sale about a year ago when I had no loose change in my purse, and I've been looking for it ever since.  *Admits to being a mad Shane Meier fan, and buying anything he stars in, however small the role may be !* 
Not much else happened.  My Dad's brother came to the door tonight - no idea why.  We hardly speak to him since he kind of excommunicated himself from the family after my Dad's mother's death.  He brought some old photos of Dad as a little boy, but Dad hasn't shown them to me.  Dad's family are downright strange!!!
I'm really hoping this is going to be a good weekend - but Dad has already announced that he's going to work both nights.
Anyway, I've got to go now - did you find that post really boring?  I guess so...
Best wishes,

Friday, 2 February 2007

Lights Out At Chibi-Time! And an interesting footstep theory...

Current mood:  happy
Yesterday's Footstep Count: 5472

Having just written out my footstep count above, I have to inform you all that I made an interesting discovery today.  I checked the pedometer, counted out sixty steps by myself, checked the pedometer again, and realised that it had counted just THIRTY steps!!!  So, I have reason to believe that the pedometer (which was only a free gift with a health magazine anyway) is actually counting my paces rather than my steps, meaning that I'm doing TWICE AS MANY STEPS AS I THOUGHT!  I'm certainly doing more steps than the stupid thing tells me anyway.
Well, this morning we went to a lecture on a church rectory located just down the road from here, which my ancestors used to live at.  It was very interesting.  Strangely, the lecturer turned out to be a retired hospital consultant - my Grandad's old consultant in fact!!! 
After the lecture, we walked around Ealing Broadway again, and through both Walpole and Lammas parks to the new house for some more clearing up time.  We found some really old packages of cleaning products in the kitchen cupboards - the sorts you see in museums!!!  We decided to keep the tins, clean them up and use them as kind of "retro" pieces in the new place.  When we'd finished, we walked through the parks again back to Ealing Broadway, and caught the bus "home" (although this horrid place feels less like home than my Great, Great Uncle's place does!)
Tonight, Dad came home 'early' (9pm - well, he came in at 6am yesterday [or should that be this morning!] and just washed and shaved before going back to work!!!) and we went to Toys 'R' Us and Tesco.  TRU had what I believed to be a new My Little Pony drawing case...but it turned out to be one I already had MIP missing it's label!!!  No new ponies there.  The Butterfly Island playset (originally 39.99gbp) is now just 14.99gbp for those of you who are interested...
In Tesco, however, we saw the Flutterwing Princesses with their free Canadian Breezies (not that I can buy them now that I already have them...minus free gift) and the new "Ponyville" ponies (better known to MLP collectors as "Chibi" ponies).  I hadn't thought that I'd like them, but they were just so small and sweet, so I  bought a set containing Desert Rose and Sew-and-So at a Dress shop. I don't know how I could ever afford to catch up with all of the G3 ponies now though.
I returned home, eagerly awaiting the grand opening of the "Ponyville" ponies, to find that the light in our utility room was flickering.  We already have no light in the kitchen (we can't find the old-fashioned strip-light, and since we're hoping to move in the next few months, it seems pointless changing the light points!) and have been working by that utility light for about four months.  Now we're in total darkness downstairs except for the hall and living room!  So, it truly was "Darkness at Chibi-Time!"
Think of us here in the gloom, and hope you're all feeling a little brighter!
Best wishes,
Desiree xxx
Another one of my annoying questions - I'm not actually playing with this video game, but does anyone know if it's available here in the UK?

Thursday, 1 February 2007

Horrid Rat-Infested Place!

Current mood:  annoyed

Yesterday's footstep count: 6572 (No comment)
Oh well, yet another boring day of my life to annoy you all with!
My Dad is working ridiculously long hours, so Mum and I had to walk to Sainsbury's ourselves.  OK, you say, that doesn't sound too difficult...well, you're wrong.  Yes, it's good to get some more steps on the pedometer count, but bad in every other way.
I hate this area.  First, we had to walk past a police car, and ambulance.  No idea why they were there, but there was a handcuffed man being bundled into the ambulance by two policeman, and a befuddled looking schoolboy sitting in the police car passenger seat...  It's not very nice to see that sort of thing near where you live - and it's simple everyday life in this road.
Then, we had to tackle the rats.  Which way to walk?  Along the canal where rats as big as cats (literally) climb trees and drop on unsuspecting passerby's shoulders?  Down the alley that's littered with beer cans and full of yobs who like nothing more than to spit at you?  Or past the police station, and through the industrial estate, dodging reversing lorries everywhere you go?
We chose the third option, but this didn't really help us.  We almost got run down by a lorry, the police station was shut so would have been no help if we'd been attacked anyway, we passed lots of suspicious looking men drinking beer and shouting abuse at (what we believe to have been) us, and a dead rat in the road, which my Mum almost trod on and, consequently, almost died from the shiver of shock and disgust running up her spine!  I repeat, I HATE THIS AREA!!!
One nice thing that did happen was that I received my reverse hoof-heart Sunny Daze from Mew, so thank you, Ele, for brightening my day!
Hope everyone else has had a better day than mine,
Best wishes,
Desiree xxx