Thursday, 1 February 2007

Horrid Rat-Infested Place!

Current mood:  annoyed

Yesterday's footstep count: 6572 (No comment)
Oh well, yet another boring day of my life to annoy you all with!
My Dad is working ridiculously long hours, so Mum and I had to walk to Sainsbury's ourselves.  OK, you say, that doesn't sound too difficult...well, you're wrong.  Yes, it's good to get some more steps on the pedometer count, but bad in every other way.
I hate this area.  First, we had to walk past a police car, and ambulance.  No idea why they were there, but there was a handcuffed man being bundled into the ambulance by two policeman, and a befuddled looking schoolboy sitting in the police car passenger seat...  It's not very nice to see that sort of thing near where you live - and it's simple everyday life in this road.
Then, we had to tackle the rats.  Which way to walk?  Along the canal where rats as big as cats (literally) climb trees and drop on unsuspecting passerby's shoulders?  Down the alley that's littered with beer cans and full of yobs who like nothing more than to spit at you?  Or past the police station, and through the industrial estate, dodging reversing lorries everywhere you go?
We chose the third option, but this didn't really help us.  We almost got run down by a lorry, the police station was shut so would have been no help if we'd been attacked anyway, we passed lots of suspicious looking men drinking beer and shouting abuse at (what we believe to have been) us, and a dead rat in the road, which my Mum almost trod on and, consequently, almost died from the shiver of shock and disgust running up her spine!  I repeat, I HATE THIS AREA!!!
One nice thing that did happen was that I received my reverse hoof-heart Sunny Daze from Mew, so thank you, Ele, for brightening my day!
Hope everyone else has had a better day than mine,
Best wishes,
Desiree xxx

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