Thursday, 8 February 2007


I have to go for a check-up at the dentist tomorrow at 2pm and I'm feeling nervous already.  My dentist is really horrid, and moans about just about everything you do.  And I just know that I'll need about a hundred fillings - Huh!  And I'm not even your average chocoholic with a rotten, sweet tooth.  Howcome some people can eat sugary snacks all the time and have no dental troubles, while others eat hardly anything sweet and suffer terribly?
As for what happened today, I received yarn-hair plushies Sparkleworks and Sky Wishes from Lady Archer, and then I went for a wonderful walk down the road (of course, without the pedometer I can't say how many steps I did...) and tonight to Asda.  Apart from that nothing really happened.
Mum's doing so much family history that I hardly ever get my hands on this computer anymore, meaning that I'm getting behind with my correspondence, and everyone's getting upset and falling out with me.   Sorry, everyone!
Must go to bed now,
Best wishes to all,
Desiree xxx

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