Friday, 2 February 2007

Lights Out At Chibi-Time! And an interesting footstep theory...

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Yesterday's Footstep Count: 5472

Having just written out my footstep count above, I have to inform you all that I made an interesting discovery today.  I checked the pedometer, counted out sixty steps by myself, checked the pedometer again, and realised that it had counted just THIRTY steps!!!  So, I have reason to believe that the pedometer (which was only a free gift with a health magazine anyway) is actually counting my paces rather than my steps, meaning that I'm doing TWICE AS MANY STEPS AS I THOUGHT!  I'm certainly doing more steps than the stupid thing tells me anyway.
Well, this morning we went to a lecture on a church rectory located just down the road from here, which my ancestors used to live at.  It was very interesting.  Strangely, the lecturer turned out to be a retired hospital consultant - my Grandad's old consultant in fact!!! 
After the lecture, we walked around Ealing Broadway again, and through both Walpole and Lammas parks to the new house for some more clearing up time.  We found some really old packages of cleaning products in the kitchen cupboards - the sorts you see in museums!!!  We decided to keep the tins, clean them up and use them as kind of "retro" pieces in the new place.  When we'd finished, we walked through the parks again back to Ealing Broadway, and caught the bus "home" (although this horrid place feels less like home than my Great, Great Uncle's place does!)
Tonight, Dad came home 'early' (9pm - well, he came in at 6am yesterday [or should that be this morning!] and just washed and shaved before going back to work!!!) and we went to Toys 'R' Us and Tesco.  TRU had what I believed to be a new My Little Pony drawing case...but it turned out to be one I already had MIP missing it's label!!!  No new ponies there.  The Butterfly Island playset (originally 39.99gbp) is now just 14.99gbp for those of you who are interested...
In Tesco, however, we saw the Flutterwing Princesses with their free Canadian Breezies (not that I can buy them now that I already have them...minus free gift) and the new "Ponyville" ponies (better known to MLP collectors as "Chibi" ponies).  I hadn't thought that I'd like them, but they were just so small and sweet, so I  bought a set containing Desert Rose and Sew-and-So at a Dress shop. I don't know how I could ever afford to catch up with all of the G3 ponies now though.
I returned home, eagerly awaiting the grand opening of the "Ponyville" ponies, to find that the light in our utility room was flickering.  We already have no light in the kitchen (we can't find the old-fashioned strip-light, and since we're hoping to move in the next few months, it seems pointless changing the light points!) and have been working by that utility light for about four months.  Now we're in total darkness downstairs except for the hall and living room!  So, it truly was "Darkness at Chibi-Time!"
Think of us here in the gloom, and hope you're all feeling a little brighter!
Best wishes,
Desiree xxx
Another one of my annoying questions - I'm not actually playing with this video game, but does anyone know if it's available here in the UK?

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