Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Spam-A-Lot - But I Thought I'd Stopped Spamming Internet Forums!

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Yesterday's footstep Count:  Oh dear, the pedometer *gasps* has packed up completely, so I've had to stop wearing it!  *Sighs*  I'll have to invest in a better one!

Hello all!
Well, I didn't write on here over the weekend, so I guess I should update this with my exciting news now!
Saturday - We didn't leave the house.
Sunday - Ditto.  I was supposed to be going to the first boot sale of the year at a local school, but Dad didn't come in from work until 5am, and even though I set my alarm for six o'clock and was ready to go, Dad found an excuse not to take me.  First he said in a disgusted voice to my Mum, "You're coming?!", knowing that she'd retaliate by saying she wouldn't go anywhere with him while he spoke to her like that.  He then thought (as usual) I'd stand loyally by my Mum's side and say I wouldn't go without her when I knew she had originally wanted to go, but I surprised him by putting my coat on anyway.  He stood at the top of the stairs, phased, before saying "I'm not taking you!" and sulking in the bathroom for hours.  God knows what's going through his weird mind.  I hope he doesn't do that on the 18th when I'm supposed to go to the pony meet!!!
Monday - we went to the wonderful Tesco.  I saw Rainbow Treat and Royal Beauty, but having spent the last of my money on the Chibis, I had to leave both of them on the shelf.  They're such gorgeous ponies - I do hope they'll hang around long enough for me to buy!
And then, today - Dad finally got a day off work and we went up London on the tube to the Family Records Centre to have two of my Mum's ancestors death/marriage certificates read by the experts (the photocopies she had were too blurry to read!)  Then on to the Palace Theatre for Monty Python's Spam-A-Lot which we'd bought cheap tickets to go and see. Unfortunately, since they were cheap tickets, we were right at the front and couldn't see it very well.  I enjoyed it, but Mum couldn't get the jokes - she's never been one for comedy - and got chlostrophobia (not sure hoiw you spell that) and kept looking for the door, before downright refusing to get on a train in the rush-hour to get home, meaning we had to sit on the platform for ages!
In pony news, I saw a poster for Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood and Cherries Jubilee is featured on it at one of the stations.  I'll have to try and take a picture of it with my digital camera sometime and post it on the internet (although my photobucket STILL isn't working so I don't know how I'll post them on here!)  I also found a book version of the Runaway Rainbow in Foyles book shop.  I wonder if there were also books of both A Very Minty Christmas and The Princess Promenade?  Thanks for the info about the Runaway Rainbow game, Laura!  I love any of this stuff that's connected to the My Little Pony DVD's in any way at all!
Oh, and remember how I told you I bought a video of the 1994 film "Andre" on Friday, for Shane Meier's role in it?  *Still feels like an absolute idiot!*    It's actually a rather good true story for those of you who don't mind a kids film now and again LOL!  And speaking of Shane Meier, can you believe I am also mad enough to read all of the film listings in the Radio Times to check for the films he stars in? Yes, I am crazy  !  And, even worse, I ended up recording another 1994 film, "Man Of The House" off of channel 5 (a channel on which we don't get very good reception at all) on Sunday just because Shane's in one scene?  Now you must admit I'm mad!
Well, that's it for now!  I've got to escape before you all laugh yourselves silly over my stupid madness!  By the way, did you see the new quiz that I posted in my profile on here - the questions are really rather stupid, aren't they?  And I believe that stupid questions deserve stupid answers actually!
Must get off to bed - I'm exhausted after today, and my heads thumping hard!
Bye for now,
Desiree xxx

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