Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Over a month?!

Whoah!  I didn't realise that I hadn't been on here for over a month!  And there are so many fascinating events to bore you all with!  OK, I can't tell you everything, but here are a"highlights of my past month and a half"! !
8th February 2007
I went to the dentist, and fortunately found out that I needed no fillings or other dental treatments at all!  Yippee!  However, my nasty dentist decided to moan at me about giving up my orthodontic brace, which I just had to do due to the dreaful headaches it caused!  She reminded me that it was my choice, but if she were me, she'd have the treatment on the NHS while I could otherwise, I could just jolly well "learn to live with the consequences",  and "have ugly teeth forever"!  Huh!  Well, I agree with her, but I could not stand the pain of the brace...I bravely spoke up for myself while I was there, but once I left the surgery, I broke down. 
To cheer me up, my parents drove me to Uxbridge for a shopping trip.  But, I discovered that Dream Blue (a My Little Pony I'd promised to look out for for my friend, Laura), was no longer in The Entertainer, much less on the offer I'd told her about.  I did get some more of the pajamas I like so much from Peacocks.  But then, as we were walking along, a really odd man came up to us.  He walked backwards in front of us and laughed at me for a full two minutes before finally walking off to bother the man who runs the bedding stall at the market.  That really shook me, and I was terrified that he'd come back and attack us throughout the rest of the day.
9th February 2007
Whilst trying to practise my voice acting, I heard a huge crash outside.  I looked out the window to see a bad car accident had occured just a couple of houses down the road - a silver car had forced a red car into a bush!  Some European youths who had been in the silver car jumped out and began threatening the old Indian man who had been in the red car along with his wife, and three young teenage girls.  Luckily, someone above the hairdressers opposite us phoned the police, who arrived just as the leader of the European gang knocked the Indian man to the ground and he and his friends kicked the poor bloke repeatedly.  The police did not rush to his aid though, since they were too busy arguing over the fact that one of them was wearing another's coat, and that HIS coat was actually still in the boot of the car.  By the time they'd finished their argument, the old man was practically unconcious, and a whole team of drunken thugs from over the road had joined his European attackers.
The Indian man was stretchered into an ambulance, which promptly refused to start, meaning he had to be moved through a whole stream of angry traffic, honking horns and dodging around the paramedics.  His wife and three young friends were not driven to the hospital for some time later.  The whole incident lasted about an hour, by which time, it was dicovered that the European silver car drivers had been hoarding drugs in the back of their car. 
Nothing was said about the incident in the local papers as this sort of thing is common in our area!
10th February 2007
We went to a small toy exhibition at Willesden museum, hoping that MLP's would be featured and, to cut a long story short, they weren't.  When we walked down the stairs on our way out, we spotted a man slashing a suit of armour with a pretend sword.  We believed he was showing off  to his friends, who must be out of our view, but when we got down the stairs we saw he was all alone.  He followed us, and shouted at us (in a loud, drunken, Irish accent) that...well, I can't repeat his words here, but to be as close as possible...we were  evil for not helping him to fight Oliver Cromwell.  Hmm...  How do we attract these weirdo's?
12th February 2007
I went to Tesco, and adopted a new My Little Pony named Royal Beauty.
18th  February 2007
I really wanted to go to Laura's Pony Meet, but my parents let me down, and refused to get out of bed.  *Sighs*
19th February 2007
We drove to Hamleys, and took some photos of the big MLP window display.  You can see a pic of me with Lily Lightly in my profile pic.  Excuse my ugly face, and try to look at Lily's twinkly horn!
22nd February 2007
I bought a huge lot of ponies off of e-Bay for 56.00gbp just because I'd spotted a Spanish Love Melody in there, and I couldn't resist.  Luckily the seller lives near enough for us to collect them personally, so I didn't have to pay extra for postage!
23rd February  2007
I got two more MLP's - this time two Mermaids from Brundog.  They're so  cute!  Anyone have a Baby Pearly for sale so that I can complete the set?
25th February 2007
Went and picked up the e-Bay ponies.  They came from a rather friendly, but common and dizzy, woman, with what seemed like the noisiest house in the country - barking dogs, screaming young children, loud music... Phew!  I'm glad I don't live next door!  When I got the bag open, I discovered the ponies were soaked - meaning I didn't unload them all until I got home, where I discoveredf that three McDonalds Ponies, Starlight and Princess Brilliant Bloom were missing.  We e-mailed the woman, but Dad refused to mention the McDonalds ponies since they "weren't worth anything".
27th February 2007
The e-Bay seller got back to us and said she'd posted the two MLP's Dad mentioned, along with two "Mini ponies" to us without charging us any extra for the postage since it was her mistake.  I wish Dad had mentioned the McDonalds MLP's, because she seems like a genuinely nice person, and would have looked for them, but now one is still missing somewhere in her house...
At about 7pm, there was a loud knock on the door, and loads of loud drunken voices threatening us in the garden.  We had the curtains shut, and din't go to  the door, but  it was petrifying, especially since the phone was off due to the dial-up computer was on!  So no way to contact the police...even if they did care about solving crimes.  Mum looked out the upstairs window, and saw seven youths outside.  Luckily, they left us alone and didn't come back...yet...
1st March 2007
I bought Janyse Jaud's "The Magic Of Christmas" CD, having found out about her through my interest in MLP voice artiste's (She plays one of my favourite ponies - Pinkie Pie - along with Scooter Sprite), and I really would recommend it to anyone!  Check out now!
4th March 2007
First car boot of the season, just 30 minutes after it started, but a dealer had already been around and bought everything in the belief that those G3s and tail-less Peachy's were worth something.
10th March 2007
We went to the new house, and got caught speaking to our over-friendly neighbours for FOUR HOURS!!!  This meant that I missed the Dancing On Ice semi-finals, and I was really upset.
11th March 2007
I watched the repeat of Dancing On Ice - howcome Emily was voted out right when she was improving?  That's all of my hopes struck down.  She can't win now that she's out.   We also watched the finals of Crufts.  Do you think the fact that Fabulous Willy is the grandfather of the presenter's dog had something to do with his victory?
12th March 2007
Went to see "Porgy and Bess" at the Savoy Theatre in London - it was very good, even though three of the actors were off on the night we went (they always seem to take their time off on the cheap ticket nights!) including the woman who plays "Bess".  I think her stand-in was better than the official "Bess" anyway though!
13th March 2007
Today, Dad had the day off to take Mum to the Family Records Centre up London, but he overslept, and so we only got to the cemetary where we couldn't find any of her ancestors graves...they must have worn away.  My "A Very Pony Place" DVD arrived but I soon discovered that my gamble had not paid off, and we must have a region 2 DVD player as opposed to a region 0 machine (No, we didn't know before), and it will only play on my Dad's computer, which means I'll only be able to play it when he's around.  I'm going to make a tape recording of the whole thing before I go to bed though, so that I'll at least have the soundtrack.  *Yawns*  Another late night, I think...