Saturday, 21 April 2007

Sparkle :(

Current mood:  distressed

My dear guinea pig Sparkle is unwell.  He goes through periods when he loses his appetite, and eats less than half his food, and for the last week or so he's been going through one of those times.  Last night he seemed a little better - he ate quite a bit of his supper, and even jumped up on my lap for a cuddle. 
Even when I woke up today, he rushed out into his living room to squeak "Good Morning" to me.  It was Mum's turn to clean out his hutch, so while I was eating my breakfast she brought him into the living room for a run around.  However, when she put him down on the floor, he collapsed on his right side, and was unable to stand.   I picked him up and gave him a quick hug before returning him to the floor, making sure to support his right legs this time.  But when he tried to run over to see my other guinea pig, Splodge, he was limping badly.
I tried giving him some cucumber, but as much as he tried, he couldn't eat much.  It was almost as though he had something in his mouth, stopping him from chewing.  *Sighs*
Splodge had trouble with his bottom front teeth last June, and ended up having them extracted, so now he can't aturally grind his top teeth down and has to have them trimmed every three weeks, and as it happened, today was his day to go to the vet, so I took Sparkle along as well. 
Splodge was brave for once, and didn't squeal at all - maybe he sensed his friend was in worse trouble...  When it came to Sparkle's turn, he didn't seem to mind the vet, which is in itself worrying.  Maybe he's feeling too ill to care where he is.    I asked if maybe he could have had a stroke, since that what it seemed like, but the vet simply said "he may have done", and left it at that!  HOW CAN THE VET NOT KNOW?!?!?!  Anyway, he gave him an injection for pain relief, and another antibiotic injection, plus a course of antibiotics which we're meant to give Sparkle every morning from tomorrow.
Right now, Sparkle's just lying still in his hutch, head buried in a pile of guinea pig treats and toys.  He's obviously in too much pain, or shock, to move around, so every so often I move him into his bedroom, or back out into the living room for a change of scenery.  Poor, poor Sparkle.  I hope he recovers, but right now it seems highly unlikely.
*Sobs again*

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Feeling happily hopeful!!!

Current mood:  hopeful

We went to see the  new architect at the new house yesterday, and discovered that he had some new ideas that our newly-happy family knew were going to be better than the old architect's plans.  Well, at least, we're hoping...
This architect is very friendly, and lets us tell him what we want done, beofre seeing what he can do for us, instead of demanding that we do what he thinks should be done, like our old architect. 
This architect agrees with us on most of our ideas anyway.
This architect doesn't think we should have "boring" antique white walls, and a toilet under the stairs.
This architect says he'll help us choose colours for all of the rooms once the plans for the house are sorted out, but he won't push us into anything.
This architect charges less for everythig than the other one.
I'm feeling really hopeful now!   
He's going to get back  to us with some plans later this week, and then says he'll commence with the work as soon as possible.  Work will take twenty weeks, and then the house will be ready to move in to!  HOORAY! 
I haven't bought any ponies in a while, but decided to splash out on some new additions last night following the good news.  We went to Brent Cross Toys 'R' Us and I bought Pinkie Pie's Balloon House with bonus Fair Weather and Magic Marigold, and also a free Daisy May because I spent over 10.00gbp!  And then today, my parcel from the Greywolf of the Arena arrived - Garden Wishes, Sunrise Song, Pearly Pie, Aurora Mist, Dream Drifter, Swirly Pop, Love-a-Belle, Morning Glory, Daisy Paisley, Bashful Bonnet, Morning Dawn Delight and Flower Wishes.
And then, to top it all, Mum's friend found Round 'n' Round and her Rollercoaster carriage at a car boot sale for me, and sent her to the new house address - the first pony to ever be received at the future Rescue Home!  It was so kind of Mum's friend to look out for a pony for me too.  Thanks, Jill, if you ever read this.  I love my little purple pony!
I'd forgotten how much fun it was to get so many ponies in one day - the collection total now stands at 1133, and I have a total of 2436 MLP's all together!
We went to Hampton Court today, since our Royal Palaces membership runs out soon, and we wanted to visit a royal palace one more time, as it's unlikely we'll be able to afford to renew our membership.   It was a great day out, but I've got a thumping head now - it's just so hot!  If this is April, then I'm dreading the summer!  I really must get a sun hat and suglasses some time!
Somebody knocked on the door tonight, but they sounded drunk and dangerous, so we hid behind the living room door and waited for them to leave!  Meanwhile, one of our new next door neighbours (who we thought was Polish, although we've never spoken to them - they're so noisy that you can hear them talking to one another all the time though!  And they have their radio playing 24 hours a day at the highest possible volume! ) walked up her garden path and shouted at the man who was standing on our doorstep, in a perfect ENGLISH ACCENT (?!) "Nobody lives in there.  Can't you see it's derelict?"  (That's how bad our house looks, you see?!) and the man (the drunk money-seeker, as we thought) replied, in his loud, drunken tone... "Oh yes, there does." (Not really a very grammatical answer, but I guess he was drunk!) "There's a man, a woman and one girl in there!"
So I wonder who that was?  It scares me when people know who lives in a house, but when you don't know who they are.  Especially when you're talking about a rough-looking drunk man.  He returned a few minutes later with his friend (an equally drunken man), but they left soon after, thank goodness.
I think that's about it.  I was speaking to Mum about my voice acting again, but I'm sure she still doesn't understand me.  In fact, in reply to a remark I made about wanting to get to a professional level, she said "Proffesional?  I had no idea you wanted to get up to a professional level!  You should speak to Martin then."  Martin is her cousin, who's in an amateur dramatics group, by the way.'re getting there slowly,  Mum...I guess...
Thanks for reading about my boring life, everyone!
Yours truly,
Desiree  xxx

Saturday, 14 April 2007

My sweet little nephew...

Current mood:  tired

I am exhausted - not that sitting up until 1.30 in the morning helps that!
Today, while my sister was at work, she had to find someone to babysit my nephew (her son), Allan, and of course, being helpful people, we immediately agreed.  Allan is five years old, but we've never taken him out without either his Mum or Dad being around before, so we had no idea how he would react to the adventure!
First of all, we went to Ruislip Lido.  After a long journey of "Are We There Yet?"'s, "I need a wee"'s and "This car isn't as good as my Grandad's car"'s, we thought we'd settle down on the beach, and Allan would be able to quietly build some sandcastles.  BIG MISTAKE!!!
We arrived, and before we'd even parked the car, he had got his seatbelt off, jumped out of the car, and was running madly aroud the car park, darting between traffic as he went.  I shot out of the car after him and grabbed his arm, which only excited him more!  Next, he was racing across the main road to the entrance, and all the way down a path (about a mile and a half) to the beach - without stopping - with me hot on his tail.  We reached the beach (and playground), where I thought he's finally calm down.  I collapsed on the sand, much to the amusement of some watching sunbathers, only to see Allan growing smaller as he raced towards the water!    My parents were nowhere in sight, left behind somewhere along the path, so it was up to me to look after him.  Up and down, up and down the beach like a mad thing, screaching "Allan, please, please, please stop!" all the way!  Eventually, he did stop - to climb on an enormous slide, which he decided he was too scared to slide down once he got to the very top, so I had to climb halfway up the steps and get him down.  PHEW! 
Finally, he sat down and dug a large hole, but having quickly left it to go on the swings and roundabout, he returned to find a gang of older children (probably aged between 10 and 15) sitting in "his" hole.  "GET OUT OF OUR HOLE!" Allan screamed, before turning to me.  "AUNTIE DESESAY (as he calls me), GET THOSE HORRIBLE PEOPLE TO LEAVE OUR HOLE ALONE!" 
Luckily, he didn't pursue this, as they looked the sort who would have knocked the whole lot of us unconcious!   We spent about threehours there before deciding it was finally time to leave.
Somehow, whilst I was running after my mischievous nephew, I happened to notice a little girl wearing MLP clothes, carrying MLP bags, with a MLP lunch box, and Amazing Grace clasped in her hand.  It was so nice to see the ponies back where they should be - with children loving them once more!
So, after Allan had got his shoes back on, we ran the mile and a half back to the car, via a rather scary drunk man, who started shouting at Allan and I, and chased us for part of the way (the UK is really not a safe place to live any more, is it?!), and a flight of stairs leading to deep water which Allan was determined to either climb, or pull my arm out of its socket as I detained him - the latter happened.  We found an ice cream van parked by the car, and Allan said he wanted an orange ice lolly, but once we got back in  the car, he decided he couldn't finish it, and handed me the left overs to throw away - fun when you're in a car with no rubbish bin in sight!  The lolly gradually melted all over me, as Alla watched and laughed.  Well, I didn't find it funny really. HUH! 
Then we went to McDonalds, where they didn't have Allan's favourite flavour milkshake, and gave him a girl's toy with the happy meal, so Dad was in and out of the restaurant like a yo-yo getting toys swapped, and coke once Allan had finally decided what he wanted as a substitute for his strawberry milkshake.
After that, we enjoyed another long "Are we there YET?" journey, with a constant comentary of  "Open the window, Desesay." and "Oh, but I'm cold.  Close it, Desesay!"
We took him to the house that we hope will one day be our abode, and he said "Yes, sir, it looks like a good house to live in."  But he laughed when we said our toilet may have to be fitted in the cupboard under the stairs!
Finally, we took him back to the hotel where Emma (my sister) was working.  Allan cried and said that he "didn't want to go home!" so hopefully that means he had a good time at the expense of all my energy.  Now my legs, and for some reason, my neck and shoulders are killing me.  I think I'm going to die if I don't get some proper sleep soon...  *Yawns*
Good night, readers!  Sweet Dreams!

Friday, 13 April 2007

Maybe we won't be moving after all... *Sobs*

Current mood:  worried
Last night, it was confirmed that the company my Dad work for is folding up.  He's been working really long hours these last few weeks (sometimes only coming home for an hour or so at about 6am to wash and shave before going out again!), and being a "paid by the hour" job, he was supposed to be getting a LOT of money, but now his boss simply says, "Sorry.  We can't pay you.  The government can give you about 200.00gbp for every week's work, which gives you 1200.00gbp to live on until you get a new job!"  OK, so they didn't quite put it like that, but that's the basic truth.
Luckily, my Dad has a friend at work, who thinks he's found both of them new jobs, but the work doesn't start until the end of the month, meaning Dad won't get paid until the end of May!  And we're supposed to be seeing the architect about the new house on Monday, so if we're to get anything done, we need to take out a big loan, and now...well, let's just say the whole moving thing is looking highly unlikely, and I'm devastated.
Please, please, please let something turn up!  I just bought a huge load of ponies from the US, and am feeling awful about it now.  But when I got my Easter money, how was I to know what was going to happen?  And what good would $80 or so have done anyway?   If we can't move, I guess it's not meant to be...
And I've had an awful stomach ache all day, for no apparant reason.  I couldn't eat any dinner, even though I was offered some delicious chips..although that's probably for the best anyways -  I need to lose weight!  So I just ate spaghetti on toast tonight, and my tummy's already disaggreeing with that small meal!
On a happier note, I just asked the best actor ever (Shane Meier) to add me as a friend here, and he so very kindly obliged!    It's such an honour to have my favourite actor, AND my favourite singer (Janyse Jaud) on my friends list.  Thank you so much if you're reading this, sweetie!
We're looking after my five-year-old nephew for five hours tomorrow while my sister is at work.  Joy, oh joy!  It's Friday the 13th, he's, energetic to say the least (!), and since we're i such a mess for the move, we can't have him at our house, so we are going to take him to Ruislip Lido and try to kid him into thiking he's at the seaside!  Disasterous plan, or what?  I bet we end up returning him soaking wet and covered in sand!  Please wish us luck!
So what do you think of my new background tune for my blog.  Unfortunately, the music has slowed quite a lot - or is that just my computer? - but that's a MLP song from the 1986 Movie for those who don't know, which Baby Lickety Split sings, only to hear Morning Glory the Flutter Pony echoing her at the bottom of a wishing well.  I have written my own words though, if anyone cares to imagine these to the tune. 
Desiree: My family don't understand me,
Un-named Friend: They can't stand her, see?
Desiree: If anyone thinks I'm mad, they do.
Un-named Friend: Poor you!
Desiree: No-one in this family ever performed voices...
I have no choices!
Desiree (As Dad): "Give up trying, or we'll always hate you!"
Un-named Friend: So true!
Desiree: My heart yearns to be a voice artiste,
Un-named Friend: With no fear of 'the list'! (Note: my Dad has a list of his favourite and least favourite voice overs from animation in his head.  Every so often he recites him to drive me up the wall!  And I don't particularly want to end up on the lower end of said list!)
Desiree: And maybe an actress too.
Un-named Friend (As Desiree's Mum): Who, you?!
Desiree: I'd love to go live over in Vancouver!
Un-named Friend (As Desiree's parents):  *Laughs*  She's no mover!
Desiree: But what good will wishing do?
Un-named Friend: Oh, come on, Desiree!  Make a real wish.  Feeling sorry for yourself isn't going to improve  your situation.
Desiree: I can't help it - everything looks so hopeless right now...
I dream and my heart seems to take flight!
Un-named Friend: What a plight!
Do you dream a certain man would notice you?
Desiree: Pah!  Who-oo!
Un-named Friend: You like Him, don't you?  (Note:  Desiree gives friend a strange look...this does happen in real life sometimes!)
Desiree: My heart aches - soon breaks! - I've got to change this life soon!
Un-named Friend: But they just think she's a loon!
Desiree: Indeed.  So what good will wishing do?
Un-named Friend: One day your dreams will all come true!
But will my dreams ever come true?  Will people ever even understand what they are?  Find out in the next installment of Desiree Skylark's blog...

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Nothing better to do, I guess...

Current mood:  bored

It's been almost a month since I've been on here again.  I just can't believe that anybody can be too busy doing nothing to do anything!

I had a pretty boring Easter weekend. I ate too much chocolate (doesn't everyone?) and am feeling really sick today. I didn't leave the house on Good Friday. I can't wait to move so that I'm not reliant on my lazy father to get out the front door all the time.

Saturday was probably the most exciting day, and that's not strictly part of Easter anyway. We went to the "Dancing On Ice Tour" show at Wembley Arena. I'm not sure how many people have been watching the "Dancing On Ice" TV series on ITV1, but I loved it so much, and to see it for real was brilliant. Kyran (my favourite) lost though, and Bonnie (my least favourite) won. I was rather disappointed by that. They filmed the show for DVD, so if you see the tour DVD, I'm the mad girl in the audience, holding G3 Cupcake, singing "Reach For The Stars" at the top of my voice, and screaming for "Kyran Bracken" to win! I think I'm one of the only four people who stood up at the end of Kyran's Bolero performance too - everyoe else supported stupid Bonnie Langford.

Again, on Sunday I didn't leave the house. I got Easter eggs from my pet guinea pigs, and three of the new Ponyville sets. I also got four MLP's from the Woolworths BOGOF offer, but they got lost in the cupboard, and I didn't receive them until yesterday.

For Easter Monday, we went to a car boot sale and I found twenty ponies for 3.90gbp. We also went to see my sister, Emma, yesterday. My nephew, Allan, and two nieces, Abigale and Kizzy, pulled me round and round the house as usual. I'm still exhausted now!!! Allan lost the pen that went with the Magic Painting book we got him, and was really upset, and everyone's worried about Kizzy since the experts now claim she's deaf, and needs to have an operation on her ears. But she was a very premature baby, and has such weak lungs that an operation isn't the most appealing option really.

The firm which my Dad works for has folded up, so he's unemployed, and we're running out of money fast. I hope we'll still be able to move house...

I worked on my Myspace today, so I hope you like the new layout, and the music accompanying my blog!

And finally, sorry if this blog entry seems rushed, but I've got to get off to the supermarket before it closes. I'll be back later though, when I'm hoping to change my profile piccy to one where I look even more of an idiot than I do in the Lily Lightly pic. It's just impossible to find a good photo of myself!

Best wishes,