Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Feeling happily hopeful!!!

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We went to see the  new architect at the new house yesterday, and discovered that he had some new ideas that our newly-happy family knew were going to be better than the old architect's plans.  Well, at least, we're hoping...
This architect is very friendly, and lets us tell him what we want done, beofre seeing what he can do for us, instead of demanding that we do what he thinks should be done, like our old architect. 
This architect agrees with us on most of our ideas anyway.
This architect doesn't think we should have "boring" antique white walls, and a toilet under the stairs.
This architect says he'll help us choose colours for all of the rooms once the plans for the house are sorted out, but he won't push us into anything.
This architect charges less for everythig than the other one.
I'm feeling really hopeful now!   
He's going to get back  to us with some plans later this week, and then says he'll commence with the work as soon as possible.  Work will take twenty weeks, and then the house will be ready to move in to!  HOORAY! 
I haven't bought any ponies in a while, but decided to splash out on some new additions last night following the good news.  We went to Brent Cross Toys 'R' Us and I bought Pinkie Pie's Balloon House with bonus Fair Weather and Magic Marigold, and also a free Daisy May because I spent over 10.00gbp!  And then today, my parcel from the Greywolf of the Arena arrived - Garden Wishes, Sunrise Song, Pearly Pie, Aurora Mist, Dream Drifter, Swirly Pop, Love-a-Belle, Morning Glory, Daisy Paisley, Bashful Bonnet, Morning Dawn Delight and Flower Wishes.
And then, to top it all, Mum's friend found Round 'n' Round and her Rollercoaster carriage at a car boot sale for me, and sent her to the new house address - the first pony to ever be received at the future Rescue Home!  It was so kind of Mum's friend to look out for a pony for me too.  Thanks, Jill, if you ever read this.  I love my little purple pony!
I'd forgotten how much fun it was to get so many ponies in one day - the collection total now stands at 1133, and I have a total of 2436 MLP's all together!
We went to Hampton Court today, since our Royal Palaces membership runs out soon, and we wanted to visit a royal palace one more time, as it's unlikely we'll be able to afford to renew our membership.   It was a great day out, but I've got a thumping head now - it's just so hot!  If this is April, then I'm dreading the summer!  I really must get a sun hat and suglasses some time!
Somebody knocked on the door tonight, but they sounded drunk and dangerous, so we hid behind the living room door and waited for them to leave!  Meanwhile, one of our new next door neighbours (who we thought was Polish, although we've never spoken to them - they're so noisy that you can hear them talking to one another all the time though!  And they have their radio playing 24 hours a day at the highest possible volume! ) walked up her garden path and shouted at the man who was standing on our doorstep, in a perfect ENGLISH ACCENT (?!) "Nobody lives in there.  Can't you see it's derelict?"  (That's how bad our house looks, you see?!) and the man (the drunk money-seeker, as we thought) replied, in his loud, drunken tone... "Oh yes, there does." (Not really a very grammatical answer, but I guess he was drunk!) "There's a man, a woman and one girl in there!"
So I wonder who that was?  It scares me when people know who lives in a house, but when you don't know who they are.  Especially when you're talking about a rough-looking drunk man.  He returned a few minutes later with his friend (an equally drunken man), but they left soon after, thank goodness.
I think that's about it.  I was speaking to Mum about my voice acting again, but I'm sure she still doesn't understand me.  In fact, in reply to a remark I made about wanting to get to a professional level, she said "Proffesional?  I had no idea you wanted to get up to a professional level!  You should speak to Martin then."  Martin is her cousin, who's in an amateur dramatics group, by the way.'re getting there slowly,  Mum...I guess...
Thanks for reading about my boring life, everyone!
Yours truly,
Desiree  xxx

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