Friday, 13 April 2007

Maybe we won't be moving after all... *Sobs*

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Last night, it was confirmed that the company my Dad work for is folding up.  He's been working really long hours these last few weeks (sometimes only coming home for an hour or so at about 6am to wash and shave before going out again!), and being a "paid by the hour" job, he was supposed to be getting a LOT of money, but now his boss simply says, "Sorry.  We can't pay you.  The government can give you about 200.00gbp for every week's work, which gives you 1200.00gbp to live on until you get a new job!"  OK, so they didn't quite put it like that, but that's the basic truth.
Luckily, my Dad has a friend at work, who thinks he's found both of them new jobs, but the work doesn't start until the end of the month, meaning Dad won't get paid until the end of May!  And we're supposed to be seeing the architect about the new house on Monday, so if we're to get anything done, we need to take out a big loan, and now...well, let's just say the whole moving thing is looking highly unlikely, and I'm devastated.
Please, please, please let something turn up!  I just bought a huge load of ponies from the US, and am feeling awful about it now.  But when I got my Easter money, how was I to know what was going to happen?  And what good would $80 or so have done anyway?   If we can't move, I guess it's not meant to be...
And I've had an awful stomach ache all day, for no apparant reason.  I couldn't eat any dinner, even though I was offered some delicious chips..although that's probably for the best anyways -  I need to lose weight!  So I just ate spaghetti on toast tonight, and my tummy's already disaggreeing with that small meal!
On a happier note, I just asked the best actor ever (Shane Meier) to add me as a friend here, and he so very kindly obliged!    It's such an honour to have my favourite actor, AND my favourite singer (Janyse Jaud) on my friends list.  Thank you so much if you're reading this, sweetie!
We're looking after my five-year-old nephew for five hours tomorrow while my sister is at work.  Joy, oh joy!  It's Friday the 13th, he's, energetic to say the least (!), and since we're i such a mess for the move, we can't have him at our house, so we are going to take him to Ruislip Lido and try to kid him into thiking he's at the seaside!  Disasterous plan, or what?  I bet we end up returning him soaking wet and covered in sand!  Please wish us luck!
So what do you think of my new background tune for my blog.  Unfortunately, the music has slowed quite a lot - or is that just my computer? - but that's a MLP song from the 1986 Movie for those who don't know, which Baby Lickety Split sings, only to hear Morning Glory the Flutter Pony echoing her at the bottom of a wishing well.  I have written my own words though, if anyone cares to imagine these to the tune. 
Desiree: My family don't understand me,
Un-named Friend: They can't stand her, see?
Desiree: If anyone thinks I'm mad, they do.
Un-named Friend: Poor you!
Desiree: No-one in this family ever performed voices...
I have no choices!
Desiree (As Dad): "Give up trying, or we'll always hate you!"
Un-named Friend: So true!
Desiree: My heart yearns to be a voice artiste,
Un-named Friend: With no fear of 'the list'! (Note: my Dad has a list of his favourite and least favourite voice overs from animation in his head.  Every so often he recites him to drive me up the wall!  And I don't particularly want to end up on the lower end of said list!)
Desiree: And maybe an actress too.
Un-named Friend (As Desiree's Mum): Who, you?!
Desiree: I'd love to go live over in Vancouver!
Un-named Friend (As Desiree's parents):  *Laughs*  She's no mover!
Desiree: But what good will wishing do?
Un-named Friend: Oh, come on, Desiree!  Make a real wish.  Feeling sorry for yourself isn't going to improve  your situation.
Desiree: I can't help it - everything looks so hopeless right now...
I dream and my heart seems to take flight!
Un-named Friend: What a plight!
Do you dream a certain man would notice you?
Desiree: Pah!  Who-oo!
Un-named Friend: You like Him, don't you?  (Note:  Desiree gives friend a strange look...this does happen in real life sometimes!)
Desiree: My heart aches - soon breaks! - I've got to change this life soon!
Un-named Friend: But they just think she's a loon!
Desiree: Indeed.  So what good will wishing do?
Un-named Friend: One day your dreams will all come true!
But will my dreams ever come true?  Will people ever even understand what they are?  Find out in the next installment of Desiree Skylark's blog...

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