Saturday, 14 April 2007

My sweet little nephew...

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I am exhausted - not that sitting up until 1.30 in the morning helps that!
Today, while my sister was at work, she had to find someone to babysit my nephew (her son), Allan, and of course, being helpful people, we immediately agreed.  Allan is five years old, but we've never taken him out without either his Mum or Dad being around before, so we had no idea how he would react to the adventure!
First of all, we went to Ruislip Lido.  After a long journey of "Are We There Yet?"'s, "I need a wee"'s and "This car isn't as good as my Grandad's car"'s, we thought we'd settle down on the beach, and Allan would be able to quietly build some sandcastles.  BIG MISTAKE!!!
We arrived, and before we'd even parked the car, he had got his seatbelt off, jumped out of the car, and was running madly aroud the car park, darting between traffic as he went.  I shot out of the car after him and grabbed his arm, which only excited him more!  Next, he was racing across the main road to the entrance, and all the way down a path (about a mile and a half) to the beach - without stopping - with me hot on his tail.  We reached the beach (and playground), where I thought he's finally calm down.  I collapsed on the sand, much to the amusement of some watching sunbathers, only to see Allan growing smaller as he raced towards the water!    My parents were nowhere in sight, left behind somewhere along the path, so it was up to me to look after him.  Up and down, up and down the beach like a mad thing, screaching "Allan, please, please, please stop!" all the way!  Eventually, he did stop - to climb on an enormous slide, which he decided he was too scared to slide down once he got to the very top, so I had to climb halfway up the steps and get him down.  PHEW! 
Finally, he sat down and dug a large hole, but having quickly left it to go on the swings and roundabout, he returned to find a gang of older children (probably aged between 10 and 15) sitting in "his" hole.  "GET OUT OF OUR HOLE!" Allan screamed, before turning to me.  "AUNTIE DESESAY (as he calls me), GET THOSE HORRIBLE PEOPLE TO LEAVE OUR HOLE ALONE!" 
Luckily, he didn't pursue this, as they looked the sort who would have knocked the whole lot of us unconcious!   We spent about threehours there before deciding it was finally time to leave.
Somehow, whilst I was running after my mischievous nephew, I happened to notice a little girl wearing MLP clothes, carrying MLP bags, with a MLP lunch box, and Amazing Grace clasped in her hand.  It was so nice to see the ponies back where they should be - with children loving them once more!
So, after Allan had got his shoes back on, we ran the mile and a half back to the car, via a rather scary drunk man, who started shouting at Allan and I, and chased us for part of the way (the UK is really not a safe place to live any more, is it?!), and a flight of stairs leading to deep water which Allan was determined to either climb, or pull my arm out of its socket as I detained him - the latter happened.  We found an ice cream van parked by the car, and Allan said he wanted an orange ice lolly, but once we got back in  the car, he decided he couldn't finish it, and handed me the left overs to throw away - fun when you're in a car with no rubbish bin in sight!  The lolly gradually melted all over me, as Alla watched and laughed.  Well, I didn't find it funny really. HUH! 
Then we went to McDonalds, where they didn't have Allan's favourite flavour milkshake, and gave him a girl's toy with the happy meal, so Dad was in and out of the restaurant like a yo-yo getting toys swapped, and coke once Allan had finally decided what he wanted as a substitute for his strawberry milkshake.
After that, we enjoyed another long "Are we there YET?" journey, with a constant comentary of  "Open the window, Desesay." and "Oh, but I'm cold.  Close it, Desesay!"
We took him to the house that we hope will one day be our abode, and he said "Yes, sir, it looks like a good house to live in."  But he laughed when we said our toilet may have to be fitted in the cupboard under the stairs!
Finally, we took him back to the hotel where Emma (my sister) was working.  Allan cried and said that he "didn't want to go home!" so hopefully that means he had a good time at the expense of all my energy.  Now my legs, and for some reason, my neck and shoulders are killing me.  I think I'm going to die if I don't get some proper sleep soon...  *Yawns*
Good night, readers!  Sweet Dreams!

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