Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Nothing better to do, I guess...

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It's been almost a month since I've been on here again.  I just can't believe that anybody can be too busy doing nothing to do anything!

I had a pretty boring Easter weekend. I ate too much chocolate (doesn't everyone?) and am feeling really sick today. I didn't leave the house on Good Friday. I can't wait to move so that I'm not reliant on my lazy father to get out the front door all the time.

Saturday was probably the most exciting day, and that's not strictly part of Easter anyway. We went to the "Dancing On Ice Tour" show at Wembley Arena. I'm not sure how many people have been watching the "Dancing On Ice" TV series on ITV1, but I loved it so much, and to see it for real was brilliant. Kyran (my favourite) lost though, and Bonnie (my least favourite) won. I was rather disappointed by that. They filmed the show for DVD, so if you see the tour DVD, I'm the mad girl in the audience, holding G3 Cupcake, singing "Reach For The Stars" at the top of my voice, and screaming for "Kyran Bracken" to win! I think I'm one of the only four people who stood up at the end of Kyran's Bolero performance too - everyoe else supported stupid Bonnie Langford.

Again, on Sunday I didn't leave the house. I got Easter eggs from my pet guinea pigs, and three of the new Ponyville sets. I also got four MLP's from the Woolworths BOGOF offer, but they got lost in the cupboard, and I didn't receive them until yesterday.

For Easter Monday, we went to a car boot sale and I found twenty ponies for 3.90gbp. We also went to see my sister, Emma, yesterday. My nephew, Allan, and two nieces, Abigale and Kizzy, pulled me round and round the house as usual. I'm still exhausted now!!! Allan lost the pen that went with the Magic Painting book we got him, and was really upset, and everyone's worried about Kizzy since the experts now claim she's deaf, and needs to have an operation on her ears. But she was a very premature baby, and has such weak lungs that an operation isn't the most appealing option really.

The firm which my Dad works for has folded up, so he's unemployed, and we're running out of money fast. I hope we'll still be able to move house...

I worked on my Myspace today, so I hope you like the new layout, and the music accompanying my blog!

And finally, sorry if this blog entry seems rushed, but I've got to get off to the supermarket before it closes. I'll be back later though, when I'm hoping to change my profile piccy to one where I look even more of an idiot than I do in the Lily Lightly pic. It's just impossible to find a good photo of myself!

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