Saturday, 21 April 2007

Sparkle :(

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My dear guinea pig Sparkle is unwell.  He goes through periods when he loses his appetite, and eats less than half his food, and for the last week or so he's been going through one of those times.  Last night he seemed a little better - he ate quite a bit of his supper, and even jumped up on my lap for a cuddle. 
Even when I woke up today, he rushed out into his living room to squeak "Good Morning" to me.  It was Mum's turn to clean out his hutch, so while I was eating my breakfast she brought him into the living room for a run around.  However, when she put him down on the floor, he collapsed on his right side, and was unable to stand.   I picked him up and gave him a quick hug before returning him to the floor, making sure to support his right legs this time.  But when he tried to run over to see my other guinea pig, Splodge, he was limping badly.
I tried giving him some cucumber, but as much as he tried, he couldn't eat much.  It was almost as though he had something in his mouth, stopping him from chewing.  *Sighs*
Splodge had trouble with his bottom front teeth last June, and ended up having them extracted, so now he can't aturally grind his top teeth down and has to have them trimmed every three weeks, and as it happened, today was his day to go to the vet, so I took Sparkle along as well. 
Splodge was brave for once, and didn't squeal at all - maybe he sensed his friend was in worse trouble...  When it came to Sparkle's turn, he didn't seem to mind the vet, which is in itself worrying.  Maybe he's feeling too ill to care where he is.    I asked if maybe he could have had a stroke, since that what it seemed like, but the vet simply said "he may have done", and left it at that!  HOW CAN THE VET NOT KNOW?!?!?!  Anyway, he gave him an injection for pain relief, and another antibiotic injection, plus a course of antibiotics which we're meant to give Sparkle every morning from tomorrow.
Right now, Sparkle's just lying still in his hutch, head buried in a pile of guinea pig treats and toys.  He's obviously in too much pain, or shock, to move around, so every so often I move him into his bedroom, or back out into the living room for a change of scenery.  Poor, poor Sparkle.  I hope he recovers, but right now it seems highly unlikely.
*Sobs again*

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