Wednesday, 2 May 2007

My Dad makes me sick >:(

Current mood:  annoyed

My Dad is in a fowl mood.  But not just a general fowl mood - Dad's in a fowl mood with ME!
I awoke yesterday morning to hear my parents arguing (as always) downstairs.  Once I got out of the bedroom, I could hear Mum moaning that she hadn't got a present for my birthday, and it was Dad's fault, since she needs the use of his car to get to the shops from here, or his paypal account to buy me something online.
Dad retaliated saying he "didn't care" if I got anything for my birthday from anybody, since he "HATES" me, and so I don't deserve a birthday gift or card, or even to go out on my special day.
I said nothing.
Then later on we went to the library.  I was walking behind my parents, and Dad pulled the door open with such force that he hit me right in the face with it, quite obviously on purpose, but for no apparant reason.  Mum asked him why he'd done that, and he said that I "should have got out of the way if I didn't want to get hit by the door" but there had been nowhere else to go since they were standing ahead of me, and there were other people right behind.
Dad shares his birthday with me on May 15th - he'll be 60, I just 16.  Well, he's certainly not getting a CARD from me when he treats me this way.
Am I just being overly-sensitive?   What do you think?
Yours in disgust,
Hated-By-Father Desiree the Father-Hater (Well, it can work both ways, you know, and I'm not taking this lying down!)

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