Friday, 18 May 2007

My Disasterous Sweet Sixteenth Birthday

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Well, for those of you who don't already know, it was my sweet sixteenth, and my Dad's OAP sixtieth (:P) last Tuesday.  We had it all worked out weeks in advance, and I thought it was going to be the brilliant day that it ought to have been.  However, not everything went exactly to plan...
Originally, we were going to go to Venice for the day (through a coach company - we'd seen a tour advertised a few months ago), but (can you believe it?) we don't have passports, and my stupid father can't figure out the forms we have to fill in to file for one, and won't let my Mum and I look at them (Hmm...I sense something fishy there)
Okay, so we couldn't go to Venice.  Plan B...we'd go to the new Charles Dickens' World Theme Park at Chatham.  Brilliant idea - except that the grand opening was delayed until the 25th May .
Plan C - *Sighs*  Right then, back to Hastings.  We'll go to Buckleys Yesterday's World, Smuggler's Adventure and Brownbread Horse Centre, plus stop at the shops where there might be a Gamleys for me to look at the ponies, and also we can drive past the sea - the first time I'd ever have done that on my birthday.  And then, on the way home, I'd go to Toys 'R' Us and get the Ponyville Sweet Shoppe, which I've wanted for ages.  This was one day I felt I could treat myself, especially when I was bound to get birthday money!  Once I'd thought about it a while, it didn't seem like so bad a day. 
Bring on the morning of my birthday!
The day started well, except we overslept a little (didn't get up until 8am, but it wasn't too late to go out at least).  Mum and I prepared packed lunches and cleaned the guinea pigs out while Dad went in the bathroom.  I'd decided I wouldn't open my cards or presents until the evening, since I wanted to prioritise going out.  However, once Dad stayed in the bathroom, I thought I might as well...
I got the least amount of cards I'd ever got (10...and four of those were from my parents and pet guinea pigs - yes, the guinea pigs "send cards" in this household !), but I wasn't too upset.  In the way of gifts, I got Flower Garland and Daybreak (I already had Daybreak, but the ponies were on a BOGOF offer, and I picked her out since I'd wanted another as a "twin" to my original - I can't get enough of that pony!), and a little Beanie Baby horse keyring called Frilly.  I knew Dad had bought these when we went to Bury St. Edmunds a few weeks ago, but I had to wait until my birthday to get them.  I also got Star Flight and Heart Bright with bonus Breezies, and, well, Dad doubled up and bought me a second pair of the SLH ponies, Rainbow Treat and Royal Beauty, but my  old pair had frizzy hair, so that didn't really matter.
My Mum's cousin gave me a hand made bracelet which is really pretty (I'm wearing it as I write this - thanks, Ruth), my Grandparent's old neighbours gave me a MLP sticker scene set, and my uncle and aunt gave me some animal photo holders and a packet of The Dog Top Trumps Playing Cards.  I also got birthday money from almost everyone who sent a card.
Suddenly, I realised something - Dad still wasn't out of the bathroom!  He often spends hours in there, but this was our birthday, and it was getting too late to go out.  He eventually came downstairs at 10.30am!  An argument ensued about how it was too late to go to Hastings (about a two and a half hour drive), and my Mum went and changed her clothes back to her "house clothes" (She'd been all dressed up to go out for the day).
At that moment, I flipped!  One minute I was my plain old calm self, the next I was screeching - "It's my special birthday!", "You can't stop me from going out!" and "I don't care that it's too late - I'm going!" among other things. 
And I don't know why, but the turning point from bad to worse, was when Mum picked up the wrapping paper that my Uncle and Aunt had wrapped their gifts to me in (very pretty pink and purple paper that I was hoping to salvageand use for some useless crafty thing!) and scrunched it up! 
I went to snatch it out of her hand, while I was still screeching (and by this time, sobbing as well that my day had been ruined) and she turned around and punched me in the chest - not hard, but enough to make me retaliate with a blow to her arm.  Unfortunately, she was standing over the pile of birthday presents I'd just opened, and my punch threw her off balance, and she fell on the floor - right on top of my MIB Star Flight.  The box gave a sickening crunch, and I actually saw the pony's wings pressed together in the packet.  I was convinced my new Flutterwing Princess was broken, and the pair of us got into a huge fight, knocking each other to the ground several times, and rolling around in an array of pretty birthday papers and boxed ponies!
It's late, and I really want to get to bed, but I will continue this story tomorrow.  It just got worse and worse as the day went on anyway, and I'm sure nobody's interested in the tale of my birthday woes...
Unhappy Birthday, Sour Sixteen, eh?

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