Sunday, 15 July 2007

After three years of waiting... I find TWO new ponies in one day?!

The trouble with having an almost complete general release pony collection, you can be almost certain you will never find another new addition at your local car boot sale/charity shop/thrift store/garage sale again.  If you want to add to your herd, you have to give away larger and larger chunks of money for that one set-completer you never found.  And so it is that ever since I bought Baby Licorice right back in August '05, I have dreamed of the day when I might find just one more new pony at a car boot sale, knowing that it was getting more and more unlikely.
And then today it got too late to go again.  Dad stayed upstairs getting ready until almost 10am, so I knew the dealers would have got around, but I insisted he take me anyway on the off-chance.

And lookie what came home with me!

July 15th 2007 ~ Field End Pony Finds

(Excuse the filthy floor - my Mum's in a bad mood with me, so I cleared off out of the living room and photographed them elsewhere! :P )
None of them are in the best of condition, but I think a lot of that can be changed with a good bath.  I'll show some before and after pics of them later.
However, more importantly, there are two ponies in there which I had not only not got in my collection, but also had no idea existed!  Upon observation I discovered one in the Arena Nirvana Gallery (Hint!), but the other is so odd, I'm not even sure if she's a fakie/custom...see if you can spot them.  I'll post the details in an hour or so after I've washed my new girls...and boy!

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