Friday, 13 July 2007

Going up, and down, and down, and down...

One day last week everything seemed to be going great.  We were looking forward to moving house, and Mum had decided to go on, not one, but TWO holidays next year - one in Rome, and one in California.  I was so excited, since I've never been out of this awful country before in my life.  For once, life was really looking up!
But now all of that happiness is gone.   
Dad doesn't want to move.  He says the house is too small, and he doesn't care where he lives anyway.  He's always out at "work" (looking at and printing off horrendous things on the computer).  Mum doesn't want to move either, since she feels it's "taking a step backward" (being where she started life), but she knows if she doesn't my life goes down the drain, so she's agreed, so long as I can come up with a plan she's happy with which is a thing that no architect has been able to do yet!
As for the holidays, we don't want to leave this house for more than a night.  There are too many things of both sentimental and monetary value here, and we know that the place would be broken into within a day or two if it got out that it was empty.  Plus we can't find a guinea pig-sitter.
Yes, you can laugh, but we have no family and no friends nearby, and so there is nobody to look after dear Splodge, or any other guinea pigs that I might like to get following Sparkle's demise.  The nearest piggy-sitter we've found is in Enfield, which is quite a drive from us, and we don't know if they are any good anyway.
I've gone into a deep depression.  I see no point getting out of bed any more, and rarely get up before about 11am.  Any "friends" I do have are in the US or Canada, so to speak to them I have to IM them late at night.  I don't leave the house day after day, because there's nowhere to walk from here, and I'm not allowed out on my own anyway.  No wonder I can't lose weight!  I spent an hour and a half pacing the living room floor and running on the spot in the early hours today, until I had done the 10,000 steps necessary to even stay fit.  Today I haven't even bothered.  What's the point of staying fit if I can't be who I want to be?
And to top it all I've got a dreadful stomach ache.  Why today, I ask you?  AGH!!!
Anyhow, that's enough moaning from me.  I'm going to go and curl up somewhere until things change, I think.  See you in a hundred years. 
Your wannabe voice artiste/actress of shattered dreams,
Desiree Skylark  xxx 

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