Thursday, 12 July 2007

I am miserable, so here is a survey to cheer me up...

Current mood:melancholy
..> Little About me:
May 15th 1991
5'2"/8st 12lb
Are you happy with your looks?
Whats something you would change?
My teeth
Are you taken/Single?
Single, of course...
Would be in Year 11, but I'm home educated
Where do you live?
London, UK (Ugh!)
Your room:
Your Best friend:
I don't do best friends, but the first person who flew into my head is giggly and exciteable...I'm sure you know who you are :P!
The USA:
Never been there, but it can't be worse than the UK
How to make a PBJ:
No idea!
Your favorite place in the world:
Never been out of this stupid country, but I love to dream of going to Canada some time...
Your relationship with your parents:
Your morning routine:
Hear Mum call me, pretend not to hear, eventually drag myself out of bed, get washed and dressed, eat breakfast and get ready to waste another day.
Your face:
In a word...UGLY!
Your best friend:
You asked that before!
Your current bf/gf/or ex:
Never been to school.  Mum drives me mad, and Dad is a useless teacher.
The best day ever:
Can't think of one.
What are you grateful for?
Nothing.  What is there to be grateful for?  Mum says I should be grateful for my life - what life?
Do you play any sports?
No.  I can't get out of the house.
What do you complain the most about?
My parents, and whole dull existance
What color would the sky be if u changed it?
Bright blue, and not littered with British clouds!!!
Do you believe in inter-racial marriage?
I'm going to be killed for saying this, but not all of them.  Having seen my poor half English/half Chinese cousin, whose eyes just don't look right, and who gets taunted permanently, I can't.  For races who have a similar skin colour etc., I have no problem at all.
How many children if any do you want?
Two or three
What other countries would you live in?
CANADA.  I'm telling you, that's where I'm headed.  No more stupid UK for me. :D
Whats your worst injury?
A sprained ankle, which meant I had my whole leg in a support bandage for three weeks
Have you ever had your heart broken?
Whats the most trouble you've been in with your parents?
God knows.  I seem to be in trouble all the time.  Right now I'm in trouble for wanting my own bed at age sixteen.  PLEASE SAVE ME!!!
Where do you go when you need to get away?
There's nowhere to go.  I have no room, can't go in the garden because of rats, and am not allowed out of the house on my own.  It's mental cruelty.
Who do you vent to?
Myself.  There's no-one else.  I started Myspace to vent, but how many people actually read this?
Do you drink 8 glasses of water a day?
What do you think of cigarette smokers?
If they want to kill themselves, that's fine.  But don't smoke near non-smokers and kill us too!  (Can you tell I'm in a bad mood this morning?)
Do you call your grandparents enough?
No grandparents left.  :(
What song has effected your life the most?
How can a song effect your life?  In a good or a bad way?
If something bad happened to you who would show up first besides family?
No-one.  Actually, what family would show up?
What do you take for granted?
Nobody.  There's nobody to take for granted.
Whats the best thing that's ever happened to you?
Discovering how to use a cassette recorder.  Yep, I lead a sad life.
Whats your most prized possession? MLP collection?  Does that count as a single possession?
would you give your favorite piece of clothing away to someone who had none?
Yes, but then I have no favourite clothing.  Only six t-shirts that my Mum chose for me.
Do you volunteer?
I'm not allowed out the house, but I would for animal charities.
What is your worst personality trait?
I talk too much apparently.  Especially when I'm saying something Mum doesn't agree upon, like what I want to do with my life.
How often do you make mistakes?
I'm making a huge one right now.
What do you wish you could take with you after life?
Happy memories of what I wanted to do rather than what *THEY* wanted me to do. 
Love lifeish
Do you hook up with lots of people?
No chance.
How many people have you really liked?
Never get to know anyone well enough before they desert me.
Are you friends with your exs?
Don't have an ex!
Whats the worst thing someone can do in a relationship?
Never had a relationship, but I would imaging it's to cheat on you, or maybe to not phone up if they'd told you they were ill...thinking of a friend I stressed myself over recently.
What small things mean the most?
My LITTLE ponies.  Are they small? :P
What attracts you most in a person?
A friendly character, somebody who'll understand what I'm going through here
Would you ever change a belief for someone?
Does your parents/friends opinion matter?
In theory, no.  I think doing what you want to do with your life is more important than wasting your time on other people's opinions of you.  In practicality, yes.  Since I'm entirely wrapped around their little fingers, I have to do as I'm told.
Have you ever acted against your heart to please others?(Do tell)
I'm doing so right now.  Here I am, aged sixteen, wanting nothing more than to become a voice artiste and move to Vancouver.  But Mum tells me that those who emigrate are selfish, and that Canada is full of arrogant people, and is such a boring country that she never wishes to go there...even on holiday!  Then she has the cheek to tell me she doesn't know what I want to do with my life.  Big coincidence that she says all this stuff then, isn't it?  As for Dad, he makes lists of actresses and voice artistes and scores them (*Sick sounds*), which rather puts a girl off.  He also tells me  I'm totally useless at performing arts...even though he's never seen me do anything.  Yeah, so for fear of hurting them, I'm wasting my life right here.
Whats the best advice you could give?
Follow YOUR destiny, not anyone else's.  You only have one life - live it to the full!
The Future
What career do you want?
Voice artiste/actress
How much income do you want to bring in?
Don't care, so long as I have enough to scrape through.
How old do you want to be when you get married?
Early 20's, so long as I'm settled at "home" (where I'm going for the rest of my life - see above) by then.
Would you consider adopting your kids?
Depends if I can have my own.  I'd consider adoption if I couldn't for some reason.
Do you want to go into the army?
No way! 
What problem will your generation face?
Global warming, and this whole country's going to sink with the weight of the amount of immigrants they're letting in. I can barely move around in this street any more!
Where do you want to live?
VANCOUVER - heck, haven't I said that enough yet?
How old do you want to be when you die?
If I'm stuck here with my parents, as young as possible.  If I can get the job I want and go "home", I'd like to live forever please, to make up for the wasted years...Of course, I want to still look young though. :P 

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