Wednesday, 11 July 2007

More problems from the horrible house of hell where I live...

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I can't stand Myspace!  I tried to post a blog twice yesterday, but both got  wasted when I tried to post them and they got deleted!  AGH!  So now I'm going to give you news for both days, by writing in the "post bulletin" box and copy and pasting it.  Hence, this one won't be quite so smiley and different font-filled, as the only special features will be those I added in after I moved the blog over this one!
Yesterday, I woke up with a really sore right eye ~ so bad that I couldn't even blink!  I tried to look in the mirror at it, to see if I could see what the problem was, but I couldn't see anything through my teardrops.  So I struggled to get washed and dressed, and get downstairs to ask my Mum to look.  She said she could see nothing wrong, but that wasn't very surprising considering she was looking through not one, but TWO, pairs of glasses, plus a magnifying glass, and she's very squeamish when it comes to eyes and was squinting anyway!  It felt for all the world like an eyelash had bent double and gone in there (which happens quite often, by the way, since I have long eyelashes), but even when I used a series of mirrors to reflect an image of my right eye to my left, I could see nothing.  It wasn't even red, just watering so much that teardrops were dripping from my chin!  I tried bathing it in just about everything from cammomile tea, to Optrex, to just plain water, but to no avail.
My sister (who teaches first  aid) rang up to ask us if we could look after my nephew again - this time for FOUR DAYS RUNNING - at the end of August.  (Joy, oh joy!  Where are we going to take him this time, considering he can't visit this messy house?), and Mum asked her what she thought the problem was.  She said it could be that I had scratched the inside of my eyelid (God knows how!), and the best cure for that was to pour a kettle full of warm water into my eye!  "Hold a towel on your shoulder, and position your end right, and you shouldn't get wet!"  Well, gee thanks, Emma...but no thanks at all really...
Luckily, it just mysteriously cleared up at about 6pm.  I'm really pleased about that since I was just starting to worry it was something serious.  And worse still, if it had continued until today, Mum would have forced me to go to the dreaded doctor.  "May we interest you in another course of penicillin?  Your eye problems are bound  to be an infection that can be cured by taking it!"  I can guarantee to you that if I take one more course of penicillin from that doctor, I'll be immune to the stuff if I ever really DO need it!
Then Splodge began squealing for no apparent reason, and needed to be comforted.  We thought it might be the thunder and lightning outside, which seems to be repeatedly going on, even when the sun does shine a little.  (And this is July, for crying out loud!  Where's my summer weather?!)  But then we found what the real cause must be ~ It seems a house moth had laid a whole load of eggs in his hutch, and the nasty little creatures were floating around everywhere and frightening him half to death.  Poor boy.
And then for today. 
Following yesterday's discovery of  yet more house moths, I told my stupid parents that I WAS going to get on with cleaning out this house whether they liked it or not.  I started off in the bathroom, where all of our clothes are hanging, since none of us has a proper bedroom, and filled a whole black sack full of old clothes for charity.  Then I sat down on the floor to clear all of my old craft supplies out.  I found a huge bag of wool that my Grandma gave to me years ago, but now that was crawling with carpet beetle too.   I salvaged what I could,  and put it in a bag for my nephew and nieces to use.  I know Grandma would have liked that.
Overall, I chucked out three black sacks full of stuff, and the bathroom looks no clearer at all.  I don't know what I can do when nobody else will help me.
Then I looked through all of my stuffed ponies and found that the moths had been through them too, and eaten holes in two hooves.   *Sobs*  My favourite, most minty, Hasbro Plushie Blossom, and Applause Firefly too.  *Sobs louder*   And the crates that they came out of are full of Grandad's sheet music, which Mum said she would keep for him.  So now the ponies have nowhere to go.  They're not going back by the bed where I can't keep a close eye on them, and where they're getting filthy anyway.
When tonight I went in the garden to get Splodge his evening grass, I took my old skipping rope with me (Yes, feel free to laugh, but skipping is actually a good way to lose weight, you know?!), which I've only been doing again for the past week or so, and now that's been stopped a small brown object on the patio, oozing brown liquid...
It was...
a teabag!  With two small holes in it - rat tooth marks.   The rats must be back out there again.  All of the rats around here have a taste for teabags and litter our garden with them when they're around.  We saw the neighbour's cat out there stalking something earlier.  Now we know the awful truth...   *Sighs* 
Oh, and the "battle of the beds" (see last blog entry) continues.  Dad's currently sleeping at the other house, Mum on the sofa, and I'm just staying up late again, getting a headache.  Dad's insisting I share the bed with Mum again, and I'm standing my ground, which Mum thinks is terrible!  "The little queen b*tch has spoken, and got her way again.  Out goes poor David."  Not a mention of the years he's kept me in misery...   She's getting dreadful backache on the sofa though.  I've said she can go upstairs while I sleep down here, although then I couldn't change into my pajamas, since Dad's such a weird one that I don't want him to see me wearing them (see what I live through yet?  I'm not being very subtle any more, since I'm so p****d off  with the pair of them!)  But Mum says she couldn't do that to me.  Aww, how kind, I hear you coo.  No way!  She just doesn't want me sleeping where I might kick over all of her heaps of family history books, which block one and a quarter cushions of the three-seater sofa! 
And now the light on the landing has gone, and Dad's told me NOT to leave the bathroom door open.  So, aged sixteen, I'm going to be having my first complete night in pitch black darkness on my own, and I must confess, following the nightmares I've been having recently, I'm not looking forward to it really!
Anyways, better get going.  Before I can even go to sleep, I have to clear the plush ponies off of the bed into black sacks or something!  Wish me luck against nightmares!
Yours sincerely,
A slightly worried Desiree Skylark    xxx

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