Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Must. Stop. Comfort. Eating.

Current mood:  giggly

I have a serious problem.  Whenever I get stressed (which seems to be the case in my existance all the time), I get hungry.  Very hungry.  And then I eat.  And eat.  And eat.  And this past month or so, I keep on eating bread and butter...or even just plain bread.  I can't get enough bread...  Sometimes though, I'll eat a banana...or bits of cheese...I just can't stop! 
Yep, laugh as hard as you like, but it's NOT FUNNY!  I need to stop eating, and do more exercise.  I want to shift some weight.  So, here's my plan (kind of stolen from the MLPArena's "Pounds for ponies" campaign)
My aim is to lose one stone.  Then I'll be just below average average on the BMI.  Low average for my height that is, not underweight.   So, from tomorrow, I'm going to STOP SNACKING, and DO MORE EXERCISE!!!  For each day I get through with just my three main meals, I'll give myself 50p for ponies, and for each day I do my quota of exercise, a further 50p.  If I manage to keep it up, I should be able to afford Singing and Dancing Pinkie Pie in five and a half weeks.  Or Styling Starcatcher in just under two weeks if I can't hold out that long.  Maybe by rewarding myself with ponies only after doing something good, I'll cut down on the clutter, and on the exess weight too.
I shall keep a record on Myspace, each day adding/detracting from my pony fund.  (Oh, I forgot to say.  For each day I break a rule, I shall remove 50p from my total.  Don't want to make it too easy on myself! )
Please wish me luck!
Best wishes,
Desiree  xxx

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