Friday, 31 August 2007

Er...this is "England". Why would we not speak "English"?

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Well, today I get some mail from the government.  I'm supposed to add my name to the electoral roll.  (God only knows why - I'm too young to vote, and I've lost all faith in this bloomin' country and its stupid politics anyway ).  I tried my best to read it and show an interest for them anyway... However, I found this was rather hard.  It's probably just this area, due to the large numbers of immigrants settling here at the moment, so most of you won't believe me, but almost the entire leaflet was written in different foreign languages- Punjabi,  Hindi, Farsi, Polish...but not ONE WORD of English!  Except for a tiny note on the back, asking that you request an English leaflet should one be required.  Heck, what  is the UK coming to?  Not that I mind the different languages, of course, but when English has been completely written out, I start to get annoyed.
Almost un-successful on the pony hunt these last two days.  Yesterday we went to Hayling Island and Southsea.  There were no MLP's at the boot sale at Hayling, nor any plushies in the claw-grabbing machines at either location.  Then last night we ventured into TRU -  they now have Styling Starcatcher and Play 'n'Carry Sky Wishes, but I could afford neither.   I still don't have the Ponyville Sweet Shoppe, Teapot, or either of Lily Lightly's Bonus Ponies either.  There was no sign of the dress-up Pinkie Pie with book set, who was the pony I hoped to find there.  Tonight we went to three different branches of Asda in search of the "Favourite Friends" and "Scented Ponies" I've heard were on a BOGOF offer there, but they were all sold out.
However, I say "Almost un-successful" for a reason; we did find one new pony ~ a little Ponyville Chibi ~ for the collection...FLUTTERSHY!!!  I have wanted little Flutter for so long, and thought I was never going to find her, so that's cheered me up quite a lot.   
I'm desperately trying to restore the ponies that Bonnie sent to me, but I haven't got a clue when it comes to curling hair!  Tassles looks like she's been struck by lightning, and Whizzer's mane looks like a kind of tunnel in a bush that a slug has crawled through...   They're cleaning up pretty nicely though, so here's hoping I can manage to restore them properly!
I finished watching  the "Silver Wolf" movie this morning, and it's such a great story ~ I love it!  I really feel the need to go out and buy this now...but, horror, oh doesn't appear to be available on DVD!   I guess nobody knows of a shop that would sell a region 2/multi-region recording of this thing?  I'll practically pay the Earth for it!  The theme tune is going to be ringing through my ears all night now, and I must say, whatever Mum thinks of me, to have seen Shane in such a big role was brilliant for me.  I'm so used to seeing the small guest parts like "Man Of The House", "Stargate Atlantis" and "Unforgiven"'s kind of weird for me to see this film now...   Thank you so much for lending it to me, Bonnie!  
Speaking of Mum vs. this DVD, it's pretty odd.  Almost as though she's latched on to it, and is using it as her latest way of getting at me.  One little DVD, and she says I'm obsessed with Shane Meier - already explained that before, so I won't go into details here.  She says I'm crazy to want to own the movie now - well, I decided I liked the film as a whole, not just one actor actually, mother.  She says I'm "bl**dy odd" for not telling her the name of the film - she never even expressed an interest before today, if I dare to mention it she taunts me like a little kid about "fancying" an actor and not being able to stop going on about him (But...but...but...she asked the question!!!), and I KNOW if I tell her the name of the film, she'll research it and tease me further.  *Sighs*  Why must my parents make life so difficult?
I would make a copy of this disc if it wasn't security locked.  (*Gasp*  Surely somebody "Obsessed" with Shane would want the box with his picture on it?! )  Dad says he'll see if he can upload it on his computer, and put it on a memory stick, but I don't fancy that idea really, for more reasons than one.  (Most of you will know what I'm talking about... )
Anyhow, I need to go to bed.  Mum's already complained about me having "Talk-itis" today, and I don't want to prove her right!
Best wishes,
Your talkitis-riddled Fluttershy-hugging mad girl,

Desiree  xxx

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