Monday, 6 August 2007

Going offline, and NOT happy about it!

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We're off to Wiveliscombe VERY early in the morning.  I don't really want to go, but I know Mum does, and it's her birthday treat, so I can't complain.  However, since we are spending tomorrow night there, I won't have any internet access until TUESDAY NIGHT!!!  *Faints*  How on Earth am I going to manage without any of you?     There are still some messages I haven't replied to, but I promise to do so as soon as I get home.  Right now, I have to go and pack some more rubbish for our super-long, (as everyone seems to think it is), trip.
There is nobody to leave poor little Splodge with, so he's being left all on his own.  I feel dreadful, but there's nothing I can do.  He'll be cleaned out tomorrow morning, last thing before we leave, and first thing when we come back on Tuesday.  I'll leave him with lots of food and water, and leave the window open for air.  He's not much of a people's guinea pig anyway, and it's only about 38 hours...still, I hope he won't be lonely or stressed.  We have left him for one night before, but I feel so guilty now that he hasn't got Sparkle to communicate with...even though Sparkle never lived in the same hutch, they'd squeak away to each other.  *Sighs*
I did some exercise, but I snacked on a banana...does a banana call off the 50p I earned again?  What do you think?  If the first person to comment says I earned my 50p, maybe I'll add it to my total for Pinkie Pie.  *Hums quietly*  No, I am not bribing you to say anything....  *Crosses fingers*  Um...nothing!!!
Didn't leave the house at all.  Dad was really horrible, and actually confessed to having a sick mind.  I won't go into details here, in case I get the blog taken down, but it's just not nice to live with that kind of person. 
Elisabeth - sorry about switching the computer off so suddenly earlier.  There was a reason for it, and I shall explain when I get back online!  Also, thanks for the link to the song.  I'm going to try to record that and sing it.  Maybe if I keep playing it to Mum, she'll get the message evetually!
Bonnie - I have e-mailed you via an address I found on a Shane Meier message board.  Hope you still use that address and that my message reaches you.  I explained my reasons in the message.
Grace - It was great to chat via MSN earlier, and I can't wait to speak again! Thanks for convincing me to get on and download messenger.
Caroline - Good luck to you!  I can't believe this world is so rotten.  I hope Pinkie Pie and Toola Roola are comforting you.
Anyhow, I'm off.  Feel free to comment, but I won't be able to get back to you until Tuesday, as I said.  Darn going away.
See you in a whole 48 hours!  How am I going to wait that long?
Best wishes,
Desiree  xxx

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