Friday, 17 August 2007

I must be mentally damaged...

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I have tons of messages to reply to, photos to comment on, forum updates to complete, a full report on Ely to be written...but I'm too cold and tired to do any of that!  So what do I do instead?  Go to bed and wrap myself in a non-existant duvet?  Don't be daft!  I sit up 'til 1am filling in a survey, fully expecting to complete the sequel survey in a minute!!!
Anyhow, here goes nothing...

All About Me
Your Name: Desiree Skylark Alder
nickname: In real life, none. Online, either Lancer (MLP message boards) or "My Little Skylark" (Don't ask!)
Birthday: May 15th 1991
Sign: Taurus
eye color: Green
hair color: Dark Blonde
height: 5' 2"
weight: AGH! Why do I have to answer this??? About 124lb *Hides*
do u look good; No. :(
do u have siblings: One older sister, Emma. I don't see enough of her. :(
do u have pets: One guinea pig, Splodge. I want more, but Mum says we can't have anymore because she wants holidays and we have nobody to leave him with.
what's your best feature on your face: Nothing!!! I was once told by 'somebody' (*Cough*) that my eyes were "enchanting"...but I think you must have been drunk, 'Sweetie'! :P
your best feature on your body Certainly nothing!
worst feature on your face: My horrible mouth (Ugly teeth and all) :(
do u like myspace: I guess so - otherwise I'd have given it up.
why are you on myspace: Long story...but basically I wanted to be able to add a certain singer as my friend, and I kind of went from there...
what are your hobbies: Collecting My Little Ponies (AKA 'cluttering the house'), drama, singing and horse riding (things I'm not allowed to do), painting, reading, looking after my pet (s...if only that were the case!), and most of all, daydreaming!
have u ever been in love: Not seriously.
are in love now: Yes...but not seriously!
do u have a boyfriend: No, of course not! Who'd have me?!
are ya'll serious: About not having a boyfriend? I think so...
do u tell him secrets: N/A
have u ever cried in front of him: See above
have you ever cheated on him: I'd never cheat on anyone!
have ya'll ever broken up: Who on Earth wrote this survey, and who is "Y'all". "Y'all" is short for "You ALL", isn't it? How many people do you expect to be in a relationship???
if so how many times : See above
what's the longest amount of time you have went without seeing or talking to him: Ditto
Your EX
are u and your ex friends: I have no ex.
did you ever love your ex: N/A, but I imagine to have an ex, someone would have loved him/her at some point...
if so are you still in love with him: This survey's weird. Most people wouldn't be calling someone their ex if they still loved him. They'd be in denial!
did u ever cheat on your ex: I would not cheat, but, for the last time, I DIDN'T HAVE AN EX!
what's the thing you liked most about your ex: N/A
do u still talk to your ex: See above.
on the phone: Ditto.
in person: Same again.
does your boyfriend know you still talk to your ex Didn't you read my above comments? There's no boyfriend, and no ex, so I'm not talking to either of them!
if not would he be mad if he found out: How can a non-existant person be mad that I'm talking to a figment of my imagination?
Your Friends
Best Friends I don't have friends in real life, and I don't do "best friends" anyhow! As for online friends...
who's the craziest: Caroline, in a "Caroline" kind of way.
loudest: Never heard the vast majority of them. Elisabeth's Mum would say she was!
most concieted: Tsk! None of my friends are that way!
quietest: Again, never heard most of them... Can't think any one of them is particularly "quiet"!!!
one your closet to: All of them. I don't do "best friends" or "closest friends"!
knows the most stuff about you: Again, I'd say all of them. I chatter too much to everybody for them to not know about me! Maybe Elisabeth...then again, Caroline, Laura and Grace know a lot...
one word your friends describe you as: Nothing they'd say to my face, I'm sure!
the future
you want to go to what college: Any college would be good. The one around the corner from the new house seems fine, but I don't think I'm going to get into college anyway.
sorority/Greek: I'm not going anywhere anyway, so what's the point?
what do you want to be: In the real world? Anything that'll scrape me through this dull life. It would be nice to work with horses, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.
dream job: Voice artiste/actress
where you would like to live: Vancouver, British Columbia
what celebrity would you like to marry: I think we all know the answer to that one, eh? See, with me, I don't go for the glamour and money. I see people for what they truly are...
do u want to find tru love: Maybe, maybe not. Let's see how it goes...
Places you Live/Rep
your home town: West London, UK (Bleh!)
where you live now: West London, UK (Get me out of here, pretty please!) :'(
where you rep: Huh? I think that's pretty obvious!
places you've lived: That too!
rapper: I HATE RAP!
singer: Janyse Jaud
group: Don't really like any pop groups. I used to like McFly when they first started out, but they went down the drain like everyone else...
musiq: That's musiC. And I like a lot - particularly anything from the 30s, 40s and 50s (Yep, weird tastes, you think!), country, and most musical theatre tunes. I love listening to Elaine Paige's Sunday Radio Programme for that reason, even though she drives me mad!
underground rapper: I told you, I HATE RAP!!!
song: Currently? "That's What I Love About You", "The Other Side Of Me", "Living Right Next Door To An Angel", "Perfect Isn't Easy", "Popular", "Mama, I'm a Big Girl Now"...too, too many more to list!
place: Nowhere I've been, that's for sure!
food: Asda Vegetarian Cannelloni
color: Rose Pink, Lavender, Dark Green or Royal Blue
show: My Little Pony Tales, of course!
movie: Andre, Old Yeller, Billy Elliot...
store: Probably would be "New Look" if I were allowed to wear my own choice of clothes, but as it is, I'm only ever ushered in and out of charity shops and toy shops...with an occasional Woolworths thrown in for good measure...
thing to do: Singing and voice acting.
who are your idols
1: *Giggles* This is going to be stupid if I list the first people who come to mind, so let's just list my favourite actors and voice artistes. 1. Shane Meier
2: Nancy Cartwright
3: Tabitha St. Germain
4: Janyse Jaud
5: Ellen Gerstell...whatever happened to her anyway?
Random questions
Have you ever tripped in front of a whole groups of ppl: Yes, many times...
Have you ever googled yourself: Heh, of course! There's a woman with my name (minus the Skylark, of course!) making cards in Birmingham... If you type Desiree Skylark, you just get the pony forums and IMDb though...
are you smart: I wouldn't say so.
what's the name of your school: Never been to school.
what grade are u in: Would be 11, I think.
what's your age: 16
what's your favorite clothing line: I only have my "Mountain" t-shirts, and they're not my choice.
who's your favorite person to party wit: I can honestly say I've never been to a "real" party.
do you dance: Yes...AKA make a fool of myself
do u smoke: NO!!!
do u drink: Never. Even the smell of alcohol makes me want to vomit.
have ever played truth or dare: Nope.
if so have u ever been dared to strip: N/A
if so did u do it: No, and I'd never do that either!
have you ever been dared to kiss somebody: N/A
if so did u do it : N/A (Certainly not, anyhow!)
whats the worst dare youv've ever done: N/A

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