Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Just a little gloomy song...

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My latest...er, "masterpiece".  (Not that kind, Liz, I promise! )  I don't know how many of you used to like the Cabbage Patch Kids?  My sister had a cassette tape all about them.  It was bought here in the UK back in the 80s, but it was recorded in New York, so I'm guessing it was available at least in the US too...
Anyhow, there's a song on it called "Get Back Home", and I absolutely love it!  I've written new lyrics to it, and also added a couple of versus for good measure to explain my entire messed-up life in one song!   I think it's a little better than the "What Good Will Wishing Do?" one I posted a few weeks back...at least, I hope it is!
Desiree: Here I stand, aged 16, Watching my life pass me by,
Teeth so ugly I dare not smile, All I can do is sob and cry.
Seems like yesterday I was a kid and dreamed, of freedom as a teen!
But now half of those years are gone too, and all remain unseen.
Desiree's Mystery E-Friend (Maybe one of the so-called "unsavoury ones"? ): My Little Skylark, I can guess how you feel,
Mystery E-Friend 2: I sense the pain deep inside you.
Mystery E-Friend: I see memories of dreams of voice acting,
Mystery E-Friend 2: Memories of dreams those dreams came true!
Mystery E-Friend: It's never too late to change a thing,
Mystery E-Friend 2: I just know I've witnessed stranger things.
Mystery E-Friend: We'd love to hear your story!
Mystery E-Friend 2: Perhaps we can help, see?
Both E-Friends: Sing us your sad life's melody!
Desiree: Well, OK if you really want me to...here goes...
I so wanted a simple thing - a bedroom once I reached ten! (Too much to ask, eh? )
But my father never got around to it, and life's just gone down since then!
No washing machine, no freezer for ice cream, No kitchen light nor my own bed,
No understanding friend to listen (Before now ), so the bitter thoughts remained in my head.
I care about my appearance, as any normal teenage girl would, But showing that's so's a no-go too!
"No make-up can you wear!", "It's your ratty hair and ugly teeth which make you, 'you'!"
You feel your looks slipping away, along with your self-esteem, "You'll only ever be pretty in your dreams!"
I'll be old and grey, Before I see the day, When I'm free to just be me, it seems!
I've "Fallen in love" taunt the parents of "Weird Land", saying someone I'll never meet and I could never be.
Did I miss the news being a fans of an actor was banned, Or does this ban apply to only me?
Then they wonder why I'm so afraid to tell them of my real goal?
Well, if you'll taunt me about what you can only think is a childish crush (Hey, we can all like actors for their talent, can't we? ), You'd take my dreams and swallow them whole!
Anyways don't tell me you don't know that I want to be a voice artiste,
While Mum makes constant rude jokes, I'm already low, before David even starts his sick old scores and lists!
And of course I know it could not be, I'd be "so selfish" to move away, you see?
I just wish someone, Would stop making fun, And see what's deep down inside me!
Oh, please don't let me waste any more years,
If I don't try to follow my dreams I'll soon be in even more tears!
I need to get some money, and be ON MY WAY (Bye-bye, mad people! ),
So I don't have to rely on those two,
I know with a little encouragement my dreams could come true!
With encouragement my dreams could all come true!
Thank you, thank you, thank you, my adoring public...  Now why isn't the curtain coming down.  Aah, I know.  I have to click the little "Preview & Post" button, don't I?!   *Click*

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