Sunday, 5 August 2007

Nothing in particular - just wanted to write a few lines...

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Well, when it comes to dieting and exercise, I'm totally useless!   I made it through yesterday without snacking and did my quota of exercise, earning me my pound towards Pinkie, but today I ate quite a bit more bread than I should have done, so only the exercise money today then!
Yesterday my family finally got around to burying poor Uncle Ron's ashes.  There wasn't much of a ceremony, but the feeling was there all right.  Today we took some flowers to put on the grave, and Mum found part of an old shaving mug she'd heard her Dad and his brother used to put flowers in years ago for their grandparents (buried in the same grave).  She was really pleased about that, and  convinced this was her ancestors way of "talking to her"
After that, we went to Uxbridge where I bought two MLP pajama cases in the Entertainer.  I fell in love with them back in January, and it was only their high price that stopped when I saw they had been reduced to half price, I couldn't resist!   Oh well, that's my MLP Convention money gone now then...  I also got a sheet of stickers and a pony jigsaw (all reduced in the sale there).
There were two different MLP bubble-blowing kits in TKMaxx, but there was no way I could afford them too, so I had to leave them there.  They were quite a rip off anyway, since it was only the packaging, and a label on the bubbles that was actually "pony" as such!
I'm feeling really down again.  If it took twenty months for Mum to convince Dad to get on and help us get to the cemetary to bury Ron's ashes, how long will it take him to get on and speak to the architect about the "un-important" moving house palava?  I fear I'm going to still be here in five years time.   And there's no way I'll fulfill my dreams from here.   Now I have that same problem back with mucus in my throat and a stuffed up nose, even though I don't have a proper cold.  Since my parents don't understand my dreams enough to help me out (or maybe, especially in the case of my evil father, do understand and hate me so much they don't WANT to help me!), I need to be able to get as much practise in voice acting and singing as I the vague hope that someday I'll be able to learn it professionally.
I guess I'll just have to go back to the doctor and get another course of penicillin...
I won't be going back to the doctor on Monday or Tuesday though because...drumroll please!...Dad has finally decided to take Mum away for her birthday (which was on July 19th, for those who don't recall), and of course I have to drag along with them.  We're going to Wiveliscombe for one night so that she can do some of her family history research.   This means I won't be online at all Monday, and maybe not Tuesday either.  So don't worry if I don't write for a while.  I shall try to get up to date tomorrow, but can't promise anything because, knowing my Mum, I'll probably be expected to pack half the medication in the world for the trip!  (Well, we can't not take the cream for the "lesser-spotted blue foot disease" - we're bound to contract that on Monday night! )  She's crazy that way.
I'm off to bed now.  I'm so tired I can hardly keep my head up.  Did I say I got MSN messenger on this computer finally?  If anyone wants to add me, I'm desiree_skylark @
Best wishes,
Desiree  xxx

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