Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Nothing much - just a load of nonsense about singing really!

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Not much at all happened today, but I felt like making a short blog.
So, once again, I didn't leave the house.  (That's four out of the past five days for anyone interested ~ it's hell for a 16-year-old... )   Mum went to the dentist and had two crowns fitted, and she hates them, saying she "looks odd" and they're "the wrong colour".  Heh!   Good coming from someone who tells me not to be vain, and won't let me do anything beauty-wise at all!
Well, OK, so I didn't go with her, as I'd wanted.  She wouldn't even allow me to sit in the waiting room on my own (I "might get kidnapped"), much less walk around the nearby shopping centre.  So I stayed at home, and sang.  My e-friend and I made a recording of a favourite Neil Sedaka song.  (Ahh, the wonders of modern technology and old music! )  We wanted to make a second recording, but Mum came home too quickly.  (My friend couldn't get up 'til 6am [2pm here], which was when Mum's appointment was, and so she was on her way home by the time we started).
Before we did that, I dug out some old Disney videos and tried singing some of the tunes Elisabeth thought were good for my voice...  I have a recording to send you, Liz!  It's not much good, 'cause I'd even forgotten the tune and kind of had to learn it really quickly...but you can surely get the basic idea of whether I was any good or not.
That's about it really.  I want to update my Myspace, but I can't really find any layouts I like that one of my friends hasn't already got!!!  If anyone knows any unusual Myspace accessory websites, please let me know.
Oh, and just before I go, good luck on that audition, Caroline!  I know you can do it!!!
Best wishes,

Desiree Skylark   xxx

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