Wednesday, 29 August 2007

"Obsessive Shaun Whatsit Un-fan" to be aunt a fourth time!!!

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Excuse the long title.  This blog entry is jam-packed with my news of today!
So, as you know, we promised my nephew we'd take him to"Diggerland" tomorrow.  Well, this morning Emma rings up to say Allan is ill, and that we have to ring back at 9 o'clock tonight.  We did as we were told, and found out that poor little Allan is still too sick to come out with us.  He's so disappointed that we aren't taking him out, not for his own sake, but because he's been looking forward to seeing us again, and HE feels bad for disappointing US!  *Sighs*  Why does everybody have to get sick at the wrong time?
Emma has been feeling sick lately too, and we just found out why...I'm going to be an aunt AGAIN!  Yep, Emma is pregnant with her fourth child, and it's due in March.  Fingers crossed all will go well for her and the baby.  
In other news, my strange father brought Bonnie's parcel home this morning (Having slept rough in the car for no real reason other than to show off!  ), and I am so, so happy!  She sent me the MLP's her sisters and herself used to play with as a child for free!  There are seven of them in total - Up, Up and Away, Bonnie Bonnets, Whizzer, Tassles, Yum Yum, Dancing Butterflies and Sweet Stuff.  They are in a well-loved condition, but are cleaning up really nicely.  I'm in love with Yum Yum, who still has some pink in her hair and everything!   Thank you, Bonnie, if you're reading this!
She also leant me her "Silver Wolf" DVD - a film I've wanted to see for oh, so long, for reasons I'm sure you all know, dear reader.   But now I'm in absolute trouble.  My parents are so bloomin' odd, and I've got to keep this DVD away from them.  Mum knows I've got it, but she doesn't even know Shane Meier's name, and I try my best to stop their paths crossing, since Mum loves nothing more than to take the mickey out of me about stupid things and make me feel like an idiot.  The MLP voice artistes are one of her regular targets, so I try to keep them away from her as much as I can.
However, today I took too many risks. First off, I was playing a Youtube video of Sing & Dance Pinkie Pie, which Caroline had uploaded, when Mum walks into the room, and starts ranting about the nasty little squeaky voice on the end of the line.  "Bl**dy American accent!"'s Canadian actually.  Don't you want to point your venom in the right direction? AKA the "boring" country full of "arrogant" people?
So tonight, while she was on the phone to Emma, I put "Silver Wolf" on, and it's a really great film!  I only got about halfway through before the conversation was over, but I so want my own copy now!  There's no way I'll ever be allowed to buy one though, since Mum's already decided to be nasty.  I was supposedly "red in the face" when she came off the phone, and "obviously embarrassed" (Heck! Wound up listening to make sure she was still out of the room and trying to concentrate on a film too, more like!), and apparently, I'm "obsessed with Shaun-Whatsit".  Mother, leave me be, will you?  Is this your latest form of  attack?  And if so, at least learn Shane's name! You rather lose credibility otherwise.
But, goodness me, what a show.  I'm not obsessed!  Obsession is something I know very well - Dad's obsessed with some rather horrid things, but I am not obsessed over anything.  I'm a fan of many performers, but it's considered shocking if I say I'm anybody's fan.  But honestly, would being obsessed with an actor be that bad at my age?  All other teenage girls seem to be.  Mum's pretty hilarious actually!
And on that note I'm off to bed.  Maybe I'll have a hilarious dream, rather than a nasty nightmare for once. 
Your "obsessive" Shane Meier un-fan,
Desiree  xxx

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