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A review of Ely in record time!!!

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I have to get up early tomorrow morning to go on another coach trip to Bath, but  I wanted to write a quick(ish) blog to cover the most exciting () event of the past few days at least.
On Thursday, we went to Ely by coach.  The coach was much more spacious than the one in which we travelled to Great Yarmouth...but that may  have been because there were no toilets, televisions...and not even proper air conditioning!!!
Our driver, Paul, was really funny, and gave us a long speech about all the things that could go wrong with the coach, and what  a boring place Ely was as we set off.  Well, we thought it was hilarious at the time.
The seatbelts were simple lap-belts that wouldn't really have done you the slightest bit of good in an accident, but at least they weren't covered in fry-up food, so I wasn't complaining.  Unfortunately, a family with a 2-year-old boy called Isaac decided to sit right in front of us, and he SCREAMED the whole way...
We saw a lot of deer on the way though, and the journey went really smoothly. 
When we eventually reached Ely, we found it was just as small as Paul had told us.  The people were really unfriendly too (no offense if you live in Ely, you're probably not one of the old women wagging their walking sticks at each other), and obviously resented us tourists being there.
The market turned out to be tiny, and not much use, and the only three charity  shops there were rubbish.  I did see yet another copy of "Andre" on video, and I would have bought it, considering I messed up my other copy, but it was too much  trouble to try to explain it all to Mum again.
But Ely is not completely dead when it comes to pony-hunting!!!
There was a small toy shop there, with six of the new Favourite Friends and Scented Ponies inside!  I bought Pinkie Pie, and also some little packets of MLP Sandylion stickers (for 99p each).
Next we went in Ely Cathedral, which was interesting...but very cold.  We had a guided tour around, but the guide seemed more interested in telling us to "hurry" so that she could get home, because she'd "cricked her back" than about the cathedral.  Mum ran into an old friend on the tour at the cathedral though, and it turned out she was on the same coach as us, just seated a lot further forward!!! 
Once we'd finished in the cathedral, we went in the Stained Glass Museum.  I've always had a fascination with old stained glass windows, although I wasn't so keen on the abstract designs of the past thirty years or so...
Finally, to Oliver Cromwell's House, where two figures awaited us outside.  Mum was convinced they were actors, whom she wanted to avoid...but they were actually statues!!!  Once inside, we sat down on a wooden windowledge to listen to the commentary in the first room.  "Are you sure we're allowed to sit here?" I asked.  Mum shrugged.  "I think so." She said.  Then the commentary started.  "You are now standing in Oliver..."  Both of us shot up at once, although the commentary may have meant nothing at all!
The commentary in the haunted bedroom wasn't working, so we just stared at a mock-up of Cromwell's bed with a life sized dummy lying in it, while a strange noise whirred all around us...
We had about half an hour to spare, and I still had ten quid to spend.  So we dashed back to the toy shop where I picked up  Wysteria and Party Cake.  The man behind the counter embarrassed me by saying how he felt "a little case of deja vu" as if it had "all happened before that day"... Great.  I'd been recognised.  Just what I wanted.
We rushed back to the coach past two seperate police incidents (That place was almost as bad as where we live now!), but no sooner had we got on the coach than a woman sitting opposite us complained that there was "water dripping on her head". The climate control had broken, so we had to return home in a FREEZING cold coach where I got a chill.  Atchoo!
I came home and turned the computer on, too tired to even get myself a drink, and had a really funny turn.  I could feel a kind of tight feeling in my chest and neck, my vision blurred, and there was an insistant ringing in my ears.  I was really shaky when I finally got to my feet about five minutes later, and haven't really felt the same since.  It really scared me, and I don't know what's wrong with me really...
Anyhow, there's plenty more I could write, but I need to get to bed.  Otherwise we won't get on the coach tomorrow.  My Dad's accompanying us on this one.  Joy, oh joy...
Think of me while I'm away!!!

Desiree Skylark  xxx

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