Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Stupid things that parents say

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I'm going to be writing a bigger blog in a minute, but hopefully not until after midnight so that it will show up as tomorrow's blog, and not get added on to this one!
Right, so I'm miserable as ever.  I know I'll never make it as a voice actress, but my parents make me sick by keep telling me, not even that they don't think I could do it, but that they don't understand my dream in the first place!
Also included are some things they've said against me getting my teeth straightened, and some various other stupid nasty things.
Dad tends to get me so low that I don't bother to write my diary (or anything else, for that matter) for ages afterwards, but I have noted down a couple of things he's said, along with my Mum's words of wisdom from the past couple of months.
And where do you think "doing voices" will get you?
You won't be doing any more singing anyway [once we move house and have nosy neighbours and Dad in the 'office' in the loft all the time], because you'll be  out at work all day! 
You have no idea what you want to do with your life, otherwise you'd do it.
You need to think of other things.  If you had a life [bear in mind she guards me all the time and refuses to allow me to go out on my own and get a life!], you wouldn't need to think about your voice all the time.
Don't worry, I'll pay for a maths tutor once we move.  Then you'll be able to do something special with your life!
If you're teeth hurt, that's a valid reason for getting them sorted out, but you should never risk your life [with the general aneasthetic and operation] for vanity!
You want to get to a professional level [with voices]? How can you do that?  You're not a professional actress!  What exactly do you want to show David [my evil father] you can do voices for?
Don't be so self-concious all the time.  Your teeth will eventually fall out anyway!
It's [voice acting] just a hobby - a bit of FUN - unless you're a PAID ACTRESS!
You do realise that MLP has already been recorded?  You don't think they're going to record them again just for you  (That was one of the most stupid things that either of them ever said to me.  Just because I spend a lot of time listening to the MLP voice overs doesn't mean I want to do that exclusively!  Any cartoon or commercial is fine by me!)
We'll get you a maths tutor and a good'll just have to set your mind to it!
You'll get into computer graphics designing or something - I can see that's the job for you!
I've always hated the Canadians.
I've always found Canada boring.
My mum almost hit Frank [her brother who moved to Ontario] when he said British Citizenship was "for the birds" and he was giving it up.  Instead she managed to just say "Tweet, tweet!" in reply!
My cousin, Susan [Frank's daughter] was so full of herself.  The Canadians are really arrogant people! They get their kids to chant in school about how they're superior to everyone else.  I remember Susan telling me that!  (And they say I'm racist if I dare to mention that the twenty four people living in the tiny house next door are Polish!  How can you say, and honestly still believe, that about an entire nation just because your cousin annoyed you when you were little?)
I can't stand people who emigrate while their parents are still alive.  It's so sad, and they must be so selfish!
The Canadian accent [which, in the past, she has admitted to not being able to distinguish from most US dialects] really grates on me.
You're a weird one.  Who else analyses their voice all the time?
I don't know what it is you want to do, but you've been doing it for a few years now. (Huh?  That just doesn't make sense!  She was quite obviously referring to the voices I try to do on my tapes, yet she "doesn't know what I want to do"?!)
Learn to be happy.  You have to put up with the things you can't change.  (Yeah, like everything in my existance you mean?)
I haven't left the house today, and I'm feeling sick.  Everyone hates me following yesterday's argument (see next blog), and I've decided I really hate that photo I've got as my profile picture.  I'm going to try to take another one tomorrow, but it won't be any better.  There's  only so much you can do with wearing ugly baggy t-shirts, no make up, and HAVING to have the same hairstyle all the time.  I just look so grey and ill in that picture.  How could I ever have thought it looked good and let everyone see it and laugh at me?  
I'm off to write the next blog now, before stupid Myspace doesn't allow me to enter this one...

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