Sunday, 2 September 2007

*Diiiing Doooong* [Insert Spooky Music Here]

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A boring day with a scary twist to the ending...
It's Saturday, but nothing really happened (as usual).  It seems the weekends I spent my childhood yearning for have become just as boring as the weekdays.
My sister, Emma, went to Kew Green Village Fair today, and I really wanted to go along and meet her and Nick and the kids.  Allan's better now, and I miss them all so much.  But Dad didn't want to go.
We just did the duty of taking Splodge to the vet for his three-weekly teeth trim (Which was actually four weeks this time ~ Dad overslept last weekend, and Splodge didn't really seem to be suffering), and then Dad went back to the bathroom for a couple of hours...and then a while longer...
We went across to the other house to take the last photograph for the Arena Photohunt.  I made it to the top 14, by the way, so I needed to take a picture of ponies eating dinner!   I can't wait to see the other entries!
I refused to leave the house until my parents had discussed my plight.  Mum's back into the moving house idea now, but my evil so-called father, David, is now trying to put her off.  We need to figure out where to put that kitchen - and fast.  I don't think I can take any more of this existance.   David says he'll go and see the architect next week, but every time Mum tries to discuss plans, he yells at her and stares at the football on TV.
MLPLaura is holding another pony meet today and tomorrow.  I hope you're all having fun.  I only wish I could be there, but there was no point even trying to convince my parents this time.  I've learnt my lesson now...
Once it was decided that the photograph was OK, and we didn't have to take more pictures with added cutlery and desserts, my parents went back to the house to pick up the ponies and toy food we'd left there.  I stayed at home, and used the time to try to make an audio recording of "Silver Wolf".  Well, "Obsessed Shaun-Whatsit fans" don't send DVD's back to other kind fans without at least trying to get some kind of memorial of the discs, you know?!  I'm only living up to my title!   (Oh, and it's Shane Meier, mother, not Shaun-Whatsit! )  However, it does help if you're not dashing about so quickly that you don't snatch up a 60-minute cassette to tape a 97-minute film!  God, I'm stupid sometimes.  I got about 42 minutes done before they came back.  *Sighs*  And I won't get another chance now.
Once they got back, Mum rang Emma up to find out if we could meet her in Boston Manor park tomorrow, and...*drumroll please* looks like we might be able to!!!     Emma told Mum that there were MLP plushies at the fair as prizes on some of the fairground games.  Apparently, Emma tried a couple of games for me, but couldn't win one.   Thanks for trying anyway, Emma, if you ever read this.  And sorry we didn't come.
Mum tried to raise the subject of the house to my evil father tonight too, but he dodged the subject again, and watched loud TV instead. (As he does most of the day actually).  Suddenly, as he was watching TV, and I was down on the floor by the window, we heard an eery sound...


It was our 10 o'clock on a saturday night?  Who could it be?  I begged Dad not to go, but he was convinced it would be something important, even though I'd heard the sinister, slow way in which the bell had been rung...  When Dad opened the door, there was nobody there.  Everything was silent.   I reckon it must have been a drunk prankster, but if  Dad'll go to the door to them, he'll go to the door to a gunman, and that'll be the end of the lot of us.  *Shudders*  Now I'm terrified *whoever it was* will come back.   Of course, Dad's gone off to Mum's house in the nice area, leaving Mum and I here alone.  *Shudders again*  I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!!!  Phew, sorry about that. I feel much better for my little rant though...I think.  *Laughs, then glances at window nervously*
And now, my friends, I am off to bed.  I've been promised a car boot sale in Chiswick tomorrow (It's held at a school on the first Sunday of every month except January, I think), before Boston Manor, so I need to get up early.  Remember, if anybody knows where I can get a DVD of "Silver Wolf", please let me know!  I think I'll die if I'm left just with the tinny recording of Shane's part in half the movie that I have at the moment...  Come on!  It's a brilliant film!  It must be out there on Multi-region/region 2 somewhere!  Or is the UK  totally useless these days???
Think of me lying in bed, and wish me luck that the gunmen don't come smashing the door down and attack me... All fingers crossed please!  Oh, and fingers crossed for me finding a Ladybird Pony, Rapunzel or Mimic at the car boots tomorrow, and that I actually finally get to see Emma again too!
Your nervous, "Silver Wolf"-signature-tune-singing, listening-for-the-deathly-sound-of-the-doorbell, shivering friend,

Desiree  xxx 

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