Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Don’t people have ANY respect or idea of right and wrong these days?

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Yesterday would have been my late Grandad's 81st birthday.  Grandad was cremated, so we have no grave to visit.  Mum wanted to commemorate the occasion in some way though, so we visited his parents' grave and cleaned it up/put some flowers on it.  The cemetary used to be really nice, but it's just gone soaring downhill recently. (And this is in the area I'm desperate to move to! )
While we were there, we watched a drunkard skipping around the graves, singing loudly into a mobile phone, and then using a grave as a bench while drinking more beer.  Then, when Mum moved on to her Mum's Dad's/brother's grave, we watched two teenage boys urinating against a nearby tree.  Before we got there, all of the vases on the nearby graves to ours had been smashed.  Luckily, we just have a metal flower holder, which they'd *only* bent slightly out of shape and we managed to replace.    What's this world coming to?
Then today, I was showing my mum a photograph on the net.  Once she'd seen, I returned to the floor, sat down, and noticed a silver car...RIGHT OUTSIDE THE WINDOW!  IN OUR GARDEN!  This is not the first time this has happened.  In fact, three seperate people have parked three seperate cars out there in the past six months!  Just because Dad's at work doesn't mean they should get free parking in our garden, does it?  The police weren't interested the first twice, and when I took a photo the third time, we had people swearing at us through the window all day, saying they would personally "Wring my neck" if I "used the photo against them".  So I didn't dare do anything.  About ONE HOUR later, an Indian man came out of the hairdressers over the road, and very calmly walked over to our garden, reversed his car out of the space, and drove away.  Why are people so rude these days?!   Where do they get the guts to use someone else's drive anyhow?
In other news, we went to Asda tonight, determined to find BOGOF ponies and the Bow Tie t-shirt, and finally get our passport pictures taken.  Put it this way -there were no ponies there at all (just one Ponyville Fluttershy), since all the toys have been moved out to make way for Halloween stuff, the t-shirt was nowhere to be seen, and the photo booth refused to work!  Luckily, we got our money back, but we had to wait hours even for that!
Tomorrow morning we are setting off to Hunstanton in Norfolk, staying at Holiday Express, King's Lynn, for a night, and hopefully going on a seal-watching boat trip on Wednesday morning.  I'll be back Wednesday night, with a full (probably disasterous) report.  Until then, feel free to leave me messages and comments galore!
Sorry to everyone I owe a letter to.  My computer's been playing up terribly today ~ I couldn't even comment on blogs, or update my profile!  So instead, I'll wish you good luck with the results of that audition here, Elisabeth, if you're reading this!  My fingers are crossed for you!
See you all Wednesday night!

Desiree  xxx

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