Friday, 14 September 2007

Going out tomorrow ~ Finally!

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Hello, World!
Well, another day was wasted at the My Little Pony Rescue Home.  I haven't left this house since Tuesday night (when I went to Tesco), but we are finally going out again tomorrow, so I should hopefully have a write-up of that then.
As for today, what can I say?  I sang, studied accents, got told I was "weird" for doing so...oh, and befriended the neighbours' cat, who appears to be stalking the rats in the back garden. 
Also finally figured out how to work Myspace a little better, so you should be seeing a new and improved profile from Desiree Skylark soon.
One little thing worrying me though.  When Elisabeth (*Waves to Liz if she's reading this*) commented on my blog earlier, I had to approve her comment.  I NEVER MADE THOSE SETTINGS!  And when I checked through my account  settings I found quite a few things had been changed...I reckon someone hacked in and had a bit of fun.  *Sighs*  So if you get any comments on Macy's Gift Cards and new ringtones from me please delete them and drop me a line.  Thanks!
Right, I'm off.  Splodge is tugging at the bottom of my t-shirt.  He wants some attention.  And I really want to get something done with my blog before I go to bed... 
Best wishes,
Desiree  x <3 x <3 x

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