Saturday, 15 September 2007

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Well, today we went to Down House, Knole Park and Lullingstone Castle World Garden.  I've been to both Down and Lullingstone before, but found both so enjoyable that I've been wanting to go again ever since.
Lullingstone (for those of you who don't know) was the subject of a TV series on BBC two years running.  The Hart Dyke family who have lived there for generations still live in and run the place (Taking money on the door, cleaning etc.)  For people who own a huge stately home, they have little other money, and the place was going into disrepair.  So Tom Hart Dyke, the twenty-something year old son of the family designed the World Garden in the hopes of attrating more's certainly worked!  The place was packed, and the garden has come on such a lot since last year!   I would love to be able to return each year and just see how it grows up. 
The deer park at Knole was brilliant too, and I took some pictures on the way out. Unfortunately, the deer were not feeling very co-operative, and by the time I got my camera out of the bag they's all turned away from the car.   I hope I still got some relatively OK photos though.
When we got back, Dad wanted to go and get a newspaper from Tesco anyway but I was exhausted by that time, so I didn't join him.  I wish I had.  When he came in, he told me all about the ponies there ~ he keeps going on about "Little ones in teacups" particularly.  I know they were re-arranging the toy aisle on Tuesday, and changing the MLP shelving.  It must be the new Ponyville Ponies.   *Sighs*  So now I have to go and look for ponies in Tesco, AND the Bow Tie t-shirt/BOGOF ponies in Asda...
Everything on the internet seems to be going to mad tonight.  First the MLPArena was down, now I can't access Hotmail!  It was only because of all of this that I just had time to register at an amateur voice acting forum where I'm hoping I'll find out what sort of microphones/equipment I should be investing in at least to take part in online auditions.  But of course the activation code has gone to my Hotmail account!  AGH!  Oh well, I'll stop moaning now and be off to bed...hopefully.  I tend to stay up until about 4am these days even when there's no need to!
Does anybody know how I can add little hearts into my profile/display name on here etc.?  Every time I try they change to "?"s!!!   Just a random question there, since I'm sick of seeing "~?~Desiree Skylark~?~" alongside this blog entry.  I do actually know my name, whatever some people may think, so I don't need to have it surrounded by question marks, thank you very much!
Best wishes,
????????????????Desiree Skylark????????????????(I think that's my name anyway... :D)

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