Thursday, 13 September 2007

Maybe we are moving after all...

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I'm half asleep so I'm going to keep this relatively short.  I'm talking to Grace on MSN anyway, so I may as well do two things with my time.
Right, well, following the arguments of the weekend, Mum obviously felt guilty about what she'd said.  She decided the house was not being sold quite yet, instead she was giving it one last chance. 
Dad tried his best to avoid the house by coming home late on Monday night.  But we fooled him yesterday by telling him he was coming home to take us to Brent Cross Shopping Centre, and then demanding he went to the house in question instead.
Mum must be feeling really guilty.  She's backed down on nearly everything that she wanted, just so that we can submit out own plans to the architect (Yep, the architect [who still expects paying] came up with such rubbish plans that we're designing our own to give him) and work can begin.  Trouble is, I fear she's going to give me hell about it, saying I "forced her into moving there, even though she had no family history room, and was stuck with a through-lounge".
Still, I'm not saying a word.  That house is my ticket to freedom!  Mum knows herself that she's likely to "change her mind" if we don't get a move on.  And so you know what Dad's doing?  He's trying his best to put her off!
"You'll lose money, Jacqui!  A LOT of money!", "What worries me is that property prices are DROPPING!" and "You know you won't like it." are among the things he's saying.  Um...why?  You've been trying to convince her to do this for ages, now you've decided it's the wrong thing to do?  I can't believe it.  I think he's embarrassed to go and speak to the architect after all this time...  He saw him in the street last night and shot into the house like a mouse!  But it'll only get worse with time,  you know?
Nothing else has really happened.  But I'm feeling hopeful that things ARE starting to move along with the house now.  *Crosses fingers*
Best wishes,
Desiree Skylark   xxx

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