Monday, 3 September 2007

Mixed Emotions...

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Before I begin today's blog (Or rather, yesterday's blog, since it's now 1.24am!), I must add a little detail I forgot to stick in yesterday (or the day before, as things stand now!  )...
The upstairs toilet flush broke yet again  My father seems incapeable of fixing it, and then comes to shout at us each and every time it breaks off in his hand!  We went to Wickes to get a new handle, and he has supposedly fixed it again - how long do you give it this time?  Two weeks?
Now, I'm sure you all had a good giggle at that.  No?  Oh well, maybe today's will be a little funnier...
Mum got me up at 7.45am.  (Fun, since I'd been online talking to people via IM practically all night!) I didn't have time to eat breakfast before we went out, so I just gulped down a banana and made myself feel really sick.   Despite this though, I put my lucky Sky Wishes necklace and pedometer on, and set off to Chiswick School Car Boot Sale. 
We didn't get there until almost 9am anyway, due to traffic, and there was very little there 80s toy-wise. (Sorry, Elisabeth - no Keypers OR Lady Lovelylocks, even though I was looking. )  However, I did manage to snag a Silly Sunshine with hairclip for 50p...from a blanket littered with MLP accessories and merchandise among other stuff.  There must have been loads of other items earlier, so not sure why my cute little SS got left.  Also, a beautiful G3 Cotton  Candy and G2 Grooming Parlour Ivy for 50p each from another table.  I was really pleased to find the latter two, since I left both of my originals in bright light before I knew about fading pink hair. Ouch.
The funniest/most annoying/least expected find for me though was a Beanie Baby - Bubbles the fish - for 70p.  Bubbles was always my very favourite Beanie when I used to collect them on a large scale a few years back, and Mum saved up for months and months to surprise me at the very first ever UK Beanie Fair.  She paid 120 quid for my fourth generation Bubbles. This is an older (rarer) third generation one, but he's missing his tag, so it kind of evens out, especially since both are worth a lot less these days.   Mum's really annoyed, and says I only bought this 70p one to "rub salt in the wounds about her overspending" but I honestly wasn't!!!  I saw a woman with a Bon Appetit in her bag.  I'm not bothered, since I already own Bon Appetit from when Argos had a sale one Christmas, but I can't help but wonder what else was in that bag...
We came home after that so that I could have some breakfast, and David could use the so-called 'fixed' toilet...which still doesn't flush too well, by the way.  As soon as we could though, we set off to Boston Manor Park Festival, where we were supposed to be meeting my sister and her family.
The festival was pretty good.  In Perivale, where we live now, nobody would bother to try to hold a festival, nor indeed have any open space to hold it in! We went to the included car boot sale first, where I saw my second So Soft Pony of the day ~ Junebug.  Again, she's one I have, so I didn't pick her up.  We walked past the stall  again about three minutes later, and she was gone.  Whoah!  Those dealers move fast!  Enjoy selling your "Rare plush 2005 Greek Ladybird Pony", Sir/Madam.  Please let me know how much you get for her on e-Bay - 2000?  Maybe 3000? Or 4000...
There was a DVD of the Barbie movie, "My Scene Goes Hollywood" there, and I was tempted to buy it for Shane Meier's part...but for five quid?!  It was a new DVD from a market stall.  If I'm not going  to buy it straight from Woolworths, I may as well wait until I see a 50p used DVD in a charity shop.
We didn't meet up with Emma until about 2.45pm.  We kept missing each other, it appears.  It was really lovely to see them all again.  Allan's a bit too much to handle, and Kizzy was bad tempered the entire time due to the heat.  Abigale was really nice though, and clasped my hand tightly all the way around the event!  I really wish we could all meet again soon.
When my parents got lost along with Allan, I finally got a chance to talk to Emma on her own, but she wasn't really very communicative, since Nick was pestering her to go home by that point.   I did get to ask her what had happened to her Myspace though, and it seems some sick woman named Angie or Angel - the pop music at the festival was playing too loudly for me to pick out which - kept writing flirtatious e-mails to Emma (Who, of course, was posed as Nick  under his e-mail address, and so...*Sighs*...she won't be reading my blog after all ).  So that's my one last idea for getting my dumb parents to understand me well and truly out of the window.
On  a happier note, just by chasing the kids around, I'd soon done more than my 10,000 necessary steps.  I really DO need to see them more often!!!
I know there was more I should have written, but I'm stopping now, because I'm really falling asleep and making more and more mistakes! *Yawns*
Best wishes,
Desiree  xxx

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