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Another long catch-up blog. Why don’t I get around to updating this thing these days?!

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Gosh, I've let this blog get out of date again.  I haven't really been online much - just been too depressed and downhearted.  Don't worry though, I'm not going to bore you with another super-long blog - instead I'll just give you a REALLY (I promise!!! ) quick round-up of everything that has happened...believe me, none of it's very pretty.
Gosh, I've let this blog get out of date again.  I haven't really been online much - just been too depressed and downhearted.  Don't worry though, I'm not going to bore you with another super-long blog - instead I'll just give you a REALLY quick round-up of everything that has happened...believe me, none of it's very pretty.
We went to Nottingham for the 4th and 5th, as planned.  I took Baby Brightbow and Majesty with me for photo opportunities, but didn't really take any photos.  On the 4th we went to Ruddington Framework Knitting Museum, Nottingham Castle and Mortimer's Hole, the latter on a guided tour.  Then we went to our hotel, I fell asleep on a VERY high bed (thank goodness I didn't fall out of that one! ), only to be woken up half an hour later and told we were going to Nottingham Goose Fair that night so that we didn't have to "waste time there" (Funny, considering that was the main reason we wanted to go in the first place!) the following day.  Mum had a dreadful migraine, and the loud funfair noises and flashing funfair lights were not really the best thing for it.  Funfairs are not really very "fun" when you're with a couple of very fuddy-duddy parents anyway.  I couldn't go on any of the rides and, worse still, all of the clawgrabbing machines and hook-a-duck games etc. were PACKED with MLP plushies.  And I mean PACKED.  There were so, so, SO many!!!  Medium sized Minty's, Sweet Song's, Sew-and-So's and Sweetberry's, ENORMOUS Rainbow Dash's, Sunny Daze's and Sparkleworks's, small lying down Sunny Daze's, Sparkleworks's, Rainbow Dash's and Pinkie Pie's, larger lying down Tink-a-Tink-a-Too's and Shenanigans's, sitting down Fluttershy's, Sweetberry's and Rainbow Dash' name but a few.  I only got five turns for a pound on one clawgrabbing machine though, and again, my annoying father got a turn and knocked Minty quite out of reach.  That man's a bloomin' nuisance, I tell you!
There was a stand where EVERYONE was winning the smaller plushies (They were the "loser" prize! ), but David was rudely walking miles ahead, and Mum was feeling so ill that even once I caught up with my father, I didn't want to drag her back.  *Sighs*  So no plush ponies coming my way this time.  I've been looking on e-Bay ever since but they seem to be selling for about twenty quid each!!!
There were some pretty interesting (to my mind, at least) stories on the 5th, so I'm afraid I shall have to bore you with a more detailed description of that day.
At Nottingham Caves, we found out we could only enter by guided tour, and there was a whole hour before the next one.  So we decided to walk around the shopping centre first (Nottingham Caves is actually in the shopping centre.  When the centre was built they wanted to destroy the caves.  Instead, they eventually agreed to just build around them).  In TKMaxx we found the book I had to leave in the Galleria, due to those misbehaved children, plus another MLP book (Puzzle-book of jigsaws?) which we left there because it was badly torn. 
We found some Disney Princess wrapping paper in a small shop there, which we bought to wrap my niece's birthday presents in.  I'm pretty sure we bought something else too, but I can't remember what.  Then I took some photographs of the coin-operated children's rides there (made by an Australian company called Ride-on Entertainment, who I've not heard of before.  I'm sure they're the same company as made those rides in The Galleria though.  What a pity all the UK companies went out of business, so that we now have to order machines in from the other side of the world!), and then we went back to the caves, me making a complete fool of myself by singing along to McFly's "It's All About You" which was playing over the loudspeakers.
We had an enjoyable tour, although we all made total fools of ourselves there too!  Before we went down the stairs into the caves we were all made to put helmets on for safety reasons.  Mum's looked like it was about to fall off, David said mine wasn't on properly and made me tighten it to the point I had a terrible headache for the rest of the day, and his was...well, when he ducked down through a tunnel, he hit the helmet on the ceiling, and it actually DID fall off!  Please make sure your own helmet is secure before ranting at me about mine, David!
Having ducked through the tunnel, we found ourselves in a small room where they reckon gamblers used to gather.  The tour guide was just telling us about this when Mum began to laugh and laugh.  I had no idea what she was laughing about, but couldn't help but start giggling along with her.   Later on, she told me she was laughing at a Chinese man sitting opposite.  She had no idea why she thought he was funny - he just had, "Such a serious face under his bright green hard hat"!   Anyway, us two laughing uncontollably on our own might not have been so bad, but soon the entire group was laughing (all but David anyway) including the Chinese man in question!   The tour guide did look at us all in a strange way!
Next we went to St.Mary's Church, looking for signs of ancestors for Mum's family history obsession.  I photographed the font for her, and we bought some postcards and pamplets.  We also met a man there who was looking after the church and told us all about the old days in Nottingham, and (much to Mum's excitement) lifted the lid off of the font and let her look inside!  I recorded his voice on my digital camera (hopefully unbeknownst to him!) so that I can study his Nottingham accent at some point in the near future.
Then across the road to the Galleries of Justice.  Again, we could only enter by guided tour, even though there were only five people including us who wanted to go on it.  I have never known anything so embarassing in my life!  First we were taken into an old Victorian court, where the tour guide was telling us about a famous court case.  The teenage couple on the tour along with us wanted to act out the trial, but they needed at least four people to do it.  Guess who got picked to play the suspect?  Yep, ME!  And what a fool of myself I made!  I fully blame my father, but that was my chance to shine and show them all I could do it!  How the heck will I ever be a professional actress if I can't even act in front of five people?  Oh, how did I make a fool of myself, you ask?
First off I got so nervous I didn't bow to the judge (the before-mentioned teenage girl). And then I started giggling uncontrollably again.  I spoke so quietly that nobody could hear me utter the words "Not guilty", and when my mum (Prosecution witness) read out the prosecution statement against me, my voice cracked up and I couldn't even say "HALT!" in the correct way.  Various other characters kept jumping out at us throughout the entire tour and I just felt so awful with my ugly, dirty clothes and straggly hair.  I think I laughed nervously the entire time...  As we left the Galleries Of Justice, David's mobile phone rang.  He looked at his missed calls and saw his boss's number.  He rang him back, spoke to him for about ten minutes, then asked, "Anyway, you called?" to be told the boss HADN'T CALLED HIM AT ALL!!!  It was actually my sister finally getting through to us to tell us how Kizzy had got on with her operation on Monday.  Thankfully, although there were a couple of scares, she got through OK and was recovering well.
Anyhow, that just about round up our trip to Nottingham, you'll be pleased to know.  Now to quickly rush through the rest of the week.
On Saturday 6th we went to Uxbridge, and I bought a Disney Princess doll for my niece, Abigale for her birthday.  I pleased myself by knowing it would be the Cinderella one she'd want rather than Belle as my parents thought.  Maybe I can be a better auntie than I thought!
On Sunday 7th we went to Chiswick School Car Boot Sale.  There I found Morning Glory for 20p and Starcatcher for 50p.  I was pretty pleased.   Then on to Emma's house to take Abigale her birthday presents.  She seemed to like them.  Allan had made me a "kennel" for my ponies and drawn us a picture of Diggerland.  It was nice to know he had enjoyed it and still remembered the day so well.  And then the biggest surprise - Emma presented me with Silver Glow, who she had found at the hospital while Kizzy was having her operation and whom had "mysteriously hopped into Nick's bag"!   We had a delicious meal as always, even though we told Emma not to bother since she hasn't been very well, and when I was *trying* to help her with the washing up afterwards (without much success since Emma held tightly onto the sponge and scouring pad!) I actually got to talk to her a little without my parents looking over us the entire time. 
I didn't get around to telling her any of my goals or ambitions, but just tried to be a bit friendlier than she usually finds me, hoping the pair of us might get to know each other a little better.  I spoke about the MLP Convention, and a couple of my internet pals.  There's no way she's coming back on Myspace after that strange woman started writing rude messages to Nick.   She may come and read this blog if I send her a link though, so...
Then the boring week began again.  I didn't leave the house on Monday.  In fact, the only remotely interesting thing that happened is that Mum spoke to Emma over the telephone, and they both seem "Surprised" that I spoke to my sister at all.  Emma had thought I was "really shy" before now (I might act it, but only when I'm not around my father) and Mum is just totally shocked by "how much Emma knows about me".  Um...I only told her a few things about my internet friends, mother...   Emma's last words to me when we left her house were a joking "Don't go running off to Canada" (following me telling her of my Canadian e-pals) though, so hopefully she won't have too much of a shock if she does read this blog!!!
On Tuesday I went to the marvellous Hoover Tesco.  And that was that.
On Wednesday, I didn't leave the house again.  What a fantastic way to waste away your teenage years!  That night, we had terrible trouble with drunks in the street again, with one particular man smashing a shop window, and setting a burglar alarm off.  The gang danced around the shop for a full fifteen minutes until the burglar alarm switched off.  No police could be seen or heard.
The following day was Splodge's fifth birthday.  David took me to Hoover Tesco to get him some special salad, and I gave him a packet of "fruity feast" guinea pig treats as a gift.  Sadly, he can't eat them straight out of the bag due to his teeth, so we have to soak them until they almost break down to nothing, meaning they can't keep all of their flavour.  He still loves them though, poor boy.
He was just enjoying a party (Well, if you can call it a party when there are no other piggies in the house for him to eat/play with) when there was a huge crash outside.  Then another, and another, and another...  I was talking to Grace over MSN, and I'm sure she'll vouch for me how terrified I was.  Of course, we realised "the drunks" were back, so I unplugged the computer, having written a very hurried note to Grace, so that the phone was free should we have to ring the police, and raced upstairs to take a look out of the window.
David had gone to the other (safer) house to sleep, and Mum tried to ring him on his mobile phone while I was upstairs.  However, she did not hear David's voice on the other end.  Instead, a recorded message droned, "Welcome to the Orange Answer Phone. We're sorry, the person you have called is unavailable..."HE'D SWITCHED HIS PHONE OFF!!!  Mum was shocked, I was just angry.
Looking out of the window, I saw the two men were right opposite us.  I'm certain that they were NOT drunk.  They were just being violent for the sake of being violent!  One was jumping up at the shutters on the beauty salon opposite, kicking and punching at them.  The other had taken the hardboard advertisement out of the telephone box, and was ramming the shutters with it!   Then they threw the hardboard down on the floor and began stamping on it, jumping up and down in fury!  WTH?  I was rather shocked - this is bad even for Grottsville standards!   Luckily, they just walked off after that cursing in an Eastern European language.  I was so shaken that I must have spoken to Grace until about 4.30am.  It was getting light by the time I got to bed!
On Friday 12th David wrote this to my mum.  (Yes, now you get to see how a strange man such as my father writes!)...
"I spoke to architect
he's proceeding with application on loft
he's doing drawings on kitchen, 1st floor bathroom - "has some interesting ideas"
suggests we go over to discuss next Friday"
We were pretty excited that the architect "had some interesting ideas" to discuss next Friday, until David came in and told us that he was being sarcastic and the architect had told him all his "interesting ideas" on the phone.   Basically, the architect wanted to knock down my bedroom wall and give me a smaller room to make way for a larger bathroom!   David sees no problem with this.  Well, I DO!  After all these years, I want a reasonably large bedroom, not a huge bathroom where David can spend hours reading his Mills & Boon books!  That night, we drove to the house to check Mum's pony-finding family history e-pal's latest find was not waiting outside.  It wasn't, but we did find a "missed parcel" card. 
That night, I got a really sore toe again.  Remember how I got a kind of "hangnail" effect before?  Well, a small piece of grit got into the wound and really rubbed on it, so now I can hardly walk.  I wish we could move house so I could regularly have a bath.  I haven't had one for almost a year now (One week short, I think).  Washing at the sink is one thing, but it doesn't get grit out like soaking would.
On Saturday, David didn't even offer to take us out.  He went to the post office, Tesco and Ealing Broadway on his own, neglecting to even get us our magazines from WHSmith.  The pony Mum's pony-finding family history e-pal had found was WINTER SNOW, and she had also included a McDonalds Sunsparkle! Mum is really not feeling well, with dreadful stomach ache, headache, leg ache and back ache.  She's going to see a doctor next week, so fingers crossed that's nothing too bad.  She can hardly sit up right now, and really wanted to go to sleep on the sofa until I decided to sleep and the pair of us went to the "communal bed".  But David kept her up by watching the whole of "Con Air" on TV.   What a stupid, violent film.  The special effects are total rubbish too!   Anyhow, he kept us up until late, moaning if we so much as spoke to each other, then Mum wanted a turn on the computer, so we didn't get to bed until about 3am.  David left the alarm clock on the bed (which he NEVER does - he keeps it himself!), so that we could "wake up for a boot sale".
Well, he said he'd set it (I don't understand how to, especially since it shows the wrong time!), but neither of us ever heard it go off, and believe me, that alarm clock is not something you don't hear.  David can't have set the alarm.   He didn't wake us until 9.35am.   Oh well, no car boot sales, and no recording adverts looking for the MLP Ice Cream Truck advert that Emma tells us she saw earlier this week either.  *Sighs*
So we just went to the new house and did some clearing out.  Dad has finally seen sense and realised that by taking space out of my bedroom for the bathroom, there wouldn't even be room for my bed except for right in front of the window.  However, it now turns out that the architect wants to take some space out of Mum's bedroom in order to make the stairway to David's loft...and Mum's bedroom is tiny as it is.  The architect specifically said that room would not be affected and it would only be the landing that had to be changed.  Mind you, David's just as odd.  Why is he dripping these "interesting ideas" out bit by bit?  I'm just wondering what other "interesting ideas" are set to come out in the next few days!
Today the newest addition to my herd, Foamy, finally arrived.  I had no idea where the seller lived, but it turns out she's in Vancouver!  I've told Foamy she'll be going home some day, but I doubt that'll happen.  She's a beautiful Sea Pony though, and she came complete with her float which is also in mint condition.  I shall try to get pictures up later.  In other pony news, I've been trying to teach myself how to curl pony hair.  I shall try to show a picture of poor Daffidazey and her "flattened ringlets" next time.
We haven't heard from Emma again for a few days.  I hope she's OK.  I'm going to e-mail her and send her a belated thank you for everything she did for us last Sunday now.  Hopefully, she'll reply, and tell us where she's been...
Anyhow, that's about it.  We're going to see "Mary Poppins" at the Prince Edward Theatre tomorrow, and the architect on Friday, (but you already knew about the latter event anyway), but nothing else is really happening this week. 
Hope that didn't bore you too much and that you're all having a good day!

Best wishes,

Desiree Skylark  xxx

(PS.  I ought to point this out to all of you, 'cause nobody will notice otherwise.  My profile has been completely updated now.  And this computer is so slow that I'm NEVER doing it again - yeah, who am I kidding?!  - so I hope you all like the finished result. )
*EDIT*  I just read about Caroline.  I do hope she's OK.  Caroline, if you read this when you're better, I was thinking of you, as I am...well, right now!  I send you a wish for a swift recovery.

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