Tuesday, 2 October 2007

More arguments... and the house probably IS being sold :-(

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Not sure why I'm setting the category as "life".   There is no "life" here.
Last night, as you know, David was being horrible to me.  So I refused to even go to the supermarket with him...meaning I didn't leave the house again.  So much for not going a day without leaving the house after my sixteenth birthday.
Today, Dad was supposed to be coming home early for three reasons.  1. To go to Kew Records Office for Mum's pony-finding family history e-pal. 2. To go and do clearing out at the house. And 3. To go to the launderette ("Woy do Oi 'av ta gow?" David asks.  Um...how about because you didn't go on SATURDAY and I've now had to wear the same pair of horrible elasticated trousers three days running, and don't even have any clean underwear for tomorrow?! )
Anyhow, he came in at 2pm, did the laundry, and then we were all supposed to  go to Kew Records Office.  But, even though Mum was changing into her "going out clothes" (she wears complete rags around the house ), David decided to come and rant at ME for holding them up because the computer was still on.  Er...but I can simply unplug a computer!  It takes me less than three seconds actually!    I said "Stuff you!" and that I wouldn't go out with him if you paid me.  Anyhow, due to my depression, I broke down crying again over the house business, and the fact I wouldn't be leaving this dump again today.  They were going to go without me, but Mum took pity and decided to stay in.
Dad is now in a fowl mood and laying on the "communal bed" before going back to "WORK" later today.  And now Mum has gone into a depression, and says she's "selling the house" since I'm "Not a very nice person anyway" and "nobody else wants to move or even cares where they live".  She's "hoping against hope that the architect doesn't get back to us" since she "hates the plans" and she's now getting the impression that (Oh, HORROR!), I'm "going to leave home in a few years and leave them where they don't want to be" Yeah, in a "Few years", maybe, but not NOW, and the stupid thing is I won't be able to leave if we stay in this house since I can't even get to college or a job and make any money.  
Again, things seemed to be looking up this morning.  Mum really seemed to be figuring a little bit of my dream out.  She even woke me up before midday in order to record an interview with Yeardley Smith (Voice of Lisa in "The Simpsons") on "This Morning", realising that I'm "Interested in all voice acting now", said with a knowing nod.  Not sure if she really knows or not...  But there's no way I can go to drama classes from here either.  And then all of this happens... *Sob*
And now my latest worry.  Without thinking, I wrote on the PonyCon Volunteer thread, thinking I'd help out.  Huh!  Fat chance.  Mum's still going on that we're not staying at PonyCon any longer than we absolutely have to, just long enough for me to pick up the exclusive, and say "Hello" to MLPLaura and Sharicat...if I really have to.   And now Mew has replied to my post asking me if I can take on a 30-minute slot behind the raffle/tombola stall.  What on Earth am I going to say to her?
Anyhow, I'm off to exist my existance.  Half of my top Myspace friends don't seem to have logged in for ages!  I hope you haven't all been murdered.   Come out of hiding and say hello to me, please!  I'm starting to really worry!
Best wishes,
The Saddened Skylark

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