Monday, 22 October 2007

RIP, computer. Love you always!

My computer has officially died, and I'm heartbroken.
Um...not because I think of the computer as a living creature, you understand, but because it was my only way to communicate with the outside world, as my blog states quite clearly and I've also lost a ton of other stuff which is NOT replaceable.
Basically, I was in the middle of writing the Rescue Home e-newsletter yesterday, when I noticed the computer was even slower than usual.  I mean, it's always slow, but now it was creeping so slowly, I was waiting about ten minutes just to correct an error!
I spent about two hours working on a really good newsletter, with links to all the updates, each section in a different font, complete list of birthdays, section on Ponycon, pony was definitely the best newsletter yet.  But the computer had got so slow that I realised I was at risk of losing the whole newsletter, so I went to save what I'd written as a draft.
"Out of memory at line 3" the computer told me.  Well, all right, so I can't save it as a draft, I thought, clicking "OK".  So I tried to send what I'd written to Mum thinking I could copy and paste it back to my e-mails later and finish it off.
But the newsletter would not budge.  I sighed, and sadly tried to switch the machine off, realising I'd lost all of my work.  But the computer ouldn't switch off either!  So I reluctantly unplugged it, and tried to switch it on again.
It was SO unbelievably slow, the 'password box' wouldn't even come up on the heading page.  I managed to struggle back into the internet and tried to get back to Hotmail to try again.  But Hotmail didn't open.  Instead the page went black, and a Microsoft message filled the page, saying something along the lines of, "If this is the first time you've seen this message, re-start your computer.  If you have seen this message before, insert the service disk".  Then a little note came up at the bottom - "DELETING YOUR PHYSICAL MEMORY..."
I was worried, but just had to watch as it went ahead...then the whole machine went dead on me.  I tried to turn it back on, hoping everything would be OK.  But I just got the "In Touch With Toshiba" page, followed by "Please insert your service disk and press any key to continue".
Two problems though...I have no service disk, and no working disk drive anyway!  Hence, there's not a thing I can do.
David was at work, having decided to go at 2pm yesterday.  He "was busy" and "Didn't have time to take us out".  So we rang him up, but he just started yelling at me that I "must have overloaded the machine" so it was "my fault".  Well, for a start, it's an old machine, and for a second, who cares whose fault it is?!  WE'VE NEEDED IT FIXED OR TO GET A NEW COMPUTER FOR MONTHS NOW!!!
So I'm out of touch with all of you now, until further notice.  No newsletter was written, there will be no 1st anniversary celebration for the Rescue Home forum, and no Convention Countdown for Ponycon goers...I still have to tell them, and I'm dreading it.  (I'm at an internet cafe now, by the way).
And Laura finally got herself back on Myspace too.  *Waves at Laura*  Right when I can't even write to you.  I did try to write to you on the Arena on Saturday night, but, guess what?  The computer deleted it.  I guess I should have taken that as a warning.
There's one thing that's even worse than not being able to talk to you all though, since at least we will all be in touch again in a while...even if it's a few months.  (David's already saying he won't even report it to be looked at by his "computer expert" until next week! )   But I have lost so much stuff from my hard drive, which David could never be bothered to convert to his memory stick and computer.  To name but a few highlights...
ALL the recordings I made at the Mary Poppins show last week.
ALL the recordings of myself singing.  "Perfect Isn't Easy", "Other Side Of Me" and all of Janyse's CD tracks stick in my memory particularly.
LOADS of photos of my nephew and nieces as little kids...not really replaceable now that a year has passed.
Films of the new house the way it was when we first started clearing it.  It's just not the same now.
Tons of photos of coin operated children's rides, taken at various far away places throughout the summer.
And, most heartbreaking of all for me personally, ALL BUT THREE of my digitised pictures (Hence, all the pictures from the last year) of my late guinea pig, Sparkle, playing with Splodge, and opening his Christmas gifts.  There can never be another photo of Sparkle obviously, so I'm actually really crying just to be writing this.
If ANYBODY, ANYWHERE still has ANY files I've sent them (I don't think I ever sent my Sparkle files to anyone, but my music files have gone to other people, I'm sure) could you PRETTY PLEASE send them to desiree_skylark @  I'd honestly be forever in your debt.  PLEASE!!!  *Sobs uncontrollably at the loss of all the files*
I can't even save any photos off of the internet, so if you see any of my pictures around, can you please save them and send them along to me?  I think there should be an obituary to Sparkle on the Arena somewhere in WYP.  Can someone at least rescue those four pictures and send them along?  Help me out, please!  *Sobs again*
Thank you, kind people and ponies, for reading, and even more thanks if you can help me out tracking down my lost files.  It really helps.  So many have been lost anyway, but if I can just find a couple of photos of Sparkle, it will help ease the pain.  I only have two pictures of him when he was really sick towards the very end saved on my camera.

Desiree   xxx

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