Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Strange Lighting and Mary Poppins

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This house is totally crazy.  On Sunday, I turned the living room light on, a lightbulb popped, and a fuse went, plunging the whole house into darkness.  David was in the bathroom (reading Mills & Boon as usual) but shot through the door very quickly when all the lights went out.   Meanwhile, I struggled to get into the cupboard under the stairs to press the button and light the house once more.
Upon opening the door, I realised I needed a torch to find the button.  The torch is in the downstairs lavatory where we have no light since the ceiling flooded six years ago (We also have no toilet flush downstairs, but Mum and I use that room when David hogs the upstairs bathroom for hours on end).  Anyhow, climbing over all my mum's junk that I'd moved out of the way to get into the cupboard, a bag full of her dad's walking sticks fell over, and the cupboard door slammed shut again. 
Returning with the torch, I tried to open the door...only to find that the doorknob came off in my hand!   No worries!  David said he'd get it open!  Except that he couldn't find his pliers, and almost set the doorknob alight trying to clean loose pieces of wood out of the hole in the back of it with a match so that he could reconnect it!!!
Luckily, I found the pliers by the upstairs toilet (Which David had to fix recently since that flush went wrong too, and he couldn't bear to flush a toilet with buckets of hot soapy water like we have to!) and he opened the door, meaning I could get in there, press the button and put the lights on.  Then he got the doorknob glued back on, and changed the lightbulb with a bulb he had to go out and buy at a corner shop, since we had none in the house. There was no way we could have sat in even worse light than we do usually.  We only have three working bulbs out of twelve as it is!!!
Anyhow, last night the bulb went again - luckily no fuse was blown this time though.  We feared the light had gone the same way as our others, but it seems to be working perfectly well on a new Tesco bulb though, so that's a relief, if a little annoying that he wasted his money on those bulbs from the corner shop!
Tonight we went to see Mary Poppins: The Musical at the Prince Edward Theatre with cheap tickets we got through an offer for being members of English Heritage.  I loved it, as I knew I would, but Mum thought it was "silly and childish", and wondered "why any adult would wish to go and see it".  Ah, well.  Can't please everyone, I guess. 
I was very, very bad while I was there.  I snuck my digital camera in and made an audio recording of part of the show...  It hasn't come out very well, but if any of my friends interested in the West End want a copy, I'm happy to e-mail it to you.
I got saddened again on the way home that I'll never be able to fulfill my dreams, and started talking to Mum about it...not that she was interested.  Unfortunately, I was so wound up, I just started slipping into the Vancouver accent I keep on practising.  And Mum got really annoyed that I "even think of myself as a bl**dy American now".  Hmm...  Well, it's Canadian actually, but Mum can't tell the difference in real life so hopefully I'm at least making progress.  Apparently, I've really hurt her with the way I said "Addit-e-ude" (Attitude) and "F-oo-rsd" (First).  Well, I am sorry but I just can't hide it any more...
I want to design a t-shirt for the ponycon, but my fabric pens have disappeared.  I know they're in a plastic yellow egg that came out of a Kinder Easter egg some years ago, but I can't find that egg anywhere!!!  Not surprising in this house really...
That's about it for now, you'll be pleased to know.  If anyone wants a little bit of very tinny Mary Poppins music sent to them, just drop me a line.

Desiree  xxx

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