Thursday, 18 October 2007

TV Commercials and Shattered Dreams

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Last night, Dad switched the TV on, in his usual way, and I just happened to see a television commercial for some mobile phone company.  In the advertisement, two men are standing outside an amusement arcade talking on phones.  I wasn't really watching it, so I don't know the story-line.  But outside the arcade was a whole row of 1950s/1960s Edward Saville (English company who went out of business years ago for those of you who don't know) coin operated children's rides!   As you can imagine, I am desperate to get ahold of a copy of this commercial, so I began madly recording every advertisement break after that.  That advert didn't come on again.   However, by total fluke, I did catch an Argos advertisement for their new Christmas catalogue featuring...*Drumroll please*...PONIES!!!  Apparently, a whole load of MLP's have 25‰ off this week only.  There's no way I can get to an Argos, and  the website isn't showing up which ponies are part of the offer.  I wonder if Sing 'n' Dance Pinkie Pie is down to £30?  I wish I could get there.
Anyhow, forget about that.  The next part of my blog is dedicated to my dreams.  My Mum seems determined to shatter them right now, but I'm not listening...
OK, so I know none of them are likely to come true, but please, why do you have to keep enforcing that fact?
First off, on the way to see Mary Poppins last night, I was talking about how I was looking forward to moving so that I could start walking around the parks and lose some weight.  "Not everyone can be slim, it's all down to build, and your frame isn't slim." Mum announced. "I don't like thin people anyway."  I mean, WTH?  Why on Earth come out with that?  She kept going on throughout Mary Poppins about how useless the actors were, and then when I said, "Could you do any better?" to stop her ruining it for everyone in the surrounding seats, she replied, bitterly, "No, and I wouldn't want to either."  Then she says she has no idea what I want to do with my life.  Um, yeah, like we believe that.
Then this morning, I couldn't get to sleep until about 3am...and I have just been so tired lately that once I did get to sleep I didn't wake up again on my own.  The alarm stopped working on the clock ages ago, meaning I rely on my mum waking me up, and she didn't.  She called me half-heartedly a few time apparently, but she knows it requires more than that to get me up.  Anyhow, I get halfway down the stairs, and she says to me, "What time did you get to bed last night...this morning, I mean." stifling a giggle.  "Why?  What time is it?" I asked, realising it was bad.  And then, knowing how badly I hate wasting days, she announced calmly,  "Twenty five to one!"  What?!  I think I screamed, and I just kept breaking down in tears all day that I'd wasted my morning in bed.  Especially since I had been planning on searching for my fabric crayons so that I could start work on my Ponycon t-shirt today. 
I searched high and low for about three hours...then found that I had simply placed the crayons (inside their plastic container) on the living room windowsill last year after completing my design, and they had fallen down on the floor.  Crazy or what?  Now can you imagine the kind of clutter we're living in?!
So I sang for a while, ate dinner at about 8pm, sang a bit more, went to Tesco, and then tonight I said again how I was intending on leaving England as soon as possible.  My mum asked me if that was "the great secret that everyone on the internet knew that she didn't know about me".  Er...I thought even you knew I didn't want to stay in England all my life, mother.
Anyhow, she then added on the end of her line, "What other country do you think will accept you anyway?  Britain is the only place that still welcomes immigrants with open arms."  Well, I do know that's the case, but when I'm already down, why must she insist on enforcing that unhappy thought into my brain?
And that's about it for now, folks.  Apparently, Mum spoke to Emma on the phone for two hours this morning while I was in bed, and she's fine.  She just didn't get our e-mails.  So that's good.  And now the day is over, and I'm off to the "communal bed" again, so fingers crossed Mum tries harder to get me up tomorrow.  One thing's for sure, I won't get up on my own.   So I have to rely on her.  Maybe I'll wake up when she gets out of bed tomorrow morning.  Maybe not...
I'm listening to my Mary Poppins recordings again right now, and so I'll take this opportunity to say once more, if anybody wants me to send them a couple, just ask.  They're not good, but I know there are West End fanatics out there who don't live near enough to get there.  Just drop me a line.
Best wishes,
Desiree Skylark xxx

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