Tuesday, 27 November 2007

A Little Bit Of Good News For Once...

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No, I mean it.  I'm back!  Is this the time that I'm normally at the internet cafe?  No, of course it isn't!  I'm back online from my own house!
I decided to have another look at the computer and see if I could figure out what was wrong myself.  I knew David would blame anything that had gone wrong with the computer on me if he knew I'd been trying to get it working, so I tried it while he was at work...and soon worked out what he'd been doing wrong...
HE'D PUT THE PLUG IN THE WRONG SOCKET!  The correct socket was the one I'd told him to use in the first place.  How crazy is that?  It took me about an hour to figure out how to connect to AOL, since David had deleted a load of stuff during his failed attempts  to get online, but I'm officially back on my slow home dial-up now. 
Well, come on then!  At least pretend to be pleased!  I know you've all missed me terribly!
And the funniest bit of all?  David's been home from work for almost half an hour, and hasn't even noticed I'm sitting on the floor typing this blog yet...  Um, yeah...  That's the weird people I live with for you!
Anyway, got to dash!  The only reason David is in early is that we're supposed to be going to a lecture at a nearby library...
See you later, pals!

Monday, 26 November 2007

Can't think of a good title right now...

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Logging in when I shouldn't...

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Excuse the shortness of this blog, but I'm being very bad right now.  I'm using a computer at Kew Archives, which is really meant for family history research!  Anyhow, I saw that someone else had used Hotmail earlier, so why shouldn't I, eh?  I just have to remember to click back to "Find-my-Past" every time a security guard walks by!
I just wanted to apologise for the way that blog cut off yesterday.  I was sitting up at the computer at the internet cafe and suddenly the keyboard packed up on me!  I mean, totally packed up on me!  I was too embarrassed to say anything, so just kept on doing things I could do through links.  I even found a crafty way of looking up ponies on e-Bay.  Anyhow, that's why yesterday's blog ut off mid-sentence.  I couldn't even delete the last paragraph and sign off!
So now my apology is done, I'm off.  If I get caught, and get us kicked out, Mum will kill me!
See you Monday, Friends!

A-Very-Naughty-Desiree Skylark  xxx

Friday, 23 November 2007

A Short Blog About The Laziest Member Of My Family

Current mood:  confused
I'm sick of my father never getting on and doing anything.  He claims that he's very busy at work right now.  Right, fair enough.  I understand that.  But he's NOT busy at work right now at all.  He said that he needed to work last night when he came home, and that he didn't have time to do anything else.  This included packing up the Beanie Baby we're supposed to be sending to Mum's Pony-Finding-Family-History-E-pal because its name is the surname they're researching (Not telling you what that is, because "Mother's maiden name" seems to be the security question on just about every single bank account!  I'm not totally dumb! )
Anyhow, we told her we were sending her a surprise package three days ago, but David still hadn't bothered to set aside five minutes to help us cut a box down to the right size (I'm useless at that kind of thing, and Mum can hardly see these days ).  So last night, Mum told him that she'd told her friend that the parcel had actually been posted three days ago (It's the only way to get David to do anything) and he got so angry.  "Why do you have to tell your friends anythink?"  Um...simple conversation, David?  Mum then annoyed him further by saying she'd told Jill (her friend) that we didn't have a working flusahing toilet downstairs and David hadn't bothered to look into fixing it.  He was so mad.  We're not supposed to say a word about our lives apparently.  Well...where would you lot think I came from if I didn't talk about my home life?  Mars?!  Yep, I'm an alien, aren't I?!  Actually, maybe I don't want to hear your replies on that one...   God help me if he ever finds this blog.  He'd probably kill me.  We're supposed to act out "Happy Families" all the time.
Anyway, we finally pressurised him into cutting the box down.  He wanted to grab the first box he found which had contained a rather expensive money box we didn't really want Jill to know we had bought (see, we do keep some secrets!) so we asked Dad to get another box, and cut it down to the right size for the little Beanie Baby.  He did get another box, but in doing so, he knocked all of the stuff that's out in the kitchen for recycling down!  And then it just wouldn't pile up again (Well, it is about the height of the entire back door) so we were left with the stuff repeatedly falling down all night, and Mum having to pick it up, since it was "her fault he'd had to get the second box out""Well, why don't you take the recycling to Tesco?" Mum asked him (The only reason he even does recycling these days is because he can get a whole penny for four items!  He never cared about the enviroment... "I would do," he replied.  "But you keep making me take you out at weekends!"  Well, why can't he do it during the week?  Am I supposed to stay in seven days a week instead of five now?   What a way to waste a life...
And he didn't fax the orthodontist again either.  He had "no time" since he's so busy.  After we both went to the communal bed he was doing "more work" too.  I guess that's why we both heard him laughing loudly at the television as I sobbed myself to sleep...
I'm sick of it.  I really need to get out of here.  I have so few family members left, and none of them understand me, or would care if they did.  I can't stand going nowhere with life.  I am not lazy, contrary to popular belief.  I'm working so hard to clear the place up, and yet I can't get rid of anything because I can't get stuff to the tip or recycling centre without help from David.
And I keep on putting on more weight.  I didn't have any tea last night.  I've really cut back on what I eat.  My typical old daily menu (when I was a kid so presumably needed more calories anyway) would have looked something like this...
Large bowl of mixed shreddies and weetaflakes, banana and large glass of milk
An entire tin of Cheese and tomato ravioli and six boiled potato pieces (three or four potatos)  And for dessert a tin of peaches, grapes and papaya
One cottage cheese sandwich, one piece of bread spread with fattening vegetarian Tartex yeast spread or Olivio, Four scotch pancakes spread with Olivio and two pots of Fromage Frais.
These days my daily calorie intake looks more like this:
Small bowl of mixed shreddies and weetaflakes or sometimes cornflakes for a change and a banana.  NO glass of milk.
Low fat vegetarian meal with extra vegetables (shouldn't be too calorific).  NO dessert.  On Saturdays, I have chips...but we always used to have them on Tuedays and Saturdays anyway!
One slice of bread spread very thinly with Olivio.  NO second slice of bread, scotch pancakes or Fromage Frais.  Sometimes I'll have a muffin, apple turnover, croissant or some other delicacy instead of the bread, but that's rare.
So why do I keep getting fatter.  Can someone tell me...pretty please? If my belly keeps growing, people will start thinking I'm pregnant.  (There's no chance of that, by the way! )  I just don't know what to do.  My clothes are falling to bits but I can't replace them...I need to be myself, but there's no way that's going to happen anytime soon.
Oh, and Mum's told me to stop using the term "anytime soon".  It's "too American" apparently.  Bleh.  I'll be living far nearer to America than I am to England

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Another Boring Day In The Life Of The Wonderful ME! :D

Current mood:  restless

Mum has a headache, and has one for several days now.  She's worried, and convinced she has a brain tumour.  I finally convinced her to go and see the doctor the day before yesterday, but she got stuck seeing a new (very young and stupid) doctor.  The girl asked her if she "had any problems with her eyes" which, of course, Mum has.  When Mum told her this though, the doctor didn't even continue on the subject?!  Then David went and stuck a show on television about how the back of your brain is the part that controls your eyesight...wonderful.  Mum is now absolutely convinced she has a brain tumour!
Then yesterday evening, Mum got awful stomach ache, and said she was "sure she was about to die".  I tried to keep her mind off of the subject by engaging her in a conversation, but she told me I was "selfish" for "talking regardless of how she felt".  So that rather backfired on me then! 
When she came back from the bathroom for what seemed like the twentieth time, she decided it was best to keep her mind off of the subject, so we both started trying to clear the house up.  If we're ever going to move to a smaller house, this one sure needs clearing out first!  I took some photos of the place back on the 12th to give you all a laugh, but we still have no computer so I can't upload them.   At the moment, I'm working on getting all of my games/jigsaws/craft kits out of the small room we call the library (it's like a little office place that the last people to live there built on the side), and it's so sad because there are so many kits that never even got opened because I couldn't get to them over all the other junk, and so many games that never got taken out of the cellophane because I never had anyone to play them with.  So we can't stand to get rid of all of this stuff, hence we're keeping it all for my nephew and nieces...meaning that the junk is still cluttering the house until they're old enough to keep it!!!
The weirdest thing was that I found a ton of very expensive science kits for 7-11 year olds which David was supposed to be helping me with (he was supposed to teach me maths and science, but he "never had time", so that's why I'm not too bright in those subjects.)  Anyway, having found these things, he says, in a very guilty way, "I know you're too old...but we could still do them now!"  Er...yeah.  I think even I know all the stuff in those kits these days.  Anyone want to learn about how mirrors reflect things, people?
When it came to bedtime, I had yet another argument with my parents.  It was my night to have the communal bed to myself, while Mum slept on the sofa and Dad went to the other house in the nice, safe area.  Apparently, Mum's headache is no longer a brain tumour, but now it's because she sleeps on the sofa alternate nights, and she hurts her head on the hard armrest where David has worn the material thin by sleeping there for years.   I'm "a little b*tch who controls where everyone else sleeps" and "just because I have no bed, it's no excuse to take someone else's on alternate nights!"  I "don't care that she has her head on a hard board" or that I'm "sending poor David out".
Poor David?  Going to the safe house every other night?  I'd kill to sleep over there away from the drunks!  Oh, and "poor David" was coming hope to go to the launderette at lunchtime yesterday.  Then he went off to Canvey Island in Essex for a meeting without even telling us, and came home at 10.30pm!  I now have no clean clothes for tomorrow at all, and the washing will not be dry until Sunday or Monday!  So I'll be in the same t-shirt and trousers, and underwear with enormous holes until then.  I've been in socks with enormous holes in since the day before yesterday actually.  So not only ugly clothes that aren't of my choice, but ugly clothes with huge holes in!
Also, it's been three weeks since we saw the dentist now, and he STILL hasn't bothered to fax the orthodontist.  He keeps telling me to ring them myself...but their phones never work.  That's the whole reason my treatment fell through before!  And anyway, we don't have a proper working telephone!  His latest excuse was that he "couldn't find the letter and number to fax"...so I found it for him within about two minutes last night.  Let's see what excuse he can come up with now!
He's finally sorting out the passport forms today, having got the photos back from his friend for the second time about a fortnight ago.  But even once they've been sent off, the passport office are going to want to interview me to see if I'm an illegal immigrant or not!  Isn't this country crazy?!
I went to get my tea, a small piece of vegetarian scotch egg...only to find Mum had eaten it at 3am when she had been woken up to go to bed the previous day (Late night after the show and Splodge's supper) thinking "I'd already had my piece".  What?  After apple turnover and ice cream?!  Oh well, probably did me good to not have any tea yesterday.  I weighed myself and found out I'm over nine stone again.  God help me.   And that's with exercising the best I can in that messy house every single night.  Yeah, honestly.  The messy house is that bad.  I can't even find a place to lie out straight on the floor and do proper exercises!  There's just a few footholes in the mess here and there...I need to bin stuff!
Poor Splodge seems to be getting more and more frail by the day.  He hardly moves any more, and just seems to be limp in my arms when I pick him up these days.  I don't reckon he's going to be here in a few weeks.  *Sob*  And it'll be horrid if he dies with no company of other guinea pigs around him.  He must be lonely with no more of his kind to talk to.  I would like to get two more female guinea pigs who could live together, but who could come out with Splodge (with me keeping an eye on them all, of course! ) to play.  Guinea pigs need other guinea pigs to play with.  But there's no space for a large enough hutch for two little furballs.  I'll be so sad when Splodge goes, because it'll break my "chain" of pets...every creature has known his or her predecessor before now, ever since May 1994.  How awful to break almost fourteen years of history.
Even my sister, Emma, is talking about getting guinea pigs now.  Poor piggies.  They'll have heart attacks in that enviroment!  Nice for the kids maybe, but the noise levels in that house are ridiculous...   She says that if she gets guinea pigs, she wouldn't mind looking after ours while we went on holiday, so long as we look after hers.  Well, that works out OK...but I fear Nick isn't going to like guinea pigs, spreading hay and dry food everywhere.  That or they'll find Kizzy is allergic to them  Then the poor guinea pigs will be put down after a few weeks...and I'll be left begging to take them on to save their lives, and they'll stop us going on any holidays.  And they would be nippy guinea pigs too, wouldn't they?  Having lived with those kids, they'd never trust people again!  Probably never happen, but it's fun to dream.  Oh, stuff them.  I'm going to start looking for new guinea pigs, and we can bloomin' well have the hutch in the living room until we move.  If I can clear one end of the room, they can come out and play up there...and they needn't bother anyone. But don't tell anyone of my plans, will you?  I've got to go about getting a sweet little guinea pig at the pet shop to win Mum's heart now.  Shouldn't be too difficult! *Giggles*
Speaking of Emma and her family, we've been invited to go and see Allan in his school play on the 13th of December.  He's playing a reindeer!   Still, who am I to laugh?  He's done more acting in his short life than I ever have or am ever likely to.   Now my next fear is that we've got to meet Emma both for that, and maybe for Allan's birthday on 25th November.  And that means me seeing Emma in front of my parents.  And I just know she's going to start teasing me over various things on this blog...depending what she's read of it, of course!  I do hope she doesn't go embarassing me over Shane Meier, especially in front of my blasted father...   Things seem to get so twisted up when anyone I know in real life reads this blog. I don't understand why they can't understand it as well as all of you lot who I've never even met!   I'm going to take the new computer for Nick to look at.  I'm pretty sure he'll know more than David and his "computer expert" friend.  But of course that will raise the topic of me and computers.  Fingers crossed things don't get too awkward or embarrassing...
I really must be going.  My time is up at the internet cafe again.  *Sighs*  I don't know how there can be so much to say about such a boring life!
Many thanks for reading my boring daily story,
Desiree Skylark xxx

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Buddy ~ The Buddy Holly Story

Current mood:  cheerful

Yep, we went to see another musical through a cheap ticket offer last night.  This time it was "Buddy ~ The Buddy Holly Story".  It wasn't really a musical as you might think of one.  It was really a load of not-so-good acting leading up to a short concert at the end.  I loved it though...but even then, everything almost went wrong!
David rang us at 4.15pm to ask "how late can I leave work".  The show was at 7.30, so reluctantly he agreed to be in JUST AFTER 5PM. (Well, we needed to get into central London, so we needed to leave plenty of time for traffic, especially at rush hour...)  5.15 came - David wasn't home.  Then 5.30...  Mum rang him to see what was going on.  He was about ten minutes drive away...in an ENORMOUS traffic jam.  He wasn't even moving.  Mum looked up the traffic news on the teletext and realised that it was also the night when the Christmas Lights got turned on in Regent Street!  This meant that even if David made it home from work there would be huge traffic jams into London.
At just after 6pm, David rang us (luckily our telephone was working yesterday evening) to say he had got out of the traffic and was about to come over the bridge at the bottom of our road...could we meet him on the corner, so that he didn't have to reverse into our garden?  So the pair of us literally jumped out of the front door, and ran the length of the dark, rat-infested, drunkard-filled street.  David was already waiting on the corner, and had been for some time so goodness knows what time he saved by stopping there and telling us to leave the house so late. 
Anyhow, we raced into London, luckily avoiding most of the traffic, and David said he'd drop us off at the theatre and go and find somewhere to park.  (Apparently, you have to be disabled, or a resident permit holder to park in London these days)  I notice he drove straight past the theatre and pretended not to notice it though.  I pointed it out and so Mum and I got out of the car while David continued looking for the elusive parking space.
We sat in our seats at 7.27pm!  We had literally only just made it!  Halfway through the first scene, there was a huge kafuffle behind us.  I turned to see David pushing through the door with his ticket.  The usher showed him to our row, he misunderstood, walked into the row in front, then went back and started pestering the people next to us to stand up and let him into his seat, then he went back to the row in front...weird or what?
Then in the intermission, he went to buy us the programme, and I tried to get ice creams for Mum and I (she wanted me to get David one too, but I didn't know what to get him...).  By the time she'd let me get up there was only one tub of strawberries and cream, one tub of Baileys and loads of cookies and cream.  And they were £3 each!!!   Just then David came up behind me, and he bought Mum the strawberries one and we both had the cookies and cream.  I'm quite pleased that the chocolate and vanilla ones were sold out because I really loved the cookies and cream and I would have never dreamed of trying it had my favourites being there.  Hmm...I have a new favourite, I think.
The Duchess Theatre is very small compared to what I'm used to.  They have a bar right outside the auditorium, and they let everyone bring their drinks in.  I'm not so sure about that really.  Everyone was semi-drunk, and started dancing in the aisles after the show.  Everyone was singing "That'll Be The Day" rather loudly when we left!   But apart from that  it was really, really good.  Although not particularly good at acting, the star really looked like the real Buddy Holly, and he was a brilliant singer.  Even Mum is raving about it today, and believe me, that's saying something!
Notice my new profile tune.  I think that shows how much I enjoyed the show!
When we left the show, we found that David had been forced to park the car in a very expensive car park (£17!!!)...well, I say he'd been forced to park the car.  The car park attendant actually parked it...and when we went to collect it, the man confirmed which car it was with David by calling it "The silver Peugeot with all the stuff in it?"  and when we got in the car we could see the attendant had been through all David's stuff ("work" stuff he hadn't taken in the house because of the rush).  Great.  God knows what he found in those bags.  How embarassing!  And our packed lunch apple turnover box was crushed!
We went to Asda after that, and I found the grey Sundance t-shirt.  I bought this one in a size 10, and it seems far nearer to my size than the 14 I bought before, but I think I'd still like to have a flatter tummy before I wear anything like that!   Maybe a 12 next time! 
We also bought a cheap Frank Sinatra CD.  David laughed at me, saying he didn't know I liked Frank Sinatra.  He's "off key" apparently.  Not sure what David knows about off-key, but still... Well, what would you prefer, father?  Kylie Minogue?  (For those who don't know, Mum and I hate Kylie Minogue, but David adores her, and is always "spinning around" and "la, la, la'ing" her music when they play it in Woolworths. )
Anyhow, that's enough from me.  I'm going to go back to the house and see if I can clear any more mess up, since David told me this weekend that I "never bother to do anythink".  (Good coming from someone who's totally filled the house with yellowed newspapers!)  I'm also working on loads of handmade Christmas cards for my e-pals.  I don't have a few addresses though, so some of you will only get e-cards.  It's not that I don't want to send you one!  Please don't be offended if you don't get a card!  You probably wouldn't want one anyway...they're not very good.
Best wishes, and thanks for reading,
xxx Singing Skylark  xxx

Monday, 19 November 2007

In My Thoughts...

Current mood:  sympathetic

I was going to type a whole load of rubbish about my own weekend, but instead I'm now going to dedicate this post to one of my Myspace friends, who lost her father on Friday.  I won't disclose her name in case she doesn't approve of me plastering this all over my blog, but I just want to say you're in my thoughts and heart right now, and if you want to talk anything over, I'm here for you.  Please don't feel sorrow for him.  He's at peace, and in a far better place now.
Keep smiling, even if that does seem hard right now.  I never knew your father, but from all you've told me about him, I feel sure that's what he'd want you to do.
With my deepest sympathies, and a massive hug especially for you,
xxx  Desiree  xxx

Friday, 16 November 2007

Half Gone, But Not Yet Begun

Current mood:  restless

Well, yesterday signalled the date when exactly half of my years as a teenager have passed me by.  And there is still no sign of me being able to be who I want to be, or do what I want to do.   I'm not going to dwell on it though.  At least now there's a chance of moving in a year or so.  Left down to David I would have had no prospect of ever getting out at all.
The weather is getting much colder now.  Today was the first day I've really noticed frost everwhere, and all of the puddles have iced over.  I was actually really nervous about slipping on the way to the internet cafe!
I've really been trying to clear the house out this week, but I don't know how much I'm going to be able to do today.  Yesterday, I strained my back lifting heavy crates of videos and books, and today I appear to have pulled a muscle in my right arm.  I'm determined to keep going with clearing up though.
The bags of old clothes that didn't get put out at the other house have been hanging around in our ironing board cupboard, so when I found another 'rag collection for the poor' bag in our porch yesterday, I stuck three of the bags out for them this morning.  Only two more to go from the house in "Grottsville" now. 
We still haven't figured out how to get the new computer working yet.  And now for the best bit:  the telephone has packed up too!  I think there must be somthing wrong with our phoneline, but of course we can't get anyone in to look at it because of the mess (which I'm being continually shouted at for trying to clear up, by the way.  David "Hopes I'm not treading on his books to get into the bedroom that should have been mine anyway".  Um, well, if you stack your books in the doorway, how else am I supposed to clear the room out?  "It's not gonna get you out of this 'ouse and into the new 'ouse any faster anyway.  So whoy bovver?!")  Oh dear...
Anyway, back to the phone.  Our last phone (known as the "ginger phone" because of its colour) packed up a few months back.  Basically, whenever people rang, we couldn't answer the call.  We'd pick up the receiver, but the ringing would continue anyway.  We fixed the problem by replacing the ginger phone with a white one.  But now exactly the same thing has happened to the white one!  So we're now left with a red phone from the 1960s which Uncle Ron and Auntie Eva used to use in the launderette they ran.  They must have taken it back to the house when the shop closed down, and we found it when we were clearing out in order for the architect to go and look at the house for the first time.
Mum loves the retro phone, but it keeps crackling, and if this one packs up, we'll have no way of communicating with the outside world at all...
In slightly more interesting news, I dreamed that I rang Elisabeth up last night, and told her that Dad was going on a business trip to Sweden for three days, and we'd be coming with him (Next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).  Then I realised we still had no passports so we couldn't go.  I don't know why I dreamed that.
Did I tell you how Dad's friend messed up our passport applications by not signing the back of our photographs, so now they're supposed to be going back to him again in order to be signed.  I hope he does it right this time.  That's my way out of the country temporarily at least.
I've decorated a whole page in my diary for the "dream future".  It's covered in microphones and headphones and pictures of Vancouver...am I crazy or what?   There's even a little poem which I made up on the spot last night, so it sounds really silly.  I can't even remember the words now, but I shall write them up here on Monday to give you all a giggle.
I'm feeling pretty happy right now.  One of my absolute idols just wrote to me and said they loved my picture.  Not sure why that came out of the blue, but it made me smile.  I really must think of something to write back.
David said he might be able to take us to Hayes this afternoon where he's supposed to be picking up a new extension lead for his own computer, and we were supposed to be going with him, but he didn't ring up before we came down to the internet cafe and I bet we've missed our chance now.  Oh well.  There's nothing much in Hayes anyway.  It's an Argos I really want to get to, while Singing and Dancing Pinkie Pie is still on the offer, meaning I still have the money to buy her.  Anyhow, there just might have been an Argos in Hayes.  I ahven't been there for a long time.  So I'm going to dash home now, and see if there's still any hitching a ride in David's hire car.
 Love you all!
xxx Desiree Skylark xxx