Thursday, 22 November 2007

Another Boring Day In The Life Of The Wonderful ME! :D

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Mum has a headache, and has one for several days now.  She's worried, and convinced she has a brain tumour.  I finally convinced her to go and see the doctor the day before yesterday, but she got stuck seeing a new (very young and stupid) doctor.  The girl asked her if she "had any problems with her eyes" which, of course, Mum has.  When Mum told her this though, the doctor didn't even continue on the subject?!  Then David went and stuck a show on television about how the back of your brain is the part that controls your eyesight...wonderful.  Mum is now absolutely convinced she has a brain tumour!
Then yesterday evening, Mum got awful stomach ache, and said she was "sure she was about to die".  I tried to keep her mind off of the subject by engaging her in a conversation, but she told me I was "selfish" for "talking regardless of how she felt".  So that rather backfired on me then! 
When she came back from the bathroom for what seemed like the twentieth time, she decided it was best to keep her mind off of the subject, so we both started trying to clear the house up.  If we're ever going to move to a smaller house, this one sure needs clearing out first!  I took some photos of the place back on the 12th to give you all a laugh, but we still have no computer so I can't upload them.   At the moment, I'm working on getting all of my games/jigsaws/craft kits out of the small room we call the library (it's like a little office place that the last people to live there built on the side), and it's so sad because there are so many kits that never even got opened because I couldn't get to them over all the other junk, and so many games that never got taken out of the cellophane because I never had anyone to play them with.  So we can't stand to get rid of all of this stuff, hence we're keeping it all for my nephew and nieces...meaning that the junk is still cluttering the house until they're old enough to keep it!!!
The weirdest thing was that I found a ton of very expensive science kits for 7-11 year olds which David was supposed to be helping me with (he was supposed to teach me maths and science, but he "never had time", so that's why I'm not too bright in those subjects.)  Anyway, having found these things, he says, in a very guilty way, "I know you're too old...but we could still do them now!"  Er...yeah.  I think even I know all the stuff in those kits these days.  Anyone want to learn about how mirrors reflect things, people?
When it came to bedtime, I had yet another argument with my parents.  It was my night to have the communal bed to myself, while Mum slept on the sofa and Dad went to the other house in the nice, safe area.  Apparently, Mum's headache is no longer a brain tumour, but now it's because she sleeps on the sofa alternate nights, and she hurts her head on the hard armrest where David has worn the material thin by sleeping there for years.   I'm "a little b*tch who controls where everyone else sleeps" and "just because I have no bed, it's no excuse to take someone else's on alternate nights!"  I "don't care that she has her head on a hard board" or that I'm "sending poor David out".
Poor David?  Going to the safe house every other night?  I'd kill to sleep over there away from the drunks!  Oh, and "poor David" was coming hope to go to the launderette at lunchtime yesterday.  Then he went off to Canvey Island in Essex for a meeting without even telling us, and came home at 10.30pm!  I now have no clean clothes for tomorrow at all, and the washing will not be dry until Sunday or Monday!  So I'll be in the same t-shirt and trousers, and underwear with enormous holes until then.  I've been in socks with enormous holes in since the day before yesterday actually.  So not only ugly clothes that aren't of my choice, but ugly clothes with huge holes in!
Also, it's been three weeks since we saw the dentist now, and he STILL hasn't bothered to fax the orthodontist.  He keeps telling me to ring them myself...but their phones never work.  That's the whole reason my treatment fell through before!  And anyway, we don't have a proper working telephone!  His latest excuse was that he "couldn't find the letter and number to fax" I found it for him within about two minutes last night.  Let's see what excuse he can come up with now!
He's finally sorting out the passport forms today, having got the photos back from his friend for the second time about a fortnight ago.  But even once they've been sent off, the passport office are going to want to interview me to see if I'm an illegal immigrant or not!  Isn't this country crazy?!
I went to get my tea, a small piece of vegetarian scotch egg...only to find Mum had eaten it at 3am when she had been woken up to go to bed the previous day (Late night after the show and Splodge's supper) thinking "I'd already had my piece".  What?  After apple turnover and ice cream?!  Oh well, probably did me good to not have any tea yesterday.  I weighed myself and found out I'm over nine stone again.  God help me.   And that's with exercising the best I can in that messy house every single night.  Yeah, honestly.  The messy house is that bad.  I can't even find a place to lie out straight on the floor and do proper exercises!  There's just a few footholes in the mess here and there...I need to bin stuff!
Poor Splodge seems to be getting more and more frail by the day.  He hardly moves any more, and just seems to be limp in my arms when I pick him up these days.  I don't reckon he's going to be here in a few weeks.  *Sob*  And it'll be horrid if he dies with no company of other guinea pigs around him.  He must be lonely with no more of his kind to talk to.  I would like to get two more female guinea pigs who could live together, but who could come out with Splodge (with me keeping an eye on them all, of course! ) to play.  Guinea pigs need other guinea pigs to play with.  But there's no space for a large enough hutch for two little furballs.  I'll be so sad when Splodge goes, because it'll break my "chain" of pets...every creature has known his or her predecessor before now, ever since May 1994.  How awful to break almost fourteen years of history.
Even my sister, Emma, is talking about getting guinea pigs now.  Poor piggies.  They'll have heart attacks in that enviroment!  Nice for the kids maybe, but the noise levels in that house are ridiculous...   She says that if she gets guinea pigs, she wouldn't mind looking after ours while we went on holiday, so long as we look after hers.  Well, that works out OK...but I fear Nick isn't going to like guinea pigs, spreading hay and dry food everywhere.  That or they'll find Kizzy is allergic to them  Then the poor guinea pigs will be put down after a few weeks...and I'll be left begging to take them on to save their lives, and they'll stop us going on any holidays.  And they would be nippy guinea pigs too, wouldn't they?  Having lived with those kids, they'd never trust people again!  Probably never happen, but it's fun to dream.  Oh, stuff them.  I'm going to start looking for new guinea pigs, and we can bloomin' well have the hutch in the living room until we move.  If I can clear one end of the room, they can come out and play up there...and they needn't bother anyone. But don't tell anyone of my plans, will you?  I've got to go about getting a sweet little guinea pig at the pet shop to win Mum's heart now.  Shouldn't be too difficult! *Giggles*
Speaking of Emma and her family, we've been invited to go and see Allan in his school play on the 13th of December.  He's playing a reindeer!   Still, who am I to laugh?  He's done more acting in his short life than I ever have or am ever likely to.   Now my next fear is that we've got to meet Emma both for that, and maybe for Allan's birthday on 25th November.  And that means me seeing Emma in front of my parents.  And I just know she's going to start teasing me over various things on this blog...depending what she's read of it, of course!  I do hope she doesn't go embarassing me over Shane Meier, especially in front of my blasted father...   Things seem to get so twisted up when anyone I know in real life reads this blog. I don't understand why they can't understand it as well as all of you lot who I've never even met!   I'm going to take the new computer for Nick to look at.  I'm pretty sure he'll know more than David and his "computer expert" friend.  But of course that will raise the topic of me and computers.  Fingers crossed things don't get too awkward or embarrassing...
I really must be going.  My time is up at the internet cafe again.  *Sighs*  I don't know how there can be so much to say about such a boring life!
Many thanks for reading my boring daily story,
Desiree Skylark xxx

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