Monday, 5 November 2007

Another quick update rushed off from the internet cafe

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Righto.  David still hasn't sorted out the new computer with his friend, so I'm still working from the internet cafe.  So sorry to those of you I still haven't replied to.  I have read your letters, and you are on my "letter writing waiting list".
OK, now for the quick updates.  Regarding the knife, when we got home from the internet cafe, Mum rang up a different police station, and they said they did want the knife.  But then they couldn't be bothered to pick it up, so we were ordered to take it into them.   Having taken it into them, we waited TWO AND A HALF HOURS to drop the thing in and then the woman was really rude to us, and said we should have just shoved it in the knife bin in the corner with the crime number written on it.  We don't know who put it in our garden, or why.  It was clean, so we don't think it had been used in a murder.  Weird...  It's really un-nerved me though, and I keep having really vivid nightmares about murderers now, and waking up in the middle of the night.
David, meanwhile, says someone 'must have just dropped it there'. why were they carrying it around the street, father?
On Friday, David finally rang the solicitor who was supposed to be sorting out details about the house two years ago.  Mysteriously, he was writing a letter to us right when David rang up after all this time (Oh, yeah?! )  Anyhow, since David has left it so long, the fees have been going up month by month.  And the inheritance tax is more expensive than we thought too, and now David, who originally said he was paying, says he's only paying half of the total.  Mum got really depressed and said she was selling the house again...  Oh dear.
So how about the weekend?  Well, on Saturday, Mum was so depressed that she didn't go to the family history fair she was supposed to be going to, meaning I didn't get to the shopping centre at Crawley afterwards again.  I have been promised I'm going to be taken there for three years now.   Oh well, the shop I wanted to go in has now closed down anyway.
Mum was going to ring the estate agent, Foxtons, but she thought better of it, and thought we'd have one last look at the house yesterday.
So, having not left the house at all on Saturday, we decided David could get a couple of our jobs done for us on Sunday at least.  So we went to Tesco on Sunday morning to get our passport pictures taken finally.  The photo booth was broken at the local branch, so we had to go to a second branch, slightly further away.  I was pleased since Laura had said the new Scented Ponies were on a BOGOF offer in Tesco, but there was no sign of them in either branch anyway.
Anyhow, we got our pictures taken, and mine is horrendous.  My left eye looks like it's about ten miles further up my face than the right one!  Anyhow, it's  for my ticket out of this stupid country (At least for short breaks), so I'm not complaining.
Then in the afternoon (after David had been in the bathroom for another two hours) we went to the new house, and thought over the final couple of maybe-ideas for the house layout.  And now my parents have settled back to the idea that (guess who?) I came up with (guess when?) TWO YEARS AGO when the house first came into our posession!  Bleh.  Why don't people just listen to me in the first place?!   Of course, now we have to get the architect to agree to it...
But before we could even start working on the architect, we needed David to draw the design on tracing paper (Tracing the architect's plans of the house but laying it out the way we want it).  Needless to say, David had to go to "Work" before he did anything for us.  He didn't even sort out the family history file he promised Mum he'd sort out.  And what was his excuse?  Well, tilting his head on it's side in a nastily 'sweet' way, David told Mum, "You wanted to go out."  Um...wanted to go out?  We hardly went far, considering we didn't even leave the house on Saturday.
Last night, he came in early (10pm) since the office he drives to after his normal one shuts for the night was closed up due to building work.  When he came in, he finally drew the tracing paper design, but Mum was too tired to look at it.  She saw it today, but David wouldn't take it to work with him to finish and ring the architect about...
There is more to this story, but I need to leave the cafe now, so I'm off.  Sorry!
A-Very-Rushed-Desiree  xxx

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